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    Hi, I’m new to all of this. I don’t like telling people I have an eating disorder but I guess its necassary if I want to recover. I’m bulimic and I’ve lost nearly 100lbs in the past 3 years.(I’m younger by the way) my childhood was hard for me. Guys were never intrested in the fat girl.

    Anyways I didn’t binge n purge all the time, I was on weightwatchers for the longest time. I lost nerly 60lbs but when I quit I gained 20 back. So then I turned to throwing up and excessive exersise which cause me to weigh less then I have in years. I got down to my perfect weight but gained 10lbs when I joined cross country n now I can’t stop the eating and the exersise :,( running nearly 27 miles a week isn’t enough. After practice I come home and jump on the treadmill.

    Everything is spirling out of control and I miss I could stop myself from eating too much. I feel powerless



    Hi Jewels,

    Welcome! :-) I’m new to the forum as well so I’m not a pro at this yet! But I just wanted to say that I think you’ve taken a great first step by finding this community and having the courage to post! I don’t like talking about this stuff either but I’ve found that sharing my feelings here is really helping me to get a grip on this ED. It’s only been a week and I’ve already learned so much just by reading other people’s journals and reflecting on my own entries. Everyone here is really supportive and I think that journaling is a really big part of everyone’s recovery.

    So good for you for taking the first step, and if you feel up to it, keep posting :-) Would love to learn more about what you’re going through so we can all beat this together! I know we can do it!

    xox Holly



    I am a massive runner myself and I can relate to it never beening enough and wanting to eat so much. However, running does exert a lot of energy and you need to eat. I learned after years of restrictive eating, compulsive exercising, and massive binges is this. I use to eat very low calories for all the exercise I was doing and then one day a week (if I could last that long!!) I would eat and eat and eat. Recently I have added more calories back into my daily intake which has allowed for me not to binge as much. I have been working on this for the past 2-3 months now. It is a slooooooooowwww process for me but my body does feel better.



    Thanks for all of the support. It’s hard sometimes because I feel like nobody really understands what it’s like to have and eating disorder since all of my friends are perfectly skinny no matter what they eat. And maybe I will try to increase my calorie intake more, I normally only try to eat around 1,800 calories but burn off a lot of it because of the sports I play. Still sometimes I feel like a balloon; one week I’ll be perfectly skinny then after a day of beinging I’m up 5lbs. :cry:



    Hey Jewels…welcome! Hmm I would say that if you are doing A LOT of exercise, you may need more than 1800 calories…sometimes those binges are triggered out of a pure physiological need so make sure that you are properly fueling your sports. Looking forward to keeping up with your progress here. ~Lauren

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