How To Stop Binge Eating

Tips to stop overeating, stop emotional eating, stop eating fast food, stop eating junk food

Journal to hopefully recovery

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    Don’t worry about the rant – it is good to let off steam!

    You can lose weight without restricting. OK I totally get the 3000 calorie surplus but if you can control the binges you can eat regularly and use up those excess calories. How much weight are you wanting to lose? Whilst true that we need a calorie deficit in order to lose, that deficit can be quite small and we will achieve slow and steady weight loss that will be far easier to maintain. This can’t happen overnight – which is what you seem to be trying to do. This latest binge was caused by your fast. Imagine feeding someone else like you are feeding yourself. Either starve them of stuff them full. That is cruelty! You don’t deserve to be punished after a binge.

    You need to work through this gradually. Just have one goal and when you feel ready you can shift your focus to something else. How about not binging as a starting point? Eat what you want when you want it but don’t binge. Are you up for it?

    Charlie xx



    Thanks Charlie :-)

    I know you’re spot on again! I want to lose about 14 pounds. Yeah I suppose, I just want it all gone now but obviously that’s not sustainable or healthy, especially when restriction just encourages binges. I do really just want it gone, and I know that’s not practical at all, but I get so caught up in it, hating the way I look now and knowing that the binges are the reason for it. Yeah, I knew it would be, at the start of a fast I’m thinking, ‘this is the solution’ but then when I’m thinking about food so much and everything, a binge is inevitable. That’s a really good thing to think about though, I’d never feed anyone the way I feed myself.

    Yeah I’m definitely up for it, and started today :) I was so tempted to fast today but I didn’t, I’ve had two balanced meals and feel comfortably full and satisifed. I’m going to try keep this up! Yesterday after binging I had made up a really restrictive food plan for the next week but I think I’ll stray from that and just eat when I’m hungry and stop when I’m full.

    Thanks again Charlie! Hope you’re doing well :) xx



    Stayed binge free yesterday and feel good today!

    This time, it’s going to work :)



    Hi change

    I’m doing really well thanks.

    Great news that you were BF yesterday :D You will gather the strength to overcome this with each day that passes. I am a great believer that it is what we usually do that matters. So if we usually eat healthy, balanced meals we are doing fine. We are not machines and we deserve treats and should not feel guilty about them or punish ourselves afterwards.

    Be patient and the weight will go in such a way that the loss is sustainable. So 14 pounds – how about aiming to have that gone in 28 weeks? OK so only a pound every two weeks but you will not restrict in doing so and so are far less likely to put weight back on.

    I always think that a good way to judge is to look at any one day in isolation and think “could I eat like this every day for the rest of my life?”. The answer will be no if you have binged or restricted. If the answer is “well, hell, yeah”! then you are on the right track.

    So this looks like another target?

    1) No binging

    2) Lose the desired 14 pounds by 14th December – perfect – just in time for all those Christmas parties! (OMG only 30 weeks until Christmas haha)!!!!!!!


    Charlie xx



    Hi Charlie!

    Glad to hear you’re doing well :)

    Some really good advice in there again! Yeah have 2 binge free days behind me now, so hopefully I can make this what I usually do and try eat healthy balanced meals, with guiltfree treats now and then. I feel like I’m able for it this time, little apprehensive because I’ve had that feeling before but I’m trying to make all food allowed so there’s no restriction or unnecessary craving.

    I wish I could say yeah to that 28 weeks, but I’m just so impatient! I could say I’ll agree to it and I would be delighted if I was at my goal weight by December or maintaining it still in December but I really want it gone sooner. It’s just so horrible looking. And I’ve got holidays in seven weeks that I’m stressing about. I know it’s more sustainable doing it slower but I’m trying to increase my exercise too so maybe the emphasis won’t be weight loss through diet but by just burning more calories. I know you’re making sense though, I just can’t get out of my impatient, diet mentality!

    I like that way of thinking of taking each day in isolation, for the past two days I could definitely continue eating like that, I was content but eating balanced food aswell.

    I’m definitely up for the no binging target and I’ll say yeah to lose the weight by December but sooner if possible without focusing on it too much :L haha aww cannot wait for Christmas!! :L

    Thanks so much :) xx



    Three binge free days behind me now :D on to number four.

    Food Diary: (so far, will update later)

    -30g Special K with slimline milk

    -2 squares 85% dark chocolate

    -Apple Banana and some strawberries



    I kind of overate today. Not a binge but just grazing all day.

    I feel really deflated today about recovering and doing it by myself. I just feel like the binge free days are going to end like they always do or I’m going to slip back into old bulimic habits and start purging again. I can’t visualise myself disorder free and I know that might be very defeatist of me and not helpful towards recovery but I feel like I’m constantly putting up a stronger front than I actually have.

    I’m trying to convince everyone that I’m in control of this and that I’ll stay binge free and be able to start living again, but I can’t even convince myself because I’m cracking under the pressure.

    I want to impress everyone I want to achieve this huge feat and I just don’t feel up to the challenge, I want to beg for help but I don’t want anyone to see me being as weak as I am. I’m controlled by food I have been for years and I don’t see the way out. If I was as strong as I try portray myself to be, I would have recovered by now, but I’m just not and I’m drained trying to live up to the expectations or be the perfect person others think I can be. I can’t. I’m not perfect, I wish I was more than anything but I’m just not. I can’t stop thinking about food, I can’t stop thinking about what it’s doing to my body, how every bite I eat feels like it’s instantly forming a layer of fat under my skin, forcing it to stretch to accomodate more and more weight. I feel disgusting and I don’t see why other people don’t see what I see and just tell me straight up that I’m fat and clearly have a problem and I can’t fix it myself.



    Hey Change – don’t be so down on yourself. The transition from disordered to ordered eating is a long and difficult one. You can not switch from one to the other over night. There will be leaps forward but there will also be steps backwards – unfortunately it is all part of the process.

    What you have done is proved to yourself that you can be binge free. You have done so for four days. Hang on to the positive feelings that were associated with this. If you binge it doesn’t condemn you to continuing to binge. You will hopefully want to get back to a few more binge free days. Remember it is what you usually do that matters. At this stage a binge here and there is unimportant.

    Nobody is perfect! Who do you think is expecting you to be? In what way are you expected to be perfect?

    I don’t know anyone who expects other people to be perfect – and I certainly don’t. One thing that won’t work is if you try to change your eating habits for other people. You have to do it for you.

    Try not to see it as a huge feat because it is a gradual process. You are looking too far ahead and at some idealistic end product – now that will seem impossible to reach and you will feel you’ll never get there. But you will – you just need to take it gradually.

    Seeking help is a sign of strength, not weakness. It takes strength to reach out and ask for help. Do you have someone you can confide in? Would you consider seeking professional help?

    I think you need to lay out all the tools that you could use to help you and then choose from them.

    Let me know how you are doing.

    Charlie xx

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