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    Okay so I decided to keep a binge journal on here to maybe help myself overcome this huge problem.

    Better begin by saying that I developed this because I deprived myself of food for a few months, dropping to a terribly low weight and losing my periods. Basically, my body can’t get enough of all the foods I deprived myself of. I’m 15 years old, 140 pounds and a UK size 8-10 (US size 4-6).

    Well last night, as always, I started out with the intention to ‘start over’ today (this was decided after a binge- surprise surprise). This morning I wake up with the urge to binge and I even told myself how guilty I would feel and how I’d eventually gain weight from it and how much happier I was when I was thinner.

    BUT I went to the kitchen, ate tons of cheese (I mean TONS), 4 Nature Valley bars, weetabix and milk, dried fruit, bombay mix (thanks dad) and a packet of seafood sticks. Oh and a load of Horlicks powder (I don’t get it either).

    Then I had a breakfast of porridge (with water) and an apple because my parents thought I hadn’t eaten yet (if only they knew, eh?).

    Well as per usual I now have the intention to ‘do better’ tomorrow. Again. However, I’m starting NOW. I’v never started trying to lose weight in the moment straight after a binge (and still wanting more) so here it goes.

    I should be able to maintain my weight after the binge, as I have extremely low calorie soup for dinner and lunch today (mum and dad are dieting, too).

    Thank for reading!



    Hey Hatty, it’s great to have you on here!

    I suffered from anorexia before, so I know what you’re going through…

    However, after recovering from anorexia and only just starting to recover from binge-eating, I have learned that it’s really important NOT to restrict after a binge.. You’re body craves and needs food, so when you deny it, your binge urges only get worse, and it leads to a viscous cycle. Trust me, I have struggled with it for a long time! And also, the key to breaking the binge habit is to forget about weight. As scary as it is, let your body guide you. If you eat healthily and regularly, with exercise you enjoy, you will reach a weight that is right for you, and that you feel confident at! And besides, do you really want restrict again? And possibly never have kids, let your life be completely taken over by weight and forget what living feels like?

    Eating treats and overeating is part of a healthy diet, my dietician always reminds me of that! :) x



    I totally agree with the above. It’s really not about weight but simply getting past the need to eat to mask your feelings. I do it all the time I’m obsessed with my weight but the moment I feel lonely, sad or whatever the negative emotion might be I eat and eat and eat. I stop only when I’m so full I have to lie down. Then I will sleep or cry and vow to make a change the next day. So my question to me is when will I let it go? When will I actually stop I keep looking for quick fixes diets, exercise, therapy, Prozac but nothing seems to work. It’s not as if this awful pattern gives me any joy it doesn’t at all? I wonder if I can’t fix myself should I replace the food addiction with another addiction like I don’t know exercise???

    I feel like I need to find an activity that will replace the food addiction???

    Have you guys tried this? Any joy??

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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