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    10:00 AM Hungry and tired. Idk what I’m doing with myself. I look so fucking fat.

    12:30 PM Want to eat.. don’t want to eat.

    1:00 PM Had sugar free jello.. went downstairs to eat more but stopped myself. I’m not hungry. So I did mention I wanted to try paleo.. I’m doing a modified version where I’ll allow things like artificial sweeteners.. my aim is just to exclude what paleo diets normally advocate against (grains, sugar, legumes, dairy).

    6:00 PM Already ate all my calories for the day.. had dried pork, beef fajita strips, banana, and eggs. Kinda failed at the paleo thing because the pork and fajita strips had added sugar to them. Oh well, I’ll try harder tomorrow. At least my carbs were fairly low today. Not hungry, but it’s one of those days where you just eat and eat and never feel satiated. Cravings: corn bread, bagels, pizza, cereal… all in my house right now.

    7:00 PM Keep thinking of binging.. just want to eat..

    11:00 PM Had several binge urges but fought through them. It just seems like an endless battle..



    Binged.. but it was on healthy, nutritious foods for once.. not processed carb-y shit like cereal and muffins. Also, this binge was a lot less

    caloric than my other ones.. 2500 calories. However it’s still noon so hopefully I won’t binge again. Today also I could not feel satiated at all. I ate at

    2PM and was full for like 5 minutes, then my stomach felt empty again. It wasn’t hunger.. it was just a lack of feeling satisfied. So I kept eating (filling

    and nutritious foods) but I still couldn’t be satisfied! Today I’ve eaten: filet mignon, salad, bananas, oatmeal, pork, and peanut butter.. the majority of the

    binge (1200 calories) was the pb. I mean.. at least it’s got healthy fats and protein but still.. oh well. Failed at paleo again.. keep telling myself I’ll start

    tomorrow -__-



    Be proud if yourself jackie, yes you may have binged but it wasnt a severely bad binge and if it was mostly healthy stuff it will be far easier for your body to make use of, that in itself is a good thing.I would suggest gradually changing to the paleo diet rather than suddenly jumping in at the deep end it will allow your body to adapt and render you far less likely to get bad cravings.

    What vegetables do you like? As I can suggest some filling soup recipes to you that are simple and easy if I have some idea of that :)





    Jackie, I’ve read your whole story. It’s inspiring and I think you’re making progress – here are my thoughts

    – You have to get on to a regular sleep schedule. That’s absolutely the first thing. Definitely. NOTHING sabotages my eating and binging like not sleeping regular hours. During the school year I try to sleep from 10 pm to 6 am. Doesn’t happen a lot of the time, but I keep it stable enough. During summer I try to go to sleep at 12 am and usually wake up around 8 or 9 in the morning.

    I think sleeping like that will really help you.

    – You also should try to eat regularly, as well. Even if you’ve binged. Sleeping at regular times will help you to eat at regular times. If I wake up (and eat) at 10 AM I will eat lunch between 12 and 1, even if I’m not hungry. I eat a snack between 1 and 5 and dinner around 6-7. I’ll eat a dessert right after and if I really need to I’ll have something light before bed.

    By eating at irregular hours with this cycle of fasting/binging, I think you’re sabotaging your immune system and teaching yourself irregular habits.

    Also, enough with these restricting diets that cut out eating or have weird words like “paleo” or cut out carbs, etc. We need carbs. Carbs are delicious and they give you energy and there’s nothing wrong with them if you don’t eat a bunch more than a certain amount. You have to figure out what that amount for your body is. And don’t feel guilty for allowing yourself them.


    eat within an hour of waking up, even if you binged the night before – it may be tough at first, and you may feel gross, but it will definitely be worth it

    – Does your mom or family know about your binging? It would make your life SOOOOOOOOOO MUCH EASIER if those foods like ice cream and pizza and bagels were not around the house. A LOT.

    There is absolutely NOTHING wrong with you for having these cravings. When you see that food you want that food. It’s a human thing. So if it were out of your house, you would find yourself craving it a lot less, and if you succumbed to a binging craving, there would be a lot less damage.

    If you told your mom about your binging problems and explained to her that having all these temptations around is destructive for you, I think it might be a lot better.

    It’s a really big, and really, really hard step to take, but it’s really important. I was finally able to bring myself to tell my mom about my problems, and she was super understanding and rid the house of all my problem foods. (My dad’s still a bit pissed about that, but he was nice enough to deal and not complain too much)

    My problem foods: bagels, bread in general, peanut butter, ice cream, oreos, CEREAL – like, the special K kind

    They’re all gone, and resisting the urge to binge is a lot more successful now-a-days.

    – Find something you love to do that can occupy you. When I’m at home, I think about food and I think about my weight. When I’m at theater rehearsal or theater class, I don’t. It’s as simple as that. I can go hours with out thinking about food or even being hungry when I’m at theater. And you can, too. It could be anything. You have to find it, and then you have to find a way to do it. Sitting at home and obsessing about your weight will not help you – in fact, it will probably lead you to self-sabotage.

    And it was really, really good that you took your trip to Chicago. Wonderful. Never turn down opportunities because you don’t feel your best or because you’re worried about binging. You will find your balance, and the best way to do that is to find other things that make you happy other than food.

    So those are my thoughts. I am on the road to beating my binging and you are, too. These are things that have helped me a lot.

    And ENOUGH with the diets! Your priority is not to lose weight. It is to stop binging and to establish a normal and regular way of eating. The weight loss will follow. So focus your energy into good places and enjoy food and enjoy life. You’re doing great:) Keep up the good work and effort



    I’m stupid! Not immune system – well, maybe, actually – but metabolism. I meant that I think you might be sabotaging your metabolism, not immune system.



