How To Stop Binge Eating

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How do I stop?

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    I’ve been an overeater for about 9 months, I’ve gained 45 pounds and feel awful with myself… thus I keep eating. This overfull feeling is sickening, if feels as if I can’t stand up sometimes. I used to be a healthnut but then an injury that kicked back up prevented me from running/bicycling and more. I’d lost weight due to this injury but now I turned it all around, went from 95 unhealthy pounds to 140 unhealthy pounds for my height. I want to turn this around before I take it too far.

    I used to do Pilates but somewhere along the line stopped. I’ve just started and feels better some days, but why can’t I stop eating? It’s not comforting, it’s not better for me in any way… so why do I do it?

    I don’t know how to stop and I really want to. Now i found this forum and hope to get/give help. How do I stop eating? Because it’s like I can’t convince myself not to.

    In 19 days I’m moving away from the country for eight months and by then, I want to start over as myself, not this person that I’ve become.

    For the past 9 months, I’ve been saying “tomorrow” and “when I’m done with this” and likewise. I’m saying now this time. It must be now. By Christmas, I want to be able to walk out and feel as if I’m on the right path.



    I love your attitude :)

    Try not to think in black-and-white, all or nothing type of mindset. If you mess up, fine. Don’t kill yourself. Award yourself for small changes and don’t “start over” on your road of recovery. You are always moving forward in small ways :)

    p.s. heard of mindful eating? this is the type of eating in which you only eat when your stomach is hungry, not your heart, and you finish when you are satisfied, not full. Look it up, it takes some practice, but it works!



    Thank you so muck for replying, and for the tips – it sounds great! :)

    I’m gonna do this. I’ve always been a stubborn person and it’s time that I find that version of me again!

    I thought that I was going to keep a small journal here, so, here we go:

    Saturday, October 01, 2011:

    Breakfast, 5:18 AM: A tortilla with falafel and vegtables. And a glass of water.

    Next meal: Around 8:00-8:30 AM. ;)



    Snack, 8:03 AM: 1 cup of peas and Tai Sweet Chili Sauce

    It might sound like a gross thing to eat, but it’s delicious, low on calorie and makes you drink more water.

    I’ve started a journal at Everydayhealth, I thought that if I have it in front of me, it might be easier to control. It seems like a good site. :)



    I so want to eat right now, I’m full and since I started eating on a schedule today, I’m not supposed to eat until 2:30 PM, I ate a steady lunch but still, I can’t stop thinking about food.

    But, instead of eating, I’m writing here, and maybe I can do a little more Pilates. I’m going to win this!



    hello helpmedothis :) i just had a quick look at your posts and alarm bells are ringing!!! i also used to eat on a schedule, i did it for a VERY long time and i think it’s a big reason why i have taken so long to get past the binging. when i only allowed myself to eat at certain times, and planned all my meals and calories obsessively, all it served to do was make me think about food ALL THE TIME. whenever i tried to put rules and restrictions on my eating, it only made things worse. if you have only just started doing this, my advice would be STOP. don’t do this. there are ways to work through binging that don’t involve this level of planning and obsession. it’s not sustainable in the long term and it only encourages that rebellious side of you that wants to do what it isn’t allowed to do.

    i think you have a great attitude by the way :) i am just worried that you are setting off on the wrong foot. i’m sure you know enough about calories and nutrition in order to make good choices when you are really hungry. you need to trust yourself xxx

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