How To Stop Binge Eating

Tips to stop overeating, stop emotional eating, stop eating fast food, stop eating junk food

i need help

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    Hi, I am 19 years old. I have been struggling with binge eating disorder for 3 years. My severe binge eating started when my younger sister developed OCD, dropped out of school, and never left the house. She completely broke down – doctors and medication didn’t work – and my parents stayed at home with her. Her constant fits and breakdowns made my house an extremely uncomfortable place for me. I was very involved in school and extracurriculars so that I wouldn’t have to deal with the horrible family life at home. I received little to no attention for the first two years, and I continuously assured my parents that I was okay. I have always tried to please my parents and make their lives as easy as possible, so I refused to let my sister’s problems affect me, even though they were. For a while I wasn’t allowed to tell anyone about my situation at home, so I turned to food to comfort me. By the second year of my binge eating I would binge throughout the entire day, eat until I was sick, and never exercise. I would stay in bed and spend almost all my time at home. I gained 20 pounds and couldn’t fit into my prom dress. I spiraled downwards and developed depression.

    Even after seeing a therapist I am still binge eating. My freshman year at college, this past year, I was able to break from binge eating. I ate until I was full and resisted the urge to binge because I was always around other people. Also, being around other people led me to exercise more regularly, so I lost the weight. Now that I’m home for the summer, I have nothing to do, I feel alone, and the house is triggering me. I’m returning to my old habits and spiraling downward once again. I am so afraid that I will gain back the weight and fall back into the vicious cycle of eating, feeling bad about myself, and eating more. I know that the only way for it to change is if I take control, but when I am in the moment of a trigger to binge I lose all motivation to stop. I don’t want to create another problem for my parents so I keep the bingeing to myself and eat in private. I have gotten so many tips and advice for how to change but nothing is strong enough to break my unfortunate bond with food. I don’t know what to do anymore. It’s so frustrating to know how to eat normally and live normally and still not be able to do it on my own at home.

    Thank you so much for reading!

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