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How do you feel physically after a binge?

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    I have been binging for about a year now….I am good for a week or two and then it starts again for 2-4 days, then I get back on track, the cycle continues…..just wanted to know because I am wondering if anyone else feels the same: how do you feel physically after a binge? My stomach feels stretched and it hurts to touch it or even bend down, especially the day after a binge….this lasts for a few days. Does this happen to anyone else?

    I was just put on Zoloft for anxiety/depression….it seems to be working already but I really don’t know what happened the past 3 days with my eating….I think it’s because I just came home for the holidays, usually that’s when it is triggered……I hope this can pass soon….



    yeah. it does. the physical aspects i deal with sound like that. i also get super gassy (i know, ew) and irritable. and of course, sad haha



    i get very bloated. and i may get 1-2 hiccups feeling the vomit actually come up my throat slightly (although i never threw up). and i definitely feel it if i bend down or smth. i feel extremely full, scared that things are going to rip up inside me. i feel depressed and the next day i probably stay locked up inside, feeling depressed. i loathe myself, i promise myself this is the last time. and yet i do it again.



    same. there are times where i literally feel like my stomach will burst. it’s so stupid



    I feel gross. Sick to my stoamche-nausious. A lot of pressure, too much food pushing against my insides. I also feel heavier and fatter, so bloated and like I’ve literally gained about foud pounds in a binge (even though it wouldn’t be four). I also hate myself, and feel even more depressed. The emotional pain seems almost physical. Alright. There’s mine. Good idea for a post, by the way.



    I usually make myself throw up and am relieved. Which is even worse.



    My GI tract is all messed up for a couple days after – lots comes out. Sometimes hot and sweaty, fast heart rate.



    After a binge this is how I feel (last time couple of days ago?) My lower tummy hurts like hell, i feel panicky, i sometimes feel like food will spill up out of my throat, it can come up sickly a bit(but I can never ever make myself properly vomit for some relief). Very very very thirsty afterward, often throughout the night. Cannot sleep for at least a few hours afterward because of the pain. Breathing is shorter and shallow as if my lungs are crushed. It is hard to remember exactly when not in the very state. I may write it down next time.

    Yes, there’s the from sitting position to standing- i’m underweight and yet after a binge it feels as though my entire insides have to reposition themselves in this movement following a binge- almost like unfold themselves. I have to hold my breath and brace myself to stand it.

    I wail in desperation. I feel upset and angry with others. I curl up and want to do very little, but can’t sleep….

    I feel like a spoilt brat who has damaged herself out of boredom and misdirected energy, and also a doormat taking too much burden in relationships etc, and having too much pressure academicly having not said no to teachers when i need to think about me before my career, and repeating this pattern now in my higher career.

    Writing this has made clearer the thinking of me part. I know very well that this is an issue- this just confirms it all the more. A hard pattern to break. But I am strong.


    desert dude

    apart from feeling stupid and full of s**t, I feel something like Straight said, plus my blood pressure goes up a few notches too



    i feel tired. sometimes thats part of the reason i binge – coz i don’t sleep properly wen i’m on my starvation phase, and after a week or so i give up and stuff my face, and that makes me tired and i get a good night’s sleep.



    i sweat a lot in my sleep if i have bainged. My sheets will be wet through and smell the morning after. I hate it and wash them right away. I have headaches some days now i binged, and wander if it’s connected to the binging (never used to have them so much)



    I feel guilty. I feel that the day has been ruined, and I can’t sleep from all that sugar.

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