How To Stop Binge Eating

Tips to stop overeating, stop emotional eating, stop eating fast food, stop eating junk food


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    Angel tris

    I have been journaling on and off for the last 7 years. Most of the time I have been unsuccessful, but I am hoping that by going public with my journal the accountability will help. I am also hoping someone may actually read and encourage or advise. So hear we go for day 1:

    Breakfast:(8:30am) Chocolate biscotti with 2 cups of coffee with coconut creamer; Banana, 1/2 bagel with cream cheese

    I have binged 5 days in a row and with a breakfast like this I was on my way to day 6. This is not what I would consider a good start to the day. But then I stumbled upon this website during breakfast and I got motivated and hopeful.

    I ran 10 miles in 1 hr and 45 mins – I had a recovery drink of Lemon Lime Endurox and a tomato with salt (11:15)

    Lunch (2pm) – Went out to eat with my husband at an Italian sandwich stop. I got an Italian Beef with mild peppers and provolone dipped in au jus

    Went to the mall. My clothes aren’t fitting but I refuse to buy bigger jeans, etc so I went to look for sundresses. Didn’t find anything.

    Dinner (5-6pm) Coconut water and air popped butter popcorn (2.5 servings), 5 tortillas with cheese, lettuce and black beans (3/4 of a can), homemade sweet potato chips with ketchup.

    That was quite a large dinner but I am okay with it because I did not binge today. Normally I would be very unhappy with eating out and having such a large dinner, but it is now 10:15 and I feel satisfied. I am going to bed in 30 mins. I made it today :)



    Hooray! I’m glad you broke of your binging and I hope that journaling online will help you recover :)



    Hooray! I’m glad you broke of your binging and I hope that journaling online will help you recover :)


    Angel tris

    I had a great day today :)

    Breakfast (7:30) 2 cups of coffee with Bailey’s creamer, 2 corn tortillas with 3/4c black beans and 2 eggs cooked in coconut oil

    snack (9:30) Juice – kale, apple, lemon in my juicer

    1 hour Swim (3000m)

    Lunch (12:30) ground beef, quinoa and black beans mixed together (1.5 cups) and steamed veggies

    3 hour bike ride: electrolyte drink, Peace Green Tea and Endurox recovery drink

    Snack (5pm) Coconut Water

    Dinner (6:45) 3 tacos (2 shrimp and 1 chicken) with guacamole, corn, and rice, cilantro and red cabbage

    1.5 glasses of Red Wine

    I had a relaxing morning with a large breakfast that is what I think really started me off right. I knew I had a big training day ahead of me and needed to start right. I also drank more calories while on my ride which I think helped. We had dinner at a friend’s house and she always makes wonderful meals that are from scratch and natural and healthy and delicious!

    Day 2 – NO Binging – Success!



    Hi Angel

    Good on you for your day 2 binge free :)

    I am up to day 15 binge free – mind you I have been in hospital for 2 weeks, so I am not exposed to tempting foods, however I had some leave from the hospital over the weekend, and did not binge, so I am feeling good atm.

    Good luck with your journey



    Angel tris

    Nina the fact that you left the hospital and did not binge is great. I hope you are able to leave soon and stay binge free. Thank you for the support. When you are in the hospital and know there are no tempting foods around, do you not feel the urge anymore?

    Day 3:

    Breakfast (7:30) 2 cups of coffee with Bailey’s creamer, oatmeal with chia and hemp seeds, 2 hardboiled eggs and about 1.5 cups of bing cherries

    1 Hour interval bike ride: electrolyte drink

    Post ride recovery: Juice (kale, lemon, apple)

    Lunch: cottage cheese with blueberries, handful of pecans, broccoli and hommus, tomato with salt

    Meal 3: handful of almonds, Amy’s Organic frozen black bean casserole

    Dinner: Large salad (onion, mixed greens, sweet peppers, avocado, red cabbage and honey mustard dressing) 2 slices of turkey lunchmeat with mustard

    Strength Workout – mostly core, some weights and plyometrics

    Recovery: Mix 1 Protein shake

    I watched a movie at one of my best friends’ place. I told her about the forum and she is really excited for me. It was more encouragement. She said I sounded like I had the best perspective yet on my BED issue and it is all thanks to the realities I have been exposed to on here. I am in a really good place right now. Have to get some zZZZzzs! Hopefully more good news tomorrow.



