How To Stop Binge Eating

Tips to stop overeating, stop emotional eating, stop eating fast food, stop eating junk food


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    Hey guys! So this discussion is dedicated to our daily, guilt free, enjoyable treat(s). Many of us are trying to overcome binging through less control, more self love, and a more open approach to food. If its not off limits it loses its control and power, right? So heres a space to help each other, encourage each other, learn from each other, and perhaps get good treat ideas from each other! :)

    Lets not analyze whether other peoples treats are too small, or too indulgent. If its right for you that is all that matters–whether its one small piece of chocolate a day, or 2 big pieces of cake–own that treat!



    So today I enjoyed a slice of apple pie from a local bakery. To be honest it was one of those chain bakeries, and you could totally tell in the quality, but my stomach was satisfied, and it even helped me get through a snappy comment that my boyfriend just made to me. A happy stomach can withstand all ;)

    What have you guys had for a treat today? Was it yummy? Did it hit the spot? How did you decide on that as opposed to other treats?



    oh i Love this!!! Bring back the fordidden foods.

    Yesterday I had a pie – i havn’t eaten a pie guilt free/in public for I don’t know how long – it was mince and cheese – organic and DELICIMO!!!

    But the thing is, i stopped there and was satisfied and it did not lead to overeating or bingeing!!!




    That’s wonderful Maia! It totally hit the spot then :) Great job on giving yourself the trust and love to do that!



    Yesterday when I went to see the premiere of Harry Potter!!! (HUGE FAN :D) they had a big candy store, like one of those buffet ones where you pick out of the buckets. I am the absolute worst with those because usually I load up an entire bag and eat it all really quickly… But I think I did really well this time. I got a little bit of evreything I liked and then bought a marzipan bar as another treat just because that is my absolute favorite. So that was technically a lot of treats… but I didn’t feel as guilty as I usually do because I made them last throughout the entire movie – 2 and a half hours! and I really enjoyed every piece of them!



    My treat lately has been apple slices with a bit of peanut butter (since I’m still loving my new allowance to eat PB whenever I want), which I enjoy before bed while watching an episode of the Tudors :D

    Yesterday afternoon I also had a Cadbury Thins chocolate bar since I wanted some chocolate, but it wasn’t that great. Next time I have a chocolate craving I am definitely going to go out and find the most indulgent, best quality chocolate I can find.

    I really want to get a delicious slice of pie before the season is over. Unfortunately I missed my chance at (Canadian) thanksgiving since pie was definitely still off limits at that point, but I’m sure I can find one somewhere!



    Yay for both of you!! Treats galore!



    Well, today I had a few pieces of milk chocolate, a blondie, and a piece of pizza!! All eaten in reasonable/singular portions yay!

    Looking forward to some pecan and pumpkin piece in the next couple weeks!



    Reese’s peanut butter cups were my desert tonight! Not the fanciest treat, but I love them!



    Last night I ate Turkish mixed grill with my cousin and her fiance. When I got home, I felt guilty for it so I had a bit of sponge cake and a few cookies. That seems like alot, but actually … just the fact I stopped there was amazing. Usuaully I would continue on into the night til I felt ill. It felt GOOD to have my treats then go to bed without wanting to throw up.



    Milk chocolate, a blondie and pizza sound delish! I can’t eat pizza because I have a big allergy to yeast so the crust is a no no for me. I wonder if I could make it without the yeast and just have dense pizza dough lol. I miss pizza so much! Good for you mangooh!

    Babycakes, reese’s peanut butter cups are DELICIOUS! I have tried to recreate my own a number of times! They make my tongue itch though…is that weird? lol Peanut butter alone and chocolate alone are fine but Reeses result in an itchy tongue (weird, but I’ll take it because I love the pb + chocolate combo!!)

    Hangman, turkish grill is totally FINE! You shouldn’t have felt guilty at all. A bit of sponge cake and a few cookies is also A-OK!! Good for you for having some treats and stopping there! :)



    So everyone,

    Its 9:30 AM here and I am already having my treat for the day! :) Oh yes, there I am, breaking ALL the rules ;). Why should treats be kept until the end of the night? I wanted one for breakfast! Oh my…I have no idea whats come over me…I’m unstoppable in my self-love and new found freedom!!

    Breakfast is being enjoyed in a Starbucks coffee house where I am “doing homework” aka posting on this forum.

    I’m enjoying a soy latte and a blueberry muffin light. DELISH!

    Lets have some guilt free treats today!



    Not quite sure if this counts (because I can’t start eating it till 1st December) but this year I have treated myself to a beautiful, expensive advent calendar with Lindt chocolates!

    I was going to get the cheapo one as usual, but I thought – the hell with it! I only buy one calendar so I deserve the best!


    Carmilla xx



    Oooo I love this one..well I haven’t had any yet but tonight all my friends are coming over for food and we are having tacos and lots of different deserts. I plan to try a little of each and not do what I normally do and have loads of each n then binge after coz I feel so guilty




    i had white toblerone, which is absolutely fabulous. i did feel that i deserved it as i already had my 60 min walk. today im dinning out too. i think these posts can help us see food as a positive thing. i hope u enjoy ur treats today. hugs

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