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Just coming to grips… I have an eating disorder.

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    I never thought this would be my problem. As a young girl I remember enjoying food but not obsessing over it. I was super skinny, naturally a bean post of a girl. My sister and mother struggled with weight and children, but it never seemed to be my struggle. I started gaining weight towards the end of highschool, and got to what people around me were exclaiming ” finally you’re a healthy weight!”. I didn’t understand why everyone found it necessary to congratulate me on my weight gain… Again, my weight was not something I worried about. In college, I gained… The freshman 25. Yep, way bypassed 15, and quickly too. That was 6 years ago now, and I’ve spend so much of that time trying crash diets and cleanses with the hopes I could be skinny again. I finally realized I have some sort of over eating and purging disorder. Not anorexia per-say, I love eating, and eating good food. Not bulemia (that I’m a singer and it would destroy my vocal chords made it easy to resist this). But something was definitely wrong… I feel pretty hopeless and ashamed, and I’m not even trying to lose a grip of pounds, just enough to get rid of my gut and thigh rolls, a mere 10 or so lbs… But I don’t know how to do it in a healthy balanced way. I’m also vegan, which means certain foods are not optional for me.

    How do I begin?



    How to begin? I guess the best way is to focus on eating foods you enjoy! The aim is to get to a point where you are not restricting your choices in an effort to lose weight, as for many of us this just leads to binge style eating. We want what we don’t let ourselves have, which results in intense food cravings and binge episodes. We need to break this restrict/binge cycle to have a better relationship with food and our bodies. If we quit the diet mentality and obsession with weight, then we will naturally eat better and also lose a few pounds in a healthy way. It’s hard not to obsess over calories, but eating for pleasure, not calorific value is the aim. If you’re really not sure which types of foods you should eat, maybe a bit of internet research on healthy balanced vegan diets – but as a rule I would say if it feels right for you, then eat it!

    I know there are lots vegans and veggies on here (and many of us meat eaters too) all to offer support if you need it,

    take care,

    Pink, x

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