    Hi Angel,

    I went to the cafeteria to get the newspaper today, on sale they had slices and about 5 different types of cake, but I just walked away with the paper. Today the dietitian up my calorie intake and was offered dessert at both lunch and dinner, I ate some but at the same time I was thinking do I really deserve this. But at the same time I feel no urges to binge

    Good luck with your journey



    Angel tris

    Angel I think it was really positive that you passed up the cake. If the doctors increased your intake and offered you dessert they must think you are doing well. Keep staying focused and give yourself some credit!

    Day 4:

    Pre-Swim (5am) a little bit of oatmeal with chia and hemp seeds

    Post-Swim (7:15am) blueberries

    Post-Run (8:30am) Vega smoothie

    Meal:(10:15am) omelette with cream cheese and smoked salmon, pan fried potatoes with ketchup and an english muffin with a little butter

    *I ate this meal at a restaurant with a friend and this was a big challenge for me. I tried to order healthy and asked them to go light on the cheese and I ordered the salmon. Funny thing is I think smoked salmon is just about the grossest thing I have ever eaten. Learned something new today. I left the salmon and ate everything else. Often when I eat out and am disappointed, I go home and end up binging. I rarely eat out because I have a problem not know exactly what I am eating and how many calories I am eating. I was really pleased with myself that I actually relaxed and enjoyed myself.

    Meal (2:45) Juice – kale, beet, lemon, and apple

    red beans, spices and brown lentils, handful of cherries and pecans, broccoli and hommus, tomato

    snack:(4pm) almonds, coconut water, popcorn

    Meal (6pm) taco: corn tortilla, cheese, ground seasoned beef, avocado, spinach, salsa

    lg salad: spring mix, feta, avocado, peppers, onion, red cabbage and balsamic vinegrate

    2 slices of uncured turkey salami

    I went to master’s swim class this morning and ran a little over 5 miles. I also took my dog for a walk at night. Things are really good right now. There have been a few moments where I really want to count my calories, but try to distract myself so I don’t pay exact attention to what I am eating. I also had a little bit of popcorn without it turning into a binge. I tried to do so a week ago and ended up eating the entire bag and binging for 5 days straight after a stretch of being binge free for 8 days. That alone really makes me optimistic that I may be figuring this out a little bit.


    Angel tris

    Day 5: :)

    7:30 – Oatmeal with hemp and chia seeds and coconut flakes, 2 handfuls of black cherries, 1.5 cups of coffee with coconut creamer

    Bike 1.5 hrs – electrolyte drink

    10am – Jucie (beet, kale, apple and lemon)

    11:30am – 1 white bean and hommus taco on corn tortilla and 1 breakfast taco with 2 eggs, avocado, salsa, spinach, and cheese

    broccoli and hommus

    4pm – roasted sweet potato with ketchup, bowl of popcorn, handful of pecans and coconut water

    Short Strength Workout

    7pm – lg salad (swt pepper, cucumber, onion, red cabbage, balsamic vinagraite)

    Baked Salmon

    I am really pleased to say that I have been binge free for 5 days today. However, when I had my snack at 4pm, I definitely was starting to feel lazy and the first thought of continuing to eat popped into my head. So I got out of the house and went to the grocery store where I stuck to my list. I came home and even did a short workout before I made dinner. One thing that concerns me is I started feeling so good about myself today that my mind started to wander about how good I could look and how great I could perform if I don’t binge again. I started to think about numbers. Calories in and out and the numbers on the scale. I think I did a pretty good job to distract myself and to convince myself on staying focused to listening to my body and just focusing on when I am actually hungry, tired, etc.

