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    hello people I’m 18 years old and I suffer from binge eating for 2 years now ! I just hate how much food I eat and I cant beilve how sad I get while eating, I really need to fix this and I need to get back to eating healthy but it seems like my body just looove sugar and I hate it ofcourse , please help me I dont want to live like this forever . Everyday I keep on telling myself I will improve and nothing works out , I just eat eat eat , food is always around the house and there not even healthy ! I’m just annoyed that im destroing my body. Can anyone help me fix this eating disorder? thank you for reading :)



    Hi Miriam.

    There are lots of good people and stories on this forum…I think you will find it helpful. But you can’t change until you take action- its sooo hard, but you have to find that “inner power” to say no. And I know what you mean, everyday I do the same thing, I say “today will be different” but it never is. I haven’t binged yet today, though, and the day is almost over! Just try ONE day. Get through one day without binging…get out the house, do something…what really helps me is to look around on the internet and at books about overcoming sugar addictions, tips to a healthy lifestyle, tips to overcoming binging, etc. These help me stay motivated.

    You CAN do it. It doesn’t happen overnight…but if others have overcome it, so can you:)



    hi! im new also! we are all here to help eachother. this is a great place. im glad to see that im not the only person suffering from this. i hope you find this place comforting as well as i do. good luck on your journey



    I wish you good luck on your journey to letting go of binge eating. I am new myself. Like what live721 says “just try one day” at a time. I have found this forum very helpful and i hope it does for you.



    Thanks guys for you’re reply, I’m trying my best everyday even though I fail. I’m never giving up on myself. I need to change my lifestyle and I thought of fasting maybe this can change my eating disorder. So do you suggest I go on a fast? I already ruined my new years resolution , My jeans don’t fit and it’s getting harder if I continue to binge eat ! Ugh I hate eating , I need to see a dietitian , I feel she will really help me.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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