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I'm new and I need help!

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    Hi I’m new here and I really hope that some of you take the time to read this and to share your feedback. I’m 16 years old and I have a major problem. I love food! It’s the thing I go to when I’m bored and the thing I go to when I’m lonely. I am not clinically overweight. Not anymore. I’m 5’6 and I used to weight 186 pounds! :O I know, so much! But I had started to exercise and eat less and I lost more than 30 pounds! But ever since than I still struggle with my weight issues and my issues with food. Even right now as I type I am on a mini binge. I can’t take this anymore. I’m on such a destructive cycle. I’m not hugely fat but in my mind I am OBESE. The need to be skinny and the craving of food are at a continuous battle inside my mind. I do a lot of fasts to try and lose weight but I always end up screwing up my metabolism and gain more weight afterwards. But I just can’t help it. I’ll fast, then I’ll mini-binge sometimes I purge and then I’ll fast again and the cycle just continues. I’ll do good and and not eat for three or five days but then I’ll go downstairs and just eat and eat and eat even when I’m not hungry. I’ll just do it mindlessly to no end. Afterwards I’ll lay in my room shaking, feeling my bloated stomach, crying with cuts on my arm. I just want this to stop. I want to stop eating food, I don’t want to be fat anymore, I want to be skinny. I’m afraid if I keep going on like this I’m going to end up gaining more and more and I’ll end up morbidly obese. I don’t want to end up like that! I don’t even want to leave the house because I’m afraid of people seeing my fat. I need help, please!



    You’re definitely welcome here, and, since I’ve been here, I’ve gotten a TON of useful support that has been infinitely helpful in building my confidence and resolve.

    I’m not a professional and I don’t have experience with binge / purge cycles, but I would suggest focusing on getting the word ‘fast’ out of your vocabulary. From all the people’s testimonials I’ve read, fasting has only resulted in huge binges afterward – it’s counterproductive.

    Instead, stick to a structured / scheduled eating plan . . NEVER try to cut calories tomorrow because you binged today. That restrictive attitude is destined to lead towards a binge, possibly one worst than the one you thought you were ‘cancelling’ out.

    So try writing out a food plan for tomorrow. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, even throw a dessert in there. Stick to the food plan as best as you can, and don’t leave anything out of it. In the long run, it’d probably be better to eliminate any such need for a strict plan, but I think you ( and myself for that matter ) can benefit from having a structured ‘ritual’ to replace the unstructured ‘ritual’ of binge-eating.

    But once again, I’m no professional, and I’ve also noticed that people who’ve succeeded in overcoming binge-eating had wildly different methods. In the end, you have to develop a personal approach that works for you, and, unfortunately, you will never figure out what works until you figure out, over and over, what DOESN’T work. Our failures make our successes possible.



    i would also suggest talking to your school counselor or a therapist if that is a possibility for you at all. i am pretty sure they have to keep things confident unless you say that you are feeling like you may hurt yourself or others. i am too old and don’t have insurance but right now i really wish i could speak to a professional.



    It’s very admirable that you are seeking help at the young age of 16. Many of us tried to do this on our own and that doesn’t work. Reach out to parents, or trusted friend. Stay away from crazy calorie counting and fasting-it truly does make it worse. It makes you want to binge more.

    The best advice I have learned is to try to listen to your feelings, FEEL your emotions and don’t bury them with food or even dieting. There is something going on inside our heart and mind if we would all just pay attention and not numb out with food.

    I wish you the best!

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