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Holiday Binge Anxiety

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    I am in recovery from anorexia. Ever since I got out of treatment I have been in a constant binge cycle. I do not know how to stop it. I have had so much anxiety over this holiday season. My way of relieving anxiety is to binge. This is such an unhealthy solution that I cannot seem to break.

    Does anyone have any useful tips on how to lower the anxiety of this holiday season? There are so many binge foods around this time, does anyone have any methods on how to keep away from them? I do not even taste or enjoy them I just shove them in my mouth. Does anyone have any good tactile ways of relieving anxiety?


    xox liz.



    Hi Liz, it’s a really hard time for us all I think… I am struggling with BED, so I am no expert, but I do understand because I use to be anorexic myself. For me personally, trying to avoid “naughty” foods, and even labeling them as “off-limits” causes a lot of anxiety for me. So I try to just listen to myself to work out what I really want, and if something looks good I have a little bit. Lots of little tastes of different foods can be really satisfying to your palate, without making you feel over-full or like you’ve over-eaten. Don’t feel like you have to eat everything that’s served up to you either. E.g. if someone serves you a big slab of cake, don’t feel bad for just eating a third of however much satisfies you. Be a food snob I say, eat what you really want, not too much, and make sure it’s real food.



    Wow! I really appreciate your help during this anxious time! This was much help and I hope i Can remember all of this during my Christmas Eve and Christmas dinner. My uncle makes a 9 course meal which is so hard to sit through (no joke almost 3 hours!!) And i usually do not know what i enjoy and crave which leads to having a little of everything. But sometimes that turns into a binge. I try not to label foods as good and bad because I know that leads to bad but while these sweets are around I tend to eat less fruits and vegetables which I know is so bad.

    When my brother and sister come home on Friday I will get very anxious and will need to keep myself busy without using food as a solution! Do you have any good advice on having tactile hobbies to keep my hands busy (typing, cooking..) I think you understand and get me very well.

    Pinkdancer, thanks so much for your advice once again I don’t think you know how much i appreciate your response.



    i cann not stay away from the sweet i dont know how to ween myself off of all the sugar i have been eating and it is not sitting well in my stomach. I eat sugar raw. I eat raw cofeeemate. Does anyone have any ANY ways on how to ween myself off of this sugar rush.. I think i eat this kind of food because i want to crash and fall asleep and be lazy and it relaxes my anxiety

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