How To Stop Binge Eating

Tips to stop overeating, stop emotional eating, stop eating fast food, stop eating junk food


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    sorry for my bad English. I’m not a native english speaker. I’m dutch. :-) I hope you can understand it.


    I admit I have a problem. I’m already so far. But it feels hopeless for me. I’m only 17 years old and I already struggle with bing eating for 4 years now. Only my close family knows about it, I’ve never told any friend about it, because I feel so ashamed of it and they will probably not understand it.

    It controls my life. It’s horrible because last summer it went so good all. I felt good, I lost 7 kilos and i was so happy. In 4 year I could get over it for 4 months! It was an amazing time. But since 2 months i went all wrong again. The day after I binged I feel horrible and it’s so diffucult not to bing again the next day. I subscribed here because i don’t know it anymore. I want to get out of it. Everyday I try again but it’s hopeless. The main cause of it is probably that I’m not happy with my life. I get high notes in school (the highest) but its because i do too much for it. I can’t stop studying.I sounds really stupid. It’s not because i’m a nerd but its because i want to get control over it as much i want to control my eating. The high notes are just the results but I don’t give about it. It much deeper and different than performance anxiety (I’ve no fear for the tests) I already try to get over it with help from a kind of spychiatrist but it’s still so difficult for me. The different between my bing eating and the cause is that i can control my schoolwork with stydng too much but I can’t control my eating at all. It’s a kind of a result of feeling horrible and of wanting to control my schoolwork (to spend a lot of time in it) Many schoolmates ‘ll not understand me because they look in a different way to school. I’m social and I always have a smile on my face but from the inside i feel horrible. My friends are nice friends (I’ve many friends) but to no of them i can tell my real feelings.

    I want to get out of this! I know that i can do it (like i experienced last summer), but to start it all again and to lose again all the kilos I plumped up; I know it’s a long way.

    So i would like to get in touch with people with the same eating problem, to help me out of it.

    Many Greeting,


    Ps: sorry for my bad English. I’m not a native english speaker. :-) I hope you can understand it.



    Your English is fine! Welcome!! So what you did last summer, was it just you dieting really well? I can so relate to the school thing…I was such a perfectionist in school that I literally studied ALL THE TIME and had no friends because of it for a while…..I would beat myself up for 97s and 98s because I was only happy with a 100. Insane when I think back to it! Life is SO much more than perfect grades! Its sounds like you are battling perfection, like most of us, and there is no better time to fight your way out of that! So each day when you try to start new, are you trying to eat perfectly? ~Lauren



    Hi Lauren, thanks for your reaction :)

    It’s exactly where your talking about. I’m studying all the time and because of that I say no to many social things with my friends. I’m trying to say often yes to invitings and not to be busy with school. I’m also happy with a 60s but I’m to insecure about my skills to get a 60s. So I learn as hard as possible to be sure of a 60s and actually always I get a 80s or higher. But I have to let it go. I’m really such a perfectionist in school like you. Are you still such a perfectionist in your work? Or how did you get over it?

    You asked me of each day I try to start new, or i’m trying to eating perfectly. Yes that’s true, because I really want to loose the weight I gained. So it all have to be perfect (yesyes, the perfectionist ;) ) Probably not the best way….. Do you know how I can start? :)

    I saw that you response to almost everyone, my compliments for that.:) I haven’t red your story yet. I saw it’s a long one:). But now i can’t find your profile/story anymore. Where can I find it ?

    Hugs K

    ps: today I will start :) It went wrong yesterday again…. I felt depressive…

    I have to remember where i’m doing it for: A better life. So this will become (27-12-2010) the first day of a happier life :-)

    I will try to post everyday here. To get my feelings out of my head on a paper (well… actually a computer screen :wink:)



    K, you’re english sounds awesome to me! I agree with everything Lauren said. I also was a HUGE perfectionist back in high school, and my first year university when I couldn’t keep those flawless grades it KILLED me!

    I think we just need to accept that no one’s perfect and do our best to love ourselves just the way we are!

    You’ve definitely taken the right step in joining this forum – such a supportive place to put this stupid binge eating disorder behind us.

    Keep journalling :)

    xx olivia



    Yes perfectionism is really have to work to let go of it at least to some degree. Sure I still want to do a good job in my work and have my co-workers/patients like me…but I do make mistakes sometimes and I don’t beat myself up near to the degree that I used to. I’m a work in progress still :) Look I know you want to lose weight but TRYING to eat perfectly and start fresh every day is seriously just going to keep you trapped in the bingeing cycle…it ends up being an excuse to binge today because then you’ll be good tomorrow. You need to see that its totally ok to eat any food that you would binge on now every single day for the rest of your life…it takes away its appeal when you know its totally permissible. Great you are starting to say yes to friends! ~L



    Livv and Lauren; thanks for your great reactions..:) It feels like I’m not alone anymore :) This forum is so much better than the forums we have in Dutch.

    Yesterday and today I didn’t bing :) It was so hard expecially in the evening. But I could do it! I can say that today and yesterday weren’t perfect days at all, but they were ‘normal’ eating days. I took cake and some chocolate but I had the strenght to stop. I shouldn’t take a strict diet. Just eat what I want… what takes away its appeal (like Lauren said); I had this in mind during these two bing-free days: normal eating without binging is already much better than binging. So no need to do a strict diet. If I bing I will gain in weight and if I just eat normal I’ll stay the same. So that’s already much better.

    The words: ”TRYING to eat perfectly and start fresh every day is seriously just going to keep you trapped in the bingeing cycle…it ends up being an excuse to binge today because then you’ll be good tomorrow” are so right. This makes me clear that there is no tommorow to start again, there is just one life and that’s mine. So I have to make it how I want it to be and life everyday like that.

    The day after tommorrow I’ll go to the doctor; a huge step. 3 months ago I got some medicins for my stomach. I have problems with my stomach flap. But the medicins don’t work at all… So I stopped with them. I think I got all the problems because of the bing eating. I know that I have a weak stomach flap since I was young, but the big amounts of food which I consume make the problems much worse. I always wanted to go to the doctor to ask for some help for BED. But I’ve never done it before. I have no clue or the docter can or wants to help me. But Let’s give it a try. Hopefully he’ll takes me seriously…Have anyone experiences with it?

    Hugs, K



    WHAHAA had a terrible bing …………………………………… feeling sick


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