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i need healthy impulses

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    I have been struggling with the binge eating disorder that many of us share in common. I have been told that I have an impulsive personality because whenever I want to do something I do it and nothing will stop me. For example, binging.

    I am begging many people to offer suggestions on health impulses which I can act on besides binging/purging. Maybe something to do with my hands but many people recommend knitting and I cant just sit and relax im more on the go

    please help



    My first thought was “what are you passionate about?” What are your interest? One thing about food is that it is instant, readily available. Not good and easy to turn to. So you arte right about rechanneling that energy. Do you enjoy exercising, gardening, volunteer work. I could just go on and on.

    If I were in your shoes, I’d begin by exposing myself to everything possible and that way I would find something that sings to my heart.

    Wishing you a loving and sane day.




    thanks so much for responding for some reason i could not access this site sooner. and it is hard because after my disorder started i forgot all the things that i used to love to do. i do enjoy exercising but i can only do that a certain amount until it becomes addictive, i like to sing and do crafts but i dont know where to channel all of these energies since i am a college student it is somewhat difficult.



    I tend to be the same as you! I live to go for walks but with three small kids, it’s just not easy anymore. As for what else I like, I dont even know anymore. It’s sad really.



    I’ve just started to get my life back on track and my big issue was fat food and how easy you can get it.

    Now I’m cooking everything and finding I’m satisfied a lot faster as when you cook for yourself the food is healthier as you buy all the ingredients and you appreciate it more. That’s just me.

    I got on the internet at dinner time, find a recepie and make it. I’m a 25 year old guy who has every excuse in the world to go to the drive through instead, so no excuses for you I say!! :P



    I dont understand some of these comments, i need good impulses that please me but keep me from binging. if i go through a drive through i will for sure use symtoms to binge and purge, i need to find other stress relievers to let my impulses out.. PLEASE HELP



    Hi elizzy12345. I’m just like you and when I have an impulse to do something.. I HAVE to do it. When I have the thought to binge, it just stays in my brain and continues to haunt me down until I eat something.

    I have the same issue and I don’t really have a solution for myself yet, but I’ve been thinking…

    What if you try calling or texting someone you trust when you feel like binging. Maybe this will calm you down & your urge to binge will go away.

    (hm maybe I’ll try this out myself hehe)




    thanks for getting back to me and understanding what im going through. i do have alot of support systems which i can rely on and call when i have these urges yet it does not take it away, no matter what they say i will still continue with my binging actions… :/



    Hi elizzy,

    I understand where you are coming from, I also feel like I may have a compulsive/addictive personality. I’ve tried knitting but I like to move and sitting still just makes me want to eat lol! So that only worked for me in the winter when my energy is already lower. I don’t know if you’d be into it but have you considered trying yoga? Its hard to get yourself motivated to start but once you do you will realize that it is so good to not only clear your head of obsessive thoughts but also gets your blood moving and your body feeling good and I often find that after I do a bit of yoga I naturally feel more motivated to eat healthy. Plus is is great for strength and getting in shape. You don’t have to focus on that part of it thought it is just a perk. But it is a great activity to keep you focused and mindful and you are moving so you wont get bored sitting tying yarn into knots lol!

    A good resource if you are interested in trying it is, they have 20 min free downloads that are great and very informative. Even better is to look up their podcasts on iTunes and see the selection there. Hope it helps good luck!





    thanks so much! i checked out this website and i will def look more into it. I love the free stuff but i can even see myself purchasing some of the music which is only $2. also i found that knitting for me was successful hah cause i went from major anxiety to … knitting?…

    good luck i am till interested in findiing other outlets for these impulses

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