How To Stop Binge Eating

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How I will overcome binging

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    To go one month without binging (hopefully more….)

    Limit my obsession with food, weight, and control over meals

    How I will do this:

    Only eat trigger foods (peanut butter, hummus, chocolate…) when I feel safe (not at night)

    Not eating after dinner and small desert

    Listen to that voice that I ALWAYS hear right before a binge

    Stop counting calories

    Being honest to myself and therapist in regards to my feelings

    Checking in on here at the end of everyday

    Focus on intuitive eating

    Not emotionally eat

    Hopeful outcomes:


    More social with my friends

    Less snappy and emotionally unstable

    Hopefully my days wont revolve around my obsession with food, weight and looks

    Now the real question is what happens if i do binge? I don’t know how to get back on track. I can say on here that a goal I have is not restricting the next day but I’ve never been able to NOT do that. This is where i need help



    I thought of another hopeful outcome today. I got off my planned schedual to just hop into cvs and grab something and i got side tracked and ended up browsing the food isle. I didn’t buy anything (i never do) but i was checking everything out, reading the nutrition facts, wishing i could eat them. its like a part of me takes over and feels obligated to do it.

    anyway. my hope is that i can get every day tasks done ON TIME without food distracting me. i long for the day where i dont spend an hour and a half doing grocery shopping



    I did something today that I’ve been planning to do for a while and finially did.

    …NO it wasn’t a binge. As a matter of fact I’m pretty happy with myself for the change i made :) For months I’ve had the same breakfast every single morning. Today I woke up and decided I was going to switch it up. So I did. I replaced my usual boring oatmeal with a super delicious (highly recomended) apple crumble vitatop, and a greek yogurt with blueberries and almonds. And WOW did it taste good!!!

    As I was preparing the breakfast I could feel myself getting a little anxious – my hands were getting tingly and my heart was somewhat racing- because I hadn’t calculated the calories in it. Not knowing the calories in my breakfast somewhat kept me from injoying it because I was too worried that I was eating too much. Gah it’s frustrating. It was hard to change up my usual routine but if temporary anxiety comes along with the small changes that could change my life and keep me from being held down from my ED then I’m willing to be a little anxious for a little while.

    i’m more hungry for change than i will ever be for any binge food



    “I’m more hungry for change than I will ever be for any binge food!” Hungrygirl1 I love this statement. I’d be willing to bet each binge eater gets very little satisfaction from the food we slam dunk during an episode. If that is the case, what are we getting out of it??? It’s like an opportunity to pursecute ourselves on so many different levels. You can’t be happy, lets binge eat, you’ll feel rotten, fat, failure,and hopeless. Yeah…good job now get back into your miserable hole.

    Gosh, where did that all come from?

    You get applauds for changing up your breakfast and eating what you want rather what you SHOULD have. I think you come away far more satisfied and get away from the forbidden food attitude.

    Sorry to ramble here. You have my support and wishes for a sane day.



    The whole “no calorie counting” thing is extremely hard. It’s going to be something that I seriously will struggle with letting go.

    On the bright side if i (NO I WILL) get through today then I will be binge free for a week! Gotta keep my head up



    A week..awesome. I think all that self talk, letting go of the calorie counting is pretty foreign to you and a process that you will find more comfortable with as the days pass. One of my mottos has always been..”feel the fear and do it anyway!!”

    We didn’t get to this binge eating overnight so lets be patient with our recovery.

    So proud of you! Wishing you loving and sane days.



    Binged yesterday but forgiving myself today. I will not restrict. It’s a new day



    The point of that post way to remind myself that it’s important to do the next best thing and that’s forgiving myself for yesterday and that the next day is a new day.

    This is my proof that I can get over a bad day



    That’s it hungrygirl..if you slip up and binge..just get right back up and start fresh. You’re doing really well.



    great attitude hg, no need to worry about what just happened. pick yourself up and keep pushing forward. how’s the no calorie counting going? xxx

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