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    Ok I started it… On accountability to myself I will post in here when ever I get the urges to binge or .. not just when I have had a bad day and feel like shit. Ill post everyday. well i promised myself I would write this because if i didnt it would be one more thing I gave up on. Obviously I didnt do anything today again. Tried to call some more therapists, whats the point.. I know exactly whats going to happen and what there going to say and I just know nothings gonna change. Its gonna be the same CBT as before and it just doesnt work. I stopped taking the topamax today.. I havent really felt much difference in my hunger yet. I am hoping I get less depressed. I stopped the pristiq because of all the crap I heard about ssris and how I really dont want to go back down that road. I am just soooo frustrated. I just dont know what to do. Obviously medication is not the answer, what is. I am just so lonely too, and having no money and being in my house just really sucks. I wish honestly some girl would just call me, even tho I feel so shitty about myself.. Its like man, I dont think I have ever been this lonely. So sad. anyways I have hit such a low its incredible. I just sit around and watch the news and the daily show and colbert and live like a complete fucking hermit. I have become the person I used to here about or talk about in high school and snicker about. It is so terrible compared to the life I once used to lead. Its fucking pathetic. I dont even care about what im eating at all anymore. Ha ive thrown that out the window.. I know i am gaining weight at an alarming rate. I am scared to death.. of getting fat, I just watched that show on oprah about the half ton teenagers.. HolY SHIT that is freaky. It scares the shit out of me. I know two months ago I was extremely underweight, but if I keep going like this Ill end up like them. Anyways I have no energy to really get out and do anything, I just feel absolutely fucking hopeless. Its funny how for so long I was so extreme about diesting and no I flipped the coin. I finished Portia De rossis book today. Pretty good read, everything in that book is pretty much whats been going on in my life, minus the being gay and on a popular sitcom part. I just feel like I am an utterly useless human being. I stopped drumming for almost two months now.. That was my career! I am so lonely, I dont talk to anyone at all, and Im so ashamed of how I look now that no one will want me… shit just really sucks

    Well its really late now and I am sick of watching the news. Sick of being sick, and I am not even tired, maybe I should just stay up all day today. And do what? I dont even do anything anymore. pff I am such a waste of life

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