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    so, it all started 2 summers ago. i move from home, i lived alone and i had the fridge really close. after ten months and 7 kilos up i moved back home. now after a year and something i am almost the same…no weight loss, no solution for binging, a million of journals started and never finished. ohh and a little new one: depression. so, i hate it!

    i never found someone to talk about this. i am alone and depressed. i am always hungry! i hate it and i hate me for this.

    i need some advice. i want to find out more from you, the experienced ones.


    There’s hope

    You’ve come to the right place.

    This forum is absolutely brilliant. Have a read of everyone’s stories, tobebingefree has a great post, which is really inspirational and shows change can be made. Everyone is in the same boat and understands each other.

    Advice is flying around everywhere… the main one i’ve picked up on is NOT to diet. Tonight I had a kitkat chunky, all food is allowable. Eat what you want when you want (as long as it’s ‘controlled’ of course). That way no food is off limits and cravings are at bay.

    By fully enjoying a meal, you don’t feel like having something else. I have been binge-free now for 4 days… and I feel absolutely fantastic, it’s all down to the help of this forum. :)

    We can do this. Everyone else can have healthy relationships with food. So can we :D



    howdy :) thanks paula!

    ihateit, there are lots of good tips and advice being given out in all the journals, start reading – you will see a lot that is familiar. maybe start (yet another) journal on here so we can support you in your mission xxx



    Hi ihateit :)

    I feel like you too at the moment.

    Did you already tried to make a healthy supermarket list? Maybe buying daily the things you need may help you keeping away from fridge since there’s not too much to eat.



    Thanks for posts…i am really glad someone answered.

    Paula_341, you are right! i hope i can talk with people of “our own”. it is very hard alone. in every thing you do you should have support from someone…

    tobebingefree, hi. :) so you suggested to start a new journal?? i didnt understand that. i hope we can talk more:D

    vanessadias, thank you too. you see i can make all the healthy market lists in the world, but when i have to binge i binge on what i have in mind(mostly sweets:( ).

    my student life is very stressful… and maybe i am a bit sensible than others, but i think that my home situation counts also. so i kinda agree with the medical fact that binging(on everything) is a disorder that can be treated with medication, therapy and support from others.

    i would like to suggest ‘ONLINE GROUPS’. maybe if we will meet more online it could be helpful for most of us. i know for me will be. what do you say, tobebingefree??

    thank you all again. love and sun from europe:D



    hello! you can start a journal on here called “ihateit’s journal” – just like you started this thread. you will get a lot of support that way, and it will help you to have somewhere to let your feelings out. unfortunately i am struggling to find time to hang out online these days, but maybe you will find others to join your group. but i am not sure if it will give you much more than you will get from this forum..? xxx

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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