How To Stop Binge Eating

Tips to stop overeating, stop emotional eating, stop eating fast food, stop eating junk food

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    Hi all,

    I registered in this forum last year, I’ve only posted very few times, but I’d like to share my experience with binge eating, since it’s now over for me (it’s been for a few months).

    It all started when I found out about intermittent fasting and tried to get to a very low level of bodyfat (which I did, but could not maintain).

    It really got me worrying, since I started developing binge eating habits, followed by fasting in an attempt to undo the “harm”. I was trying to fight it alone but without success.

    I was in a very stressful situation with my long-distance relationship and that was a big part of it. It was like eating was a form of short-term reward since I felt like nothing else could make me happy.

    At first I attributed the binge eating to this, but I was horrified to find that it was still there even when I broke up and felt well, and feeling I was over the girl.

    After a few months of trying to fight it alone still, I had to ask for help and did a 6-week Cognitive Behavioral Therapy set of sessions, which really helped me out.

    In my lightest, I was 65kg. After the therapy, I just started eating normally without worrying. I got to 80kg in a few months, with slightly higher bodyfat (I am into bodybuilding and weightlifting, so it was mostly muscle), and I am now practicing a more relaxed intermittent fasting eating pattern, and eat liberally without feeling restricted.

    Bottom line of the story is:

    I believe the reasons that led me to binge eat were two-fold: there was a psychological side, and a physiological one. For people that have binge eating disorder because they want to maintain an unsustainable bodyfat, the body will make them binge as there is a severe lack of nutrients. Coupled with stress and various other psychological factors, it may lead to an extended persistent binge-eating disorder.

    So to any people with a similar background (lean but trying to get shredded and falling in the vicious cycle of bingeing/purging), I would say: STOP dieting IMMEDIATELY, and try to return to your older eating habits. This might fix it before you divert into chronic nasty habits.

    If it still does not go away, try to really assess your psychological reasons for eating and try to find your triggers. If possible, get professional help. Do not lie back and wait. Even one month of this nasty habit is enough to make it persistent for many months, which will seem like an eternity.

    I just wanted to share the things that I would have said to myself about a year ago, I hope you find it helpful.

    Stay strong,



    Hi! Thanks for sharing. I too like exercise and a couple of years ago had an extremely low body weight and bodyfat level, but now I can’t seem to stop eating even though I’m well into my healthy BMI.

    I’ve been considering going to the doctors for help but people on here have said that they don’t think it is a good idea. What do you think I should do? I just want to stop this and will do anything to get free!

    Well done for escaping, I hope I will too… :)



    Over the summer I lost twenty pounds and it was the best month of my life! But I lost it too fast and I did not learn to eat healthy. I just learned how to not eat a lot. Soon enough I became a binge eater and I am letting myself eat freely it trying to eat in healthy moderation. I planned out that I am going to do this and get rid of bingeing until the end of the schoolyear which will be doable if I work at it…and then focus on loosing weight this summer. I am lucky because I want to loose 20 pounds and I have two months of summer so I can do it the healthy way and it’s a win win! Sorry I did not mean to make this about me but this plan is helping me and I will NEVER. DIET. AGAIN!!!! Just loose weight by eating healthier, slower, and a little bit less! Good luck everyone




    I would suggest to immediately seek professional help. I tried to do it on my own and convinced myself to be strong, but sometimes people need a little help.

    The ego has no place in these kinds of things. Please feel free to contact me, I would be more than happy to help out.


    Ok, thanks! It’s something I really have to think about, but I’ll definitely consider it more seriously now. Thanks :)

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