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HELP! I feel like I'm so out of control…

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    I don’t even know where to start…

    I’m female/18

    I’ve been dieting off and on for about 7 months and lost a bit of weight, but the last month has been really difficult, as I starting severely restricting after a plateau that lasted 3 weeks (even though I increased exercise). I keep track of everything I eat, and I have to write down the calories immediately after eating otherwise I get anxious. The diet never used to give anxiety, but lately everything is making me feel more crazed, not in control. And the more I freak out the more I binge… and the more I freak out.

    I am used to and comfortable with moderate hunger (fasting for 3+ days), and I never binged like this before. So it’s not like I confuse hunger with emotions most of time… I am usually happy feeling hungry.

    The worst thing is I started making myself sick after a few meals, and a then a week later it was such a habit I ended up tossing my food even though I didn’t want to, so I’ve tried really not hard to do that (mostly because I’m not keen on the swollen face/belly, yucky teeth, etc). It’s just when I eat a lot, it’s so easy to throw it up. :I

    kldlkjdfg There’s so much more to say, but. UGH

    The bottom line is I am absolutely crazed everyday, now. I feel hungry all of the time, but not in a “good” way (like hunger that you can acknowledge and ignore) and I can’t control myself. I’m gaining back all of the weight I’ve lost.

    I just don’t know how to break this cycle.

    I am possessed by food, either by not eating or eating EVERYTHING.

    I’ve tried to just eat maintenance calories for awhile but eating a moderate amount leads to a binge… :C

    I know eating too little can lead to this, but now I can’t even land in the middle.

    It’s to the point of all or nothing. If I eat 300cals in a day, I feel so guilty about it I end up binging anyway. And if I eat 1,400cals in a day I feel even more guilty and binge still.

    Help me!



    First of all, I hope you mean if you eat 300 calories over. Even dieting, you should have at least 1200. Anything under is starving, and will lead to binge. There is no way yet you can keep food off your mind. It will be in your head as long as your dieting or binging. Make sure you eat full meals, full of nutrition. Try to see nutritious food like fruit, veggies, meat, as a benefit to your body to make you grow and become stronger. Keep in mind, nobody starves, everyone eats usually 2000 calories, or do not even count if they are not on a diet. It helps me to remember, one bad food won’t make me gain. I work out too, which helps the guilt when I eat. Remember to loose weight is to be healthy, not stick skinny. I want to be model figure sized, but I remember I want to just stop binging and be normal. Forget the stupid diet stuff for now lol.



    Yeah… This is difficult for me. I know all of these things about health and being realistic with “weight loss”, but for awhile I’ve been using my food restriction as a form of punishing myself. I’ve been diagnosed with a few mental issues (PTSD, borderline personality, anxiety, OCD, depression) but I’m not able to see a psychiatrist atm. D:

    I just can’t stand this struggle. I really can’t eat like “normal” people though (I have digestion problems, food allergies, nausea – I detest most foods, which is why these overwhelming urges to eat are so frustrating).

    Is there a way to ease these binging desires mentally? :c idk

    Also, I weigh myself at least twice a day. =__= I know it’s not logical, but I hate how I “gain” weight after I eat or drink, and I’m somewhat obsessed with making sure my bowels are always clear.

    Like today, after I ate, the scale said I gained 2 lbs. It was horrifying…

    and after I cried and scolded myself I just ate MORE in a frenzy. So disgusting. :C



    Im exactly the same with the weighing except I couldn’t count the amount of times I weigh myself each day , hoping that the number has gone down even by the slightest :/ I eat every other day which I thought would help me cope with the problems but it just became a different did functional eating cycle

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