    I have a couple workouts tomorrow and have to take my bike to the shop before I leave for my race on Friday. I don’t see why things would go badly as I am busy, but the last few races I have sabotaged myself days before the race. Here’s to hoping I can keep this up and race well this weekend.


    Angel tris

    I had another great day. Maybe my greatest yet. I had challenged myself to drink more fuel with two workouts in the heat today and also had a large breakfast, lunch and dinner and feel great. My body also feels like its is recovering better now that i am giving it more of the food it wants.

    7:30 – 2 eggs pan fried in coconut oil with two slices of sprouted flaxseed bread with a little bit of coconut butter; handful of cherries; 2 cups of coffee with coconut creamer

    Oh my I really enjoyed this breakfast. Normally the oil and bread would freak me out, but I just convinced myself that it was a good thing I was eating this breakfast. It was soooo good and better that I enjoyed it with no guilt.

    2.5 hour bike ride – 2 bottles with electrolyte drink

    1:15- recovery – juice (carrots, celery, watermelon, clementine, and lemon), coconut water

    2:00 – 2 corn tortillas with hommus and white beans; broccoli and hommus

    Short Track workout

    5:00pm- chocolate yogurt with sunflower seeds; 2 cups of popcorn

    7:30pm- 3 tacos and a taco salad (cheese, avocado, salsa, sour cream, onion)

    Tomorrow could be 1 week binge free. I am feeling positive :)



    My, my, my— Congrats!!!!! This sounds like amazing progress- ONE WEEK tomorrow, you can totally do it. Its great that you are starting to feel less guilty about meals, especially since you seem to work out so much & the content of your meals is definitely really healthy! May I ask what you are training for? I’m intrigued :)



    Great job! One week binge-free would be an amazing accomplishment. And from there, think of how simple it’ll be to continue into two weeks :)


    Angel tris

    OH thank you both for the encouragement because I needed it right now. I made it and had another good day, but was quite negative on myself and I can’t explain why. I was starting to think about when I will fall apart. I also didn’t want to let myself eat what I needed because I just had a swim workout today. Ludicrous I know and I was able to convince myself I needed every ounce of food especially with my race on Sunday. Kim I train for triathlons. I am actually representing Canada at the ITU World Age Group Championships in New Zealand in October. Thanks for asking :)

    7:30 – 2 pan fried eggs in coconut oil, 1 slice of sprouted flax bread with coconut butter; handful of cherries and blueberries

    10:30 – Juice (beet, kale, apple, lemon)

    red beans and brown lentils and spices

    big handful of pecans

    12:15 – 2500m SWIM

    1:30 – Vega Recovery Smoothie

    3:15 – pasta and white beans in roasted garlic marinara, broccoli and hommus

    (very proud I did not go crazy on the pasta as this is normally a trigger food. I think it helped I added the beans)

    6:30 – 1.5 cups of popcorn

    7:00 – 2 slices of turkey salami with a slice of provolone

    lg salad (spring mix, red cabbage, green onion, cucumber, honey mustard dressing)

    roasted sweet potato with ketchup



    Wow, that’s amazing- triathlons!!! Good luck to you with your training and keep posting, you are definitely doing well :)


    Angel tris

    Well I have almost all good news to report! I did not binge yesterday or today, but I do believe I ate too much tonight.

    I was gone to ARkansas for a race and went too long without eating. I will try and remember everything I ate yesterday and today:


    2 eggs, white beans, avocado, Juice (kale, beet, apple, lemon)

    Juice (fresh at a friends; beets, orange, kale, pineapple)

    grilled chicken, 2 corn tortillas, refried beans, rice and guacamole

    almonds, coconut water, cherries

    grilled chicken, asparagus, spinach, tortellinis


    Powerbar, banana

    watermelon, grilled chicken

    6 in subway ham sub, Larabar

    2 pieces of veggie pizza, 3/4 of a large bag of tortilla chips with cheese, salsa (I overate here, but I stopped :)


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