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Kat's recovery!

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    Hi everyone,

    My name is Kat and I’m new to this forum. Like all of you, I am determined to recover and just have to keep up the momentum!

    I have had exercise bullimia and emotional binge eating for 6 years since my step dad passed away which following i tried to look perfect for my 21st birthday and went on a diet. The diet ofcourse backfired and as much as I hate to admit, I have been on a diet or controlling my intake by counting calories since. I’m either supergood or Superbad and find it hard to get on a binge free roll after having a bad week (like this week). My biggest triggers are anxiety/stress, lack of belief in myself, feeling sick and lack of sleep.

    My goal by April 17 is be using positive resources (ie doing yoga/letting the feeling pass) to deal with emotions and cravings instead of destructive behaviors. Also to stick to 4-6 small healthy meals and stop eating when I’ve had enough. The key to success is to plan, however I get so much anxiety about planning meals/having to comply with a meal plan that i often binge from the stress. Can anyone else related and if so, any tips? Xx



    Hi Kat! Welcome!

    Reading this post, I could relate SO MUCH! I have had exercise bullima as well. And this past week has been HORRIBLE for me. It IS hard to get back on track, isn’t it? I think most people will agree with me when I say planning is good but only to a certain point. I am the WORLDS BEST PLANNER. I love being organized, and knowing exactly what I am going to do or what I am going to eat, and when exactly I am going to do it, etc. The problem with this is, it isn’t realistic. I know for me, when life happens and something didn’t go according to “my plan”, I’d become stressed out and binge. Like, if I “planned” to have lunch at 1, but was hungry at 12, I’d become flustered and almost mad at myself for being hungry earlier than I had intended on, thus, provoking a binge. I know it sounds crazy, huh? It wasn’t just with food either. We need to learn that we can’t always be perfect (many of us, including myself, suffer from that “all or nothing” mentality). So it’s nice to have a FLEXIBLE plan, but eat intuitively and don’t diet or count calories. Easier said than done. But you have taken a fantastic first step by coming here!



    Hey girl! Welcome! Yes I think that meal planning so often leads to bingeing because its so regimented and controlled that at some point we get tired of it and just want to break out and be care-free with food…hence, bingeing! Plus, food planning doesn’t account for what we actually are WANTING to eat each time we get hungry so than we end up feeling deprived if we ignore what we want to eat what we planned. Have you read about intuitive eating? In my opinion that is the best way to go during recovery. I think sitting through your emotions or nurturing yourself to feel better are great alternatives to emotional eating! Hugs, Lauren



    Hi girls thanks for the warm welcome :)

    It’s refreshing to find a place where i dont have to feel guilty about venting and where ppl are helpful and positive!

    Wow you really know where I’m coming from. Yes piggie pie Can totally relate to the hunger before planned meal time. In the past if I had extra food btw meals or snacks or if I ate more than my food rules said I could did that meal, id go all out but now I intend on changing that.

    Lauren you sound so understanding and full of good advice! If u r emotionally hungry btw meals or even if you get hungry before a meal, is it best to allow urself to eat a little, or distract/let craving pass with the hope to recondition yourself that you can cope without acting on cravings?

    Goals for today: repeat pos affirmations and visualize recovery goal, do some meditation, plan evening meal and snack by 4pm. Yes Lauren I need to give intuitive eating a proper shot but I don’t know how? In scared to lose control




    Day 2. Ok so I did really well yesterday after a week of bingeing and ate well today but tonight I overate! I think it is because I tried to eat less than usual yesterday and today to make up for a week of bingeing but it backfired because I felt deprived. I’m so mad because I put so much effort into eating perfectly today and then I screwed it up in a matter of an hour! I decided to cook tomorrow’s dinner tonight (because the meat was going to go off) and then just kept snacking.

    My main issue is night time eating- does anyone else have this issue?

    I keep saying to myself, I’ll be fine this time, I’ll just watch tv and eat a small snack but I’m kidding myself. Does anyone have any tips for sticking to a planned evening snack? Maybe I shouldn’t stay up late til 1am watching tv but it’s kind of a habit now.

    I guess the good news is that I could have kept eating but I stopped before it became a massive binge.

    Besides restricting, I think one of the triggers is weighing myself. I did that a few days ago after the week long binge and the scale was higher than my liking.

    Anyway I’m also going away with my partner for a 5 day holiday on Wed. I should be looking forward to it but I’m getting anxious about it because we have a compromised relationship- it’s a long story.

    Tomorrow I am very tempted to restrict again (not starve myself but just eat less). But I guess that is not helpful.

    Ok so my goals for tommorrow are:

    1. Sleep by 11pm.

    2. Plan out dinner and evening snack and stick to it.

    3. Only eat at the table instead of whilst standing up in the kitchen.

    Hopefully tomorrow will have a more positive entry!



    Back already! I don’t know if blogging is helping but i think it’s better than bottling it up and avoiding talking to anyone which I usually do the day after a binge. I’m so upset as I ended up staying up last night with the intention to exercise off my mini binge but I got so tired I ate a massive amount of chocolate so I’d have the energy to exercise. There’s nothing I can do about it now and the positive side of me says, today is the start of a permanent recovery it’s never too late to change. But the nasty e.d voice says, ‘see you’re hopeless, you’ve had a week long binge (worst and longest I’ve had in ages), ur bloated, and you’re out of control’.

    You see I’m extra dissapointed because I went on this nlp based health retreat which taught us how go visualize ourselves successful and how to let go of limiting beliefs. Basically it works like this. You visualize yourself as already having achieved your goal, insert it into your future timeline using hypnosis and then write a list of action steps as to how you are going to achieve your end result. Your goal must be measurable, realistic and specific. Mine is to be free of all food/Ed strongholds by April 17. Being free means seeing food for what it truly is: just food. Nutrition. It’s not really that sexy is it lol.

    Freedom is also dealing with emotions by letting the feelings pass or using a list of positive distractions. It is also making the choice to stop eating when satisfied.

    My action steps revolve around repeating and visualizing my goal daily, trying to plan at least 2 meals a day, mindfully eating 4 to 6 healthy meals a day, sleeping by 11, and pulling out my flash cards I have made which have positive suggestions to do other things when I have the urge to binge.

    It was amazing. I came back a new person with that ‘ain’t no mountain high enough’ mentality and even others commented on how positive i was. But 3 weeks later and after a few binge episodes, I stopped believing in myself. One binge snowballed into another and here I am now trying to dig my way out. I know deep down I can do it. I just have to keep visualizing achieving my end goal of recovery (April 17 hurry up already!)

    Tomorrow I leave for a holiday with the boy. I am completely disgusted in myself and dont feel like going but hey on the upside I will prob come home on sun 6 days b-free!

    At the risk of writing a novel I’m out of here. Wish me luck and the strength to get through today. God help me.


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