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Lazy girl here

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    Hi there :) This is actually my third time starting a topic… I’m a really lazy person so the last two times I ended up quitting after some few entries.

    But this time I really don’t want to quit. Because my binge eating has been starting to effect my life more and more…

    These days I have been missing school a lot (I’m a sophomore in high school) and it’s really effecting my grades, my performance in sports (I do cross country and track), and my self esteem. It’s terrible.

    I missed school today and yesterday. I didn’t go on the first day because I ate too much the night before & continued to eat when I woke up. So I felt like crap and decided not to go.. today I didn’t go because I stayed up too late from the day before and I really didn’t feel like facing all the responsibilities I have to do in school. It’s so stupid because I miss school for stupid reasons. && then I end up putting myself into a worse situation. Which = more binging.

    I’m not a very good writer so I hope the stuff I wrote makes sense…

    I’m just really desperate right now for support because I feel so nervous & guilty I’m gonna go crazy Dx

    How do you guys deal with all of your responsibilities after binges??

    Because I always end up avoiding them and binging even more… OTL



    Hi wubbaducky! Good work starting up another thread, I’m sure you’ll be able to stick with it this time. I think posting in this forum really helps since it keeps you honest and you get input from others who are in a similar situation. I’ll try to check back here everyday so you get constant feedback. Maybe that’ll help you stay on track :)! As far as skipping school and skimping on your responsibilities I TOTALLY feel you. I’m a college freshman which makes it that much easier for me to skip class. My grades are started to waver and I need to get a lid on it asap. I’ve gotten better in the past 2 weeks and it is because of this forum, so hopefully you get the same results. I found that it really is necessary for you to forgive yourself after binging. When you stay angry at yourself, the situation becomes that much more disastrous. I binge to distract myself from stress, reality. When I’m angry at myself, I’m stressed. So as i result, I end up binging again. It really is a viscous cycle. Try finding avenues that inspire you. For example, you’re involved with x country and track. Maybe use that as motivation, try to better your times by eating healthy and exercising consistently. One more thing you can do is keep a binge “journal” with you. Every time you binge, write down where you were, how you were feeling, etc. That way, you can identify what causes you to binge and maybe over time overcome that trigger. Best of luck, I’ll check back up on you!



    Thank you so much for the reply cudizone!! :DD I’m really happy/glad to know there’s someone out there who skips school like me xO

    After I read your post I got so happy!! :P ehe and I thought about forgiving myself for skipping school and binging. I didn’t finish my hw lol but I think I’ll try going to school tomorrow. I’m kinda scared of what teachers & friends are gonna ask me (because I’ve missed school so many times already), the make-up work I have to do, the quizzes, and the presentation I have to do for English. *sigh. I’m really insecure so I’m really really afraid of what people are going to think about me.

    & I also have a track meet tomorrow… -_- which is terrible because I didn’t run for 2 days and my calves are really cramped up from all of the stuff I ate. I hope my coach won’t make me run… and i hope she won’t kick me off the team because I miss so much practices. D:

    Sorry I’m being so negative. I just want to let this all out and have someone listen to me ehe ;O

    I’ll try that thing about using cross country to motivate me! Because I really do want to get faster! :D

    I’ve heard about the journal thing before but I never really tried it because like my heading I am a lazy person hehe I think I’ll try it, along with writing everyday on this post. Laziness is a factor of mine that has been bringing me down, so I think if I fix this I’ll become one step closer to my recovery :DD

    Thanks saying you’ll check back on me!! That means A LOT to me xDD

    I’ll look for your topic and comment on urs too!! ehehe <3



    To wubbaducky7:

    You are not alone. We are all here for you. I am an accountant cum logistics officer cum PA (seriously) and my boss counts on me big time but guess what? I have a terrible work back log that none of my colleagues are aware of. Why? For over 5 months of binging, I felt too lazy to get things done at work. I kept procrastinating stuff but luckily, my boss travels a lot so he has no time or whatsoever to ask for monthly financial statements. His focus is only on the year end reports so could you imagine how I am eating non stop at work while everyone is running around meeting deadlines and what not. I normally spend all my time google-ing on how to get rid of the binge monster in me. But none of the things I read helped me until I found this site, opened up to people and start putting into practice all the knowledge I obtained thru reading all sorts of posts. I am binge-free for 4 days now and I have been working hard on my work backlogs too to finally be updated with reports and stuff. I’d say I’m doing good now, I know u will too. Good luck! xx



    Bareface18 thank you for the reply ;) && thanks for sharing your story with me. It helps me feel less guilty knowing that this happens to a lot other people :O

    But I’m glad youre starting to get back on track with your work! :) I hope this forum will help me like how it helps you!

