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How to lose the weight you have put on without going back in2 the cycle?

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    Need some advice, have put on 10 pounds from this stupid disorder.

    Need a way in which to lose the weight as i simply do not feel comfortable but dont want to get back into the binge restrict cycle?

    Any help would be so greatly appreciated xxx



    soph835, have you got your binging under control? if not then it’s a mistake to try to lose the weight now.. you will find when you have not binged for a while (for me it’s about 10 days) that you feel slimmer and trimmer anyway, without having dieted officially. you need to be very, very sure that you will not binge ever again, before you even *think* about dieting. and even then!



    No i havent got my binging under control at all really. but i am sick of putting weight on :(

    any tips?xx



    dieting and binging go hand in hand, you absolutely cannot diet while you still binge. absolutely not! trust me, i wasted an entire year thinking i could conquer binging while still continuing to diet. a year, soph! please learn from my mistake – sort out your binging FIRST, and then, much later, when you know your body and your mind and you are SURE you will never binge again, only then can you begin to think about physique goals.

    seriously now, let’s think about it. dieting causes binge urges – obviously – when we put ourselves in a caloric deficit, our bodies panic and demand food ===> binge! whenever you binge, you put on weight – also obvious. so…. stop binging, and you will drop the weight. remember that while you binge you load up on carbs and these account for a lot of excess water weight, that will fall away when you stop binging – that’s probably about 2-3 pounds right off the bat. your #1 goal right now is to stop binging. no dieting until you accomplish that.

    sorry if i am coming across as preachy! but i really don’t want you to go the same route i did! dieting now will just be a colossal waste of time. don’t do it!

    what you could do instead, is start to eat foods that don’t screw with your blood sugar so much. so choose things like lean proteins, good fats, green veg, starchy carbs etc. and stay away from refined carbs and sugars. i started eating this way around the same time i learned the mental trick to say no to the binge urges, and it helped me a lot. do whatever it takes not to put yourself in the path of a binge urge! i.e. eat to keep your blood sugar stable, and eat enough that you don’t get hungry.

    you know it makes sense, soph xxx



    thank you so much for your reply, you talk total sense it’s just very hard to not diet when you know you’re putting on weight :(

    The last week i have binged a lot less than usual and have allowed myself to eat what i want without binging but i still am not losing any weight. I am exercising 3 times a week so i really dont get it?

    My main binge trigger is cereal and i often find it difficult for alternatives for breakfast, do you have any tips?

    I could literally ask you a million questions about this, thank you so much for taking the time to reply to me you don’t realise how much it helps xxxxxxxxxxxx



    i know it’s hard, i really do! i tried it for a very long time. it just doesn’t work.

    when you leave your body alone and stop dieting, it will ask for food in line with your physical activity etc. you’re probably maintaining right now. which is good! but don’t stress if the binge weight doesn’t magically fall away immediately – mine often took up to 10 days. even if the scale didn’t budge, i at least FELT slimmer after 10 days anyway. it depends on the scale of your binges i guess. mine were pretty huge, like 8000+ calories 2-3 days running. haha. wow, that’s pretty disgusting lol…

    ok so for breakfast, i can tell you what i eat, maybe it will help. i currently eat meat & nuts, so for example today i had 100g chicken + 100g turkey + 6 brazil nuts. what that does is set up my neurotransmitters for the day, the protein allows for a slow and steady rise in blood sugar, and the fat keeps my blood sugar stable.

    if that’s too much, any protein + fat will do, so think things like salmon, eggs, nuts, avos, tuna, full fat yoghurt… but you must eat to satiety. and you must avoid your cereals and other high gi carbs. you can maybe have spinach or other green veg if you want some plants :) salmon and spinach omelette? mmmm!

    feel free to ask me questions! just remember that i am not a professional, so i can only tell you what is working for me, and what i have been told by my PT. but yep, fire away, i want to help if i can xxx

    edit: what kind of exercise are you doing, by the way?

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