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    Hi everyone, I’m K and only recently realised I have a problem with food.

    I have always been overweight and emotionally ate. When I was younger my mum resticted the amount of ‘goodies’ i was allowed, but when she went out I would eat as much as I could. Aged 11 I started stealing sweets and chocolate from the local shop, and from the age of 16 when I got my first job I spent nearly all my wages every month on sweets/chocolates. I then went to Uni and had nobody every witnessing what I ate, so I ate anything and everything. I’m now 23, married with 3 children and recently hit rock bottom. I lost 7 stone by doing weight watchers and felt fab, but slowly a few ‘in the closet’ issues started rearing their head, the kids started being very naughty and I delt with these things by eating. If I fancied a chocolate I no longer brought one bar, i brought 2 large bags and scoffed the lot. One bag of crisps isn’t enough, I have about 5 packets. I’ve since put on nearly 3 stone and am on anti depressants for the first time ever. The tablets have helped me think straight, and only now, in the past half an hour have i realised I am a serious binge eater. Hence finding this forum.

    Today I though enough is enough, i will re-start weight watchers. I had 2 weetabix and milk for breakfast followed by a pint of water. By 10am I was craving food and lost the plot. I went on to eat: half a pack of cheese biscuits, 6 packets of crisps, 2 white magnums and a large bag of sweets. When i eat, im thinking of what to eat next!! I know I have motivation somewhere as I previously lost weight, however I cannot seem to stop eating and need to find the motivation again.

    Has anyone got any tips? As i said ive only just realised i am a binge eater so its all very new to me. Many thanks, K xx



    Hi there! Sorry to hear about your situation. this forum is awesome though and it definitely helps posting here! I can relate to your story, I also used to binge often on sweets. The important thing is to not restrict too much on food cause then u will crave the “bad” food later and binge on it like u mentioned. So dont eat too little now and think that it is manageable. We just need to eat normally and eat what we want in moderation so we wont want to binge. It also seems like u are thinking too much about food, like when u binge u already think of what to eat next and when. Try to distract yourself and your thoughts the moment you think of bingeing. Its not necessarily motivation that u need, but just to not stress so much about weight gain cause that can make u binge out of panic. So just try to do something that u love or makes u relaxed when u feel like bingeing. Also, ask urself why u want to eat now, if the answer is not hunger but something like “im sad” or stressed, then tell urself that eating wont make it go away and try to deal with the feelings right away instead of channeling it into food.

    Hope that helps! Have a good night!

    Nadine :)



    hi K! I can really relate to what you are experiencing. I had a similar problem with sweets when I was younger. When I wanted more than was allowed, I would steal it or lie about it if I had to. (Which is strange because I never stole or lied about anything else as a child) I would always be thinking about what I could get next (candy). My mom still laughs about that. It’s interesting to think about that now…

    I wish that I had good advice for you, but I am still very lost in all this. What I can say is that you have definitely come to the right place and there are so many people here willing to listen and help you. Good luck and let us know how you’re doing :)

    <3 Lorelai



    Hey K…welcome to the forum. Definitely a big step in the right direction to even realize that you have BED. But no worries, with all the love and support you’ll find here, we’ll help lead you to a normal relationship with food. I would say the biggest thing is getting out of diet mode. I know you probably really want to lose those stones that you gained from binges, but the diets like Weight Watchers that leave of obsessively dieting and being restrictive are unfortunately what drive us back into the binges. Learning to eat intuitively will help you slowly lose the weight and keep it off for the long-run. hope you stay around! ~Lauren



    Hi K, welcome :) I’m also new here and know exactly what you’re going through.

    I think my toughest obstacle right now is trying to get my head out of ‘weight loss’ mode. Right now I’m trying to focus just purely on beating this eating disorder, and taking my life back, rather than losing weight. It seems that the reason we binge is from labeling certain foods as ‘bad’ or really restricting calories. I think the best thing for you might be to get off Weight Watchers and try just listening to your body and eating when you’re hungry! That’s just my two cents though.

    I know you can beat this, this forum seems very welcoming and supportive and I think it’s exactly what we both need!

    Good luck!

    xx Liv

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