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Im so Lost

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    I did so good for three weeks. I only binge ate once a week and I thought I was really on my way out. But two days ago it started up again and I am back in my stupid rut. I am so lost I do not know what to do anymore. Will I ever get better? How do I make this torture end? At this point, I would rather die than try to fight to just be normal. Why has society done this to people? Please, someone, help. I desperately need it. Please. :(



    I’m right there with you. I know how it is… I can be doing so good for months and then one day something switches in my head and I’m in full blown binge mode for weeks.

    I’ve learned though that if I try to stay in a happy, positive state of mind I don’t want to binge nearly as much. I’ve been reading a self help book about BED and the author wrote that you can’t beat yourself up after a binge. we binge because we are hurt and upset and are trying to comfort ourselves the only way we know how. After a binge try to forgive yourself and move on and know that tomorrow is a new day. what we need the most after a binging episode is comforting, acceptance and love from ourselves. What I’ve been trying to do, and it’s been really helpful so far, is keeping a journal and making a point to write down anything that I did that I can be proud of that day. anything at all, even just getting out of bed if that’s all I can think of.

    this is going to be difficult but we can do this! try to stay happy and positive and know that you don’t deserve to be punished by yourself. point out the good in you everyday. :) I hope this helps.



    the trick i use is to stop binging on my binge foods n eat clean foods only for a while, like most of the night n morning i been binging on cereal then worse sugary foods, but i went to shop earlier n bought brocoli, fish chicken carrots and other veg i enjoy eatin n made myself a nice healthy lunch now am eatin apple and for tea i will have more veg and chicken,,,,im not gonna lie..i would rather hav more binge sugery foods but i felt like crap feelin bit better coz am nurishing my body n not messin up my head

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