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    So today was a pretty decent binge day (it was a binge day, just not a bad eating binge day)

    I woke up and had a slice of toast with peanut butter for breakfast and a banana sliced on top. I pulled out a bag of almonds and started munching on them and at least had a cup of them during the day. But the taste remained so good in my mouth I had to have another slice with some more peanut butter.. Then I remembered I had frozen fruit in the fridge so i ate a cup of frozen mangoes and a couple of strawberries. THEN I remembered I had some Special K cereal in the cupboard (whatever remained that I couldn’t finish from my binge the day before), I’d say around 2 cups.

    I was definitely full at that point but I found a yogurt in my fridge so I had to have it.

    About an hour or two later I ate a ‘healthy’ sandwich for lunch (around 2) with tomato and lettuce even though I wasn’t even hungry. I scarfed it down then had another yogurt and some tea. Then a few hrs after that I was not full in the least but I remembered I had another sandwich in the fridge so I ate another whole sandwich and a single serving of Greek Yogurt. At this point I was pretty full so I drank some tea and had another yogurt and managed to cool down for a bit. Around dinner time I got a green tea because I really wasn’t hungry but as soon as I came to my room I remembered I had rice cakes so I ate the whole half package and didnt touch the tea. Then I remembered I had frozen mango and I just finished the whole bag.

    This will indeed catch up to me



    How do you feel about the day? I agree it could have been much worse because the foods you did binge on are not unhealthy; in the end I suppose it is the quantity. I just realised that you posted this a week ago so how have you been doing since then? Maybe you could try planning your day in advance, so that you have a certain time-frame to eat within and then you don’t go back for more? I hope you’re OK anyway and good luck with things.



    Julia…did you really enjoy all the food you posted above? I find that if I really plan something I’m going to enjoy for each meal, I don’t keep snacking and looking for that something that is going to satisfy me. One lunch I had been hungry for ice cream. I planned for it, went to Cold Stone Creamery picked out a med cup (normally it would have been the super size)sat down in public and enjoyed every spoonful at a sane pace. Now that urge is gone. Just something for you to think about.

    Wishing you a sane loving day.

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