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    I have been suffering from Binge Eating Disorder since around the age of 8 or 9 from looking at photos. I was a plump child and my mum put me on my first diet at 14 and I think there lies the problem!. I have decided to blog about my daily struggles, triumphs and laughs along the way as I live with Binge Eating Disorder on my website so please have a look. Maybe just one person can relate to it and will feel not quite so isolated and ‘freakish’. :( :(



    I can relate. I am a binge eating mum too.

    I went to your blog and took the test. I scored 27. No surprises there!.

    My children are aged 12, 9 & 7. They never used to eat anything, now I cannot fill the eldest up and our baby wants to live on Junk food.

    Binge eaters worst nightmare. So hard, when placed in a situation like this, but I have to stick to my guns, and maybe one day reveal my bad habits to my husband and sons, so they might understand?. Not ready for that yet though. I’ll see if my plan to reduce my sugar intake helps.

    Good luck



    Hi BingeFreeForever,

    Thanks for your post about binge eating and for looking at my blog, really appreciate your honesty:) My eldest is 10 now and is a really fussy eater (like me), always wants to snack on sugary, carby foods between meals (like me), wants to continue eating after meals (like me), gets cross when prevented from eating/snacking (like me)… Do you see a pattern emerging? I am getting increasingly worried about what to do with him and wonder if early intervention can stop or limit the effect of Binge Eating Disorder as he grows up?

    I really would encourage to at least speak to hubby about the BED. I did a few years back and has really helped as he no longer acts as food police for me thinking I just can’t stick to diets as I am a PIG. He now understands that I have a mental disorder and treats me appropriately. I am not ready to reveal to my kids yet as they are too young, but I would be amazed if they hadn’t picked up on it like kids do with things you want to hide!

    Please re-visit my blog from time to time :) I have decided it’s not only a really good way for me to let off steam and voice all those truly mental thoughts and actions associated with Binge Eating Disorder but perhaps it might help those reading to feel they are not alone (and not the only crazy ones!). 8O

    Take it one day at a time x



    Hi again, and thank you.

    I will definately keep in touch here and reading your blog. A problem shared is a problem havled!??. I like the ability to share with you, and not facing any judgement :-), but true understanding.



    You are very welcome to vent any of your weirdest thoughts or eating practices to me as will surely have been there too over the last 30 years! Stay strong . . :-) :-)

    Binge Eating Mum

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