    Today I went to school :) and like usual I had a great time. Even though I expect the worse, the day I go back to school is always really really good. I wish I won’t ever have to miss school again because of my binging. I write in my diary to remind me of all the feelings I have when I miss and go back to school… but when I’m caugh up in a binging session all of my focus goes on eating and I forget how it felt… ( I dont know if I made any sense there lol)

    There’s a track meet today but I told my coach I was “sick” so i can’t run. So she told me to go back home. I’m glad I didn’t have to run because my legs are cramped up & would have been able to run. But I won’t be getting exercise& I feel kind of guilty for not racing so I think I’ll do a mini workout later.

    When I came back home from school I kind of had a mini binge.. I ate my lunch because I couldn’t eat it at school, chips l, 4 cookies, oranges, and a bowl of cereal.Whenever I’m in this binging period I won’t stop eating a lot until I feel like I have a new start which probably would be Monday… I need to get out of this binging mindset… Dx



    It’s great that you enjoy your day back at school! Hopefully that’ll be enough of an incentive for you to at least limit your binging. And you did make sense when you said “when I’m caught up in a binging session all of my focus goes on eating and I forget how it felt” because that’s the problem with binging. It takes over everything. It’s fine that you skipped your race especially if your legs were cramped up. Hopefully you feel better soon. A mini binge is MUCH better than an extreme binge so good job cutting yourself off after only so little. You will get out of this binging mindset. It will take time but it will happen! Keep it up :-)



    Thanks for the positive reply cudizone. I wish I was able to think so positively today… I guess I’m still in the binging mindset because I haven’t been binging but I’ve been eating throughout the whole day. Whenever I have the chance to eat something I would go get food & eat. I’m not overly stuffed but I am way passed the line of fullness.

    Today we took track pictures in our uniform & then went out for a run.

    When we were taking the pictures, I was really worried how I look because I know I’ve gain a lot of weight since last yr & i didn’t want people to notice how I got fatter. I’m pretty short so I had to be in the front row, I was really nervous because I thought the cellulite on my thighs would show. ( I have SO much cellulite because of the weight I gained from binging it’s gross!)

    After we took pictures I went on a run with my friend. I was glad because our team wasn’t running all together today. I went really really slow because my feet were cramped SO bad. I think it was like the worst cramp I’ve ever had… It was so so hard… But I am pretty proud of myself for running 4 miles… I could’ve gone 2 or something because my coach wasn’t there but I made myself run 4 ;)

    When I came back home, I did eat food when I wasn’t hungry… I already ate dinner and had pretty big snacks, but I still ate some cereal and some banana bread

    Tomorrow I have practice in the morning but I really don’t want to go….

    I’m being really negative right now… D: Ah I need to be more positive! xO



    I know what you mean about being worried about how you look while you were getting your picture taken. My semester is almost ending so that means I have to go home and see all my friends who went to different schools and all my friends who just graduated high school. I’m really self conscious and I have to work on that. Sorry to hear about your feet cramping up, it must have sucked to run like that. Great job running the 4 miles though! Must have been pretty challenging to do so, mentally speaking, especially since your coach wasn’t there to supervise. It’s okay that you ended up eating even though you weren’t hungry, we all do it. Just take things day by day.



    Hello! I feel like I’m intruding haha! But anyway I never skip school because of binges (I would if I could) but I will completely ignore everyone the next day because I feel like they all somehow know I binge ate and they are thinking of me as fat. I seriously hate myself and binge eating has made me even suicidal. I don’t mean to make this about me, but I hope my story relates to yours! And I binge ate yesterday and I joined the forum yesterday too. I am hoping this thing helps and you have to be confident it will. Check back everyday and it’s even exciting to see a new post. Also, I do track also and I know I could improve my time if only I focused more on running than eating! This is so annoying isn’t it! We will make it through together :) have you heard of the detox week? Read around a few people talk about it on here. I want to try it ( you should too!) but I am worried I will binge eat during it! We have to stay strong.

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