How To Stop Binge Eating

Tips to stop overeating, stop emotional eating, stop eating fast food, stop eating junk food

It's all or nothing!

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    Hey Babycakes!

    You have such great discipline! I really admire that quality, and I am striving to have more discipline myself. Good job not pushing yourself too hard when working out! You really know what is good for your body, so way to go!

    It also sounds like you really know your body when it comes to food, and that is one of the biggest things to getting over BED! You are doing great by identifying the triggers for a binge and avoiding them as much as possible. Keep this up and you will be BF for life!!!!

    You are doing so well, and I agree that although it seems painful to go without binging at the time, you feel so much better in the long run because you dont have any of the after-effects or horrible feelings that come on after a binge happens!Seriously, YOU CAN DO IT!!! I promise with all of my heart! So keep on truckin, it is all worth it in the end!!!

    XOXO, Angel



    Hi everyone!

    Once again, thank you for your supporting posts!

    Olivia – what you said about “having only one body” just really clicked with me. I mean, it’s such an obvious thing, but you brought it to my attention, and I really appreciate it. Yes, we only have one body, and dieting, overexercising and binging are equally damaging to it. I’ll try to not lose sight of it again!

    Angel – Oh, thank you for your sweet words. I wish I had more self-discipline, but I’m working on it. I try listening to my body, but even though I can usually identify the triggers and distinguish between physical and emotional hunger, I still don’t always have the will power not to give in to comfort-eating. :-( But I’ll keep trying, as that’s the only way to go.

    I haven’t really made much progress since the last time I posted. Some days I eat fine, others I overeat, and it’s been a bit frustrating. I think right now I’m going through the same phase that Geneen Roth went through with cookie dough, when she decided to allow herself whatever she wanted to eat, and it was cookie dough for each meal. So for the past week or so I’ve been eating all these foods I used to restrict… like I’d been craving almonds real bad for a long time, so one day I allowed myself to eat almonds for any or every meal, as much as I wanted. Well, I was sick of almonds after about 3 servings that day. Pistachios followed next. Then it was chocolate’s turn, and I don’t think I’ll want any more chocolate any time soon. :-) Today it’s cookies, which I’ve also been craving for a while. I don’t know if I was clear on this – I’m not snacking or indulging in these foods in addition to my meals. No, they ARE my meals. I’m not sure if what I’m doing is right and I’m sure it’s not healthy… but I need this to show myself that these foods are not the forbidden fruit, and there’s nothing really attractive about them.

    The strange thing is that when I binged on these foods after not allowing myself to eat them, every bite tasted SO good, and I wanted more and more, and more. Now that I’ve let myself have them for any and every meal, as much as I wanted, I’ve learned that chocolate tastes pretty good as far as the first half a bar is concerned (if you’re hungry and it’s all you eat for a meal). But it feels too sweet and gross if you eat it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The same is true about everything else.

    By doing this I’m also trying to finally get rid of all the remnants of guilt for eating these foods I avoided for years. I’m trying to accept the fact that I CAN have anything I want. It’s my choice, and there’s no reason I should feel ashamed for eating something that’s not a fruit or a vegetable. Hopefully, this stage will be over soon, and once I’ve worked through the restrictions and guilt stuff, I can finally feel free and eat in a truly intuitive way.

    The only food I’m still having major problems with is cereal. Why is it such an addictive thing? I’ve seen that so many of us here binge on or overeat cereal. It always leaves me hungry for more. What’s up with that??

    Well, I am making better progress with my exercising routine. I pretty much got back on track working out 6-7 times a week for 40-45 minutes only. Instead of being on the treadmill all the time, I now split my time between the treadmill and the elliptical and also do the bike some days a week. So it’s been good to have that variety in my routine.

    So that’s it for my update. Now, on a more sad note… I’m afraid I’ll have to leave the forum… No, it’s not because I think I’m in a safe place now. I’m far from it, as you know if you’ve read the above. I just took up a second job and now my days are scheduled almost by minute. Wake-up – work – gym – work at home – sleep. My second job involves working on weekends too. I’m actually struggling right now to fit shopping, cooking, etc. into this schedule, not to mention everything else. I know that a lot of you are a lot busier than I am and still find time to post, and I admire you for that. But I’ve just started and have been a bit overwhelmed so far at how much I have to do in such a little time. I’ll still read your journals and will keep up with your progress, and I’ll try to post as often as I can, but it probably won’t be more often than once a week.

    Thank you all SO MUCH for your love, support and encouragement!!! Even the little progress I’ve made I wouldn’t have made without you, my sweet friends! I’m sending my best wishes to all of you! I’ll be around, just not as much as I’d love to!!



    Aww we will all really miss you. It sounds like you are off to a really great start….just know we will be here if you ever need to come back for support. Best of luck to you! ~Lauren

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