    Invisible: Yeah I guess I will try to ease in.. maybe do basic stuff like cut out sugars at first. I like pretty much any vegetable, any recipes are welcome :)

    Snarf: I completely agree with the sleeping thing. I’m really trying to sleep like normal but every time I try, I just toss and turn in bed for hours. I really wish I could stop fasting after binging, but I feel so disgusting. On normal days, my meal times and all that are set.. binging just throws everything off. The thing with carbs is that every time I eat some it just makes me want more and more. I went really low carb for around 6 weeks without cheats/binges, and that was the one time I was able to not binge at all. But paleo is more about optimizing health than weight loss.. it’s not really a diet, more like a lifestyle. I don’t plan on doing it forever, just seeing if it’ll help ease my cravings.

    No one in my family knows of my binging.. and it’s too embarrassing to share with anyone. However my mom has caught me binging on nuts/junk before (she doesn’t think it’s an eating disorder).. I actually asked her to stop buying that stuff and she just said, “Don’t eat it. I’ll buy what I want.” I agree that I should be more focused on eating normally and health rather than weight loss.. I’m going to try changing my way of thinking and hope it works. Thanks for your comment, it really helped me out :)



    Carbs are soooo good! Whyyyyy?!!!!

    If you find that going low carb helps you with binges, then go for it! And if you feel that paleo is a good, realistic path for you, then go for that, too!:)

    I still believe my thing on considering telling your mom. When I finally told my mom about my problem, she said she used to have the exact same thing (key word “used to” – and she’s tiny! I can’t believe she ever went through this!), and her mother was less than understanding. As in “If it’s there, you should be able to resist it, or there’s something wrong with you and that’s why you’re fat”. Literally. Quoted. I find that encouraging, though, because if she managed to beat binge eating despite growing up in that kind of environment, then so should I! And so should you!:)

    But anyway, if you decide you want to tell your mom, maybe she’ll be understanding and helpful like my mom, or she’ll be unsympathetic like my mom’s mom. Maybe something good will come of it? Who knows? You decide.




    Carbs ARE good! That’s why I find them so addictive :( I’m glad to hear that it went well with you and your mother.. that’s actually pretty inspirational that she was able to stop binging with all of those temptations around her. I really wish I could tell mine, but I’m too ashamed and I have a feeling she’ll react the way your grandmother did.. just knowing what my mom’s personality is like :( I have survived these temptations before.. I know I can do it again.



    I’m sorry to hear about your mom, but I’m confident you’ll find a way to cope with the temptations in the house. Just keep working at it! You’ve already made a lot of progress:)



    Snarf: I wish I could call it progress but I feel like it’s reverse progress :( I can’t see any improvement in myself, but thank you.

    2:00 PM Had a banana and 4 boiled eggs. I’m really trying to focus on healthy instead of weight loss right now. Just making sure I make good food choices. I was planning on fasting today but decided against it as I’d probably end up binging.

    4:00 PM Ate salad, two avocados, some chicken breast.. I need to learn to space my meals properly. I’ve eaten 900 calories in 2 hours, ugh. Not hungry, just want to eat.

    9:40 PM Had two servings of Greek yogurt. I’m having avocado cravings.. ugh had to stop myself. Yes they are healthy but I need to practice self control. Also ran 30 minutes today. Not hungry right now. Hopefully I don’t binge later tonight.



    Jackie! What are you talking about? Clearly from your food log for today you are doing fantastic! It’s definitely a huge step up to be focusing on healthiness instead of weight! You can only put full energy into so many things at a time, right?

    And it’s absolutely not reverse progress if you are still trying. Just the fact that you haven’t given up and can have a whole day of eating like this means you’ve made progress. Regardless of whether or not you binge tonight. Every urge that you resist is a battle won. And from what you’ve eaten today, you’ve managed to win a lot of battles.

    So do not give up. Just because you give into a binge doesn’t mean you have to “start over”. Just pick up where you left off.

    And know that you’re really doing well. I mean it.



    Snarfblat took the words right out of my mouth! I second all of that.



    Thanks guys, that really means a lot.. considering I binged today : I’m not giving up, I’m still fighting.

    12:00 PM Really want to eat but I’m not hungry.

    1:30 PM Binged. Started out good with salad & avocado.. then I was craving pb so I let myself have 2 tbsp.. then I ate some beef fajita strips. Still good. Then I went crazy and had 8 more tbsp of pb.. my calorie intake was still good even after this but then I was like what the hell and ate cereal and bagels.. fuck. Now I want to eat even more cereal.. weighed myself.. 111.2 I’m fucking disgusting.

    7:00 PM Weight is down to 109.6.. still fucking gross. Not fucking eating ever again.

    11:00 PM Got back from the gym.. 2 hours on stationary bike.. only burned like 400 calories.. On a positive note, I only binged on 2400 calories, and I’m glad my weight is under 110. I only had a mini “fuck it” moment instead of a huge one – I’m glad I stopped myself after 1 bagel and 4 servings of cereal.. could have been a lot worse. And I’m glad I didn’t binge any more tonight. I still feel disgusting though. I have around 2000 calories in excess from today and Monday’s binge.. so I have to get rid of that somehow..



    Didn’t eat today. Fucking gross and fat.



    Jackie I wish I could give you a massive hug !

    Don’t be so hard on yourself you may have binged but it wasn’t as bad as other binges you’ve had have been which shows you are gaining control even if that control comes in little steps it’s progress you manages to stop yourself and you should feel proud

    Invisible xx

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