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I'm 15 and I'm not going to postpone my life for my weight

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    Don’t be scared, you’ve done an amazing job, and don’t forget not to judge your progress by that number!

    1) its early days- losing weight happens slowly, but losing it slowly means its maintainable!

    2) Are you feeling better, not having bingeing dictate your emotions/life… If yes, then you’ve made more progress than that scale can tell you :)

    But hope the weigh-in goes well !



    Be so careful with weight goals! I’m having such a hard time not putting a weight goal on myself, especially because I’m getting married in a few months and want to look sensational in a dress, but I just have to remember that I’m not in the mental state to be focusing on that yet.

    I looooooove what BleuCeleste said! “You’ve made more progress than that scale can tell you.” I want to put that quote on my scale :)



    Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhh you guys are right. I flipped out a little bit yesterday cause I realized I have exactly one month before school and in my head I started doing all these mental calculations and and getting WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYY ahead of myself and my mom was like “Stop it. That’s not what you should be thinking about. Stop it right now.”

    So I’m trying not to think about it.

    But, just to contradict myself….

    Good news: When I weighed yesterday morning, I was 137.4. That’s nice to know because I was a little worried that eating more everyday but consistently would cause my weight to go up even though I wasn’t binging. But it had the opposite effect!:) So I’m going to keep doing what I’m doing.

    Bad/Good news: Yesterday was a reeeeeally rough, reeeeeally long day at, like, 4 airports. I was doing ok (I had brought a sandwich and a banana) until around 6 pm. My mom and I were starving and went to chili’s. I looked at the nutrition facts and got the lightest thing I could, which was the grilled chicken salad, but it was still 11 points. That was alright, but then I had half of one of my mom’s southwestern eggrolls (4 pts.) and we split the cheesecake…my 1/2 was 10 points.

    But I’m glad:) I didn’t go overboard like I normally do at restaurants. And I was tempted to get a burger or something, but I didn’t, which meant that it was ok to have 1/2 of the cheesecake.

    And it was really good. Totally worth 10 points.

    And I didn’t have to plan for this splurge. It just happened. And I didn’t binge, and I’m feeling less guilty about it than I did at the time, and, after doing calculations, I DIDN’T USE OVER MY WEEKLY POINTS.

    Eating more everyday to ward off binging, AND an unexpected (really good) Chili’s cheesecake splurge?! And I didn’t go over my weekly allowance?

    This is really awesome. I look forward to more guiltless and perfectly appropriate splurges (NOT binges) in the future.

    Although, the bad news is that I have to eat 26 points a day for the next two days before I can start over a new week (the bad part of eating more every day and then having a splurge, albeit a deserved splurge), but two days isn’t a very long time and with all of this positive progress going, I doubt it will cause me to binge. PLUS I’ve got a crapload to do for the next two days.



    Today was alright. 23 points, so I have 3 left, and I did 20 minutes on the elliptical. Lame, I know, but at least I burned 200 calories. Not bad. And I don’t feel like I’ve deprived myself!


    egg (2)

    wasa bread (1)


    crapload of asparagus(0)

    crapload of sugarsnap peas and carrots (0)

    olive oil, 2 tbl. (7)

    WW latte bar (2)


    Shepherd’s pie (8)

    graham cracker (3)

    whipped cream (0)



    Hmmm. Since I’ve been home, I’ve sort of been falling into old patterns. It’s surprising. At my grandparents’, I was fine, but at home, I’m having a bit more trouble. That’s worrying.



    hey snarfblat, having small indulgences is definitely a good idea! i get the same way about having more trouble at home, but if you can keep from binging at your grandparents you can do it at home too!!



    Thanks, Isa. Phew. I just need to chill out and stop thinking irrationally. You’re right!





    Well, hello, there, Relapse #1. Didn’t see you coming.



    Ok. So. Why did I binge this time?

    1. Some hard stuff to deal with has been going on the past couple days

    2. Before making dinner, I didn’t clean up the kitchen, so the mess just increased, which made me feel stressed and out of control

    3. I truly suck at cooking, and my subsequent attempt was a very harrowing and very upsetting experience, involving several unsuccessful attempts to correctly boil rice, etc.

    4. I snacked on ingredients while I “cooked”, so that was just a bad start

    5. After my unsuccessful failure of a dinner, I still did not clean up – instead I procrastinated, leading me to stay up til 1 in the morning procrastinating cleaning, and all that time sort of just set me up for a binge, since I was already anxious and had the task of cleaning before bed hovering over my head.

    So what can I do to avoid these situations in the future?

    1. Clean the kitchen before anything else. It’s illy, but when the kitchen is messy and there is a mountain of unwashed dishes, this OCD thing in me kicks in and I feel anxious.Anxiety is most often what leads me to binge.

    2. Only cook REALLY REALLY easy things. Like, read the recipe before deciding to make it, and if it doesn’t meet me standards of so-easy-a-six-year-old could do it, then I’m not even gonna go there. I don’t think I can go through another one of these failures.

    3. Close the kitchen. Meaning, clean kitchen, make super easy dinner, clean up after super easy dinner, and then close pantry door and turn of kitchen light and make that the last time I need to enter the kitchen for the night.

