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im back sadly

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    hey guys good to see some of the same people still here..but at the same time it makes me sad

    it just shows how this is a lifelong struggle.

    i thought i got better. but i was just kidding myself.

    its like you cant just quit cold turkey.haha what the hell was i thinking?

    its been worse though because school is very stressful. my boyfriend and i had just gotten back together and i was all in love and we started fighting again. same old problems thats why you should never get back with your ex. but today we broke up. like five times. i think we’re both just still hoping maybe this could work out but we keep calling each other back and end up getting into a screaming fight. we just cussed each other out

    so now i dont even have an appetite thank god. i binged earlier.

    i mean its weird i want to binge but my stomach is too nauseaus because of the fight.

    but i know ill be upset later on even more and binge.

    the story of my life.

    i miss him so much already. and school sucks and with all this stress i’ve been breaking out pretty bad. on top of that i’ve gained even more weight. i’ve been fighting with my dad nonstop. these days we dont talk..we just fight.

    in fact i think i fight with all the males in my life right now. the only people i get along with are my mom and um a couple of my friends. thats another thing..i dont have many friends anymore

    im such a failure at life. i hate myself soo much its like all i ever do is disapoint people and disapoint myself.

    i guess i just need to know im not completely alone like i feel. i need to know someone else looked in the mirror and cried today and then stupidly went and binged and made it worse.

    why do i do this? i just want some answers.

    god i sound so emo too. ugh




    It is good to see that you have come back to get the support even if it is not good that you have needed to come back.

    The good thing is you know that you can get control because you did have control for a time, so you have learnt lessons that are going to help you again. It is about finding what you are feeling and then not using food to change that.

    You are never alone,


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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