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How does a binger lose weight?

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    Hi guys. I feel I am doing very well on the binge front, it has been 5 days since my last binge and feel pretty good. But I still feel like I am over weight and I don’t know how to go about losing it, I only have a few pounds to lose but it was dieting that caused my binging in the 1st place, so how am I ever going to lose weight without dieting and if I diet it is going to make me binge, either way = me unhappy. Any ideas??



    Hi Jacko!

    Firstly, congratulations on going 5 days binge free, that’s amazing!

    I guess this is very different for different people – I know I’m probably not the best person to give advice because even after a year of binging, I’ve always been 8 stone. Being binge free for the past 12 or so days (lost count) has lead to me dropping 2 pounds, which I did not want! But I must generally have a high metabolism, and I run too. And these binge free days have by no means been healthy or eating low calorie foods, just without excessive eating. So like I said, perhaps my advice won’t be great, but here goes anyway!

    Firstly, concentrating on truly getting rid of the binge before losing weight, I feel is very important, which may take a little while to completely rid yourself of urges! Remember that your actual health (i.e. eating well) comes first, over weight loss :) Weight loss can lead us back into a vicious binge cycle, as you mentioned a diet can above. Body image is something that people recovering from binges should try to forget about – just enjoy the feeling of being healthy and happy that comes with recovery and lack of binges :)

    But I would say that the only way to lose weight is exercise (sounds obvious, I know!) Eat normal portions and don’t diet, but just gradually increase your exercise a little. This will probably result in a very gradual change, but try not to be impatient. These things take time, and like I said, getting over the binges is the most important thing right now :) But not only can exercise help you lose weight, but for me it’s a good way to de-stress and fight urges to binge :)

    Good luck, I hope that this advice may be of some help to you :)



    hi jacko, this is such a common issue with bingers and ex-bingers! in fact it is the main reason that people keep on binging, because their desire to lose weight is greater than their desire to stop binging – or they believe (erroneously, i feel) that they can do both at the same time.

    i don’t know how many times i thought i was “cured” and gave myself the green light to diet again – like a moth to a flame! this is because for a long time, i didn’t really understand why my binges were occuring, and how to say no to the urges. now that i have that understanding, i am very reluctant to diet because i know what kind of danger this puts me in. like you i am close to my goal physique, and i am still working on it! however i am not dieting, i.e. i am not restricting my intake or counting calories. rather, i am working on body recomposition – fat loss and lean mass gain at the same time. this method takes longer and doesn’t really affect my *weight*, however i am getting leaner and i still get to eat to satiety. to that end, i have also changed my exercise a lot. i don’t do lots of cardio any more as it only makes me hungry and more likely to binge. rather, i focus on weight training and high intensity interval training.

    all that said, the FIRST thing i had to do, was to stop dieting.



    I agree completely with the above answer. This is what i had to learn as well is NOT to diet. This is very hard for me because i do want to lose weight and i believe if you eat pizza instead of a salad you will gain weight, but after a salad I’m not satisfied so i eat more or go to bed hungry and the next day im starving so i binge. If i eat the pizza though then i feel like i had too many calories and will get fat. I do restrict calories because it makes me keep on track when im eating. If i eat more than 500 calories in one meal time i know i should stop because smaller meals make you lose weight. Its easy to tell you eat small meals through out the day, eat slow, enjoy what you eat, be social while eating to make the experience more enjoyable and its not WHAT you eat its HOW MUCH you eat. This is very hard to do i try to do this but once i start eating its hard to stop since im used to soothing myself with food so im not just going to have one cookie. I just started writing today on this site and im looking forward for all of us to work together for support and get better to live a happy life



    Might I add my voice to the ‘stop dieting’ advice above. Diets are the enemy of weight loss and will only make you crave food. I have been following Paul McKenna’s system which is working for me and I feel great. Eat only when you are hungry and stop when you’re full. It takes practise and is not a guarantee as it still takes work, but after a few days you will find your cravings decreasing in number and have lots more energy. You don’t have to exercise to lose weight but it will help with tone which will give you a leaner shape. I have been following this advice for 2 weeks now and have lost 6lbs. His book, ‘I can make you thin’ is great, it sounds sensationalist but it isn’t, just good, solid advice.

    Please resist from counting calories and constantly weighing yourself, this will only make you feel bad about yourself.

    Good luck :)



    Thanks everybody. I do exercise most days but I have found that my head keeps saying to me ‘you will not lose weight if you don’t diet’ I have been on a diet on and off for years, its the diet binge cycle. It’s so hard to break because it’s just part of me, I weight myself every day and I am obsessed with food and weight loss, I feel out of control when I binge but I feel bad about myself when I do not diet. I will try hard to break this cycle!!



    excellent attitude jacko! you can do it!! xxx



    Thank you tobebingefree, I actually feel like I can, everyone has been great on here xxx



    I’m a overweight binger too.I’m also trying to lose weight but it’s hard.I’m trying to eat healthier and get some exercise in.

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