    4. When making said super-easy dinner, do not snack on ingredients. Unless they’re vegetables. But either way, they will taste better after cooking them. So DON’T SNACK.

    5. Don’t lie around and watch tv for hours after dinner. That’s the time I start thinking things like “hey, a bowl of cereal would be really great right now…”

    Just don’t do it. Go to bed or knit a tea cozy or something. Anything but tv and binging.

    There. First guilty reflection following first binging relapse? Check. We’re off to a bumpy start.



    Wow I’ve just written a post here twice and it has disappeared both times – quite annoying! I just wanted to say that I hope you are OK not feeling too ‘guilty’ after your relapse. I don’t think it is so big a deal because it can be very hard to adapt to different situations, for example to get your ‘new’ eating habits going in an old space. I was visiting home this week-end and so have found the same thing. I was thinking of designing myself an eating time-table so then I would know what times I am supposed to eat, like if after dinner I am allowed a snack or am I supposed to wait until breakfast etc. Anyway I also really relate to the reasons you presented in your last post. I hate messing up cooking, it makes me feel like such a failure!! One thing though is that I think if you followed step 1 and had a clean kitchen, it would then be easier for you to tackle cooking projects maybe. There’s nothing like a dirty kitchen to make you feel that everything is going wrong. I’m not sure who or what you were cooking for, but maybe you could experiment when there is less immediate pressure for it to go right (if you were cooking dinner for your family for example). So, you could try baking something for your family one morning (without telling them) or cooking yourself lunch. Well, in all I don’t think you should consider this too much of a set-back. From the rest of your journal, it sounds like you have been doing just great. So you just need to get back on the right path today and tomorrow and it’ll be fine. I hope you have a great day snarfblat! I hope this post actually posts as well. Update with how it’s going later on!



    The blips are part of getting back on the road to healthy and normal!

    a) its fantastic you are identifying your triggers and

    b) You’re going to screw up- no ones perfect! But the main thing is, you’re trying, and hopefully the binges get lesser and further apart. Don’t give up, you have a second chance from this second- the past is behind you, every decision you make from NOW is yours to make! :)

    Hang in there :)



    Thank you, guys, for the support. It’s really helpful. TRYING not to feel guilty. You learn from your mistakes, right?

    TRYING not to think about the crazy amounts of carbs I no doubt consumed.

    I can start to make up for it today. I just downloaded Florence and the Machine’s new album, so that’s an hour of music that will keep me occupied while I do the elliptical. I will hopefully not get bored and can maybe start to work away at any damage I did.

    Resisting the urge to restrict my diet today. That will only lead to another binge. And I hate restricting and it won’t help me feel any less guilty. Hopefully, working out will make me feel like maybe it’s not so bad.

    Instead of weighing four days from now, like I planned, I’m just going to put in a whole week of effort before I weigh. There’s no sense in panicking and getting discouraged by bad news. It’ll do more harm than good.

    Ok. I’m glad this happened, really. The sooner this stuff happens, the sooner I can really address the problem and start to fix myself.

    THank you, everyone! Support means so much! :)



    Another thing about relapses is that it can help you see how much better life is without binging. It’s awesome that you’re picking yourself right up again and learning from it. That makes me super happy for you!!!! Keep resisting the urge to restrict. You’re going to be just fine :)



    Yesterday definitely went better:)


    oatmeal (4)

    1/2 banana (1)

    flaxseed, 1 tbl. (1)


    1/4 c. brown rice (1)

    chicken, 1/2 c. (3)

    garbanzo beans, 1/4 c. (4)

    oil/sauce (2)


    Subway veggie delite (6)

    1/2 graham cracker (1)

    WW latte bar (2)

    hot chocolate – the full fat, full sugar kind!:) (4)

    For a total of 29. I meant to eat more than that, but I decided not to eat just for the sake of eating more.

    Today, my mom and sister and I went to a sandwich shop and I got some potato soup that tasted like it had A LOT of heavy cream and stuff in it, but I only had time to eat 1/2 of the bowl, and my sis and I split a piece of lemon meringue pie.

    I feel ok about it. I think this is part of me just chilling out and getting out of the mindset that I’m on a permanent diet. And I don’t think I overdid it, either. It seems to work to have really good, rich stuff, and just split it with someone.

    Eating this way, I think, will cause me to take longer to lose weight, but what I do lose will have more of a chance of staying off. I’m just trying not to worry about it. I feel alright (but could be better) at the weight I am right now. So that’s an alright place to be.





    oatmeal (4)

    1/2 banana (1)

    flaxseed, 1 tbl. (1)


    1/2 piece lemon meringue pie (about 10)

    1/2 bowl potato soup (about 8)


    strawberries, 1 c. (1)


    chicken (3)

    black beans (2)

    swiss chard and kale (0)

    olive oil (2)

    avocado, 1/3 c. (2)


    latte bar (2)

    graham cracker (2)

    whipped cream (1)

    Total: 38.

    Not bad.

    I didn’t binge, and I allowed myself to have indulgences. I’ll just factor in the extra points and make the week work.

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