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First time talking about it…

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    Hi. I have never really used an internet forum, and I hope to god it’s pretty confidential. The anonymous part of this makes it easier to talk about myself. I do not have a diagnosed eating disorder. That is why I stumbled here, because I don’t want it to get to that point. Who knows, I may actually be closer to developing one than I think. It was my birthday last week, I turned 23. Not only did I drink like a fucking pirate, but I have been gorging on sweets non stop ever since. Drinking, in my opinion is fun on occasion. Eating a couple big cupcakes and the icing tops of a couple others, is not my idea of an “occasion.” I wish I could participate in social activities that revolve around food normally. If there is food on the table, and if it’s something I can’t ignore, that’s all I’ll think about. I just can’t let it go. I either have to eat none of it… or triple the portion… Black or white. Can’t have any cause I won’t stop if I start. I also received cake in the mail from family as well as a large tin of about 50 “nibbler” cookies. I am writing this after I was finally able to tear myself away from these leftover desserts, only after I had cake, cookies, and a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. All of this was after dinner of course. I apparently am not capable of skipping meals. It blows my mind when people tell me they forgot to eat lunch. That’s all I’ve been thinking about since breakfast! What the fuck is wrong with me? Sometimes I will be really anal about food. I’ll only eat things that I know the exact calorie count of, I’ll write it down throughout the day and use my phone to count the exact calories. On these days I don’t really like to go over 1200. Or at least that is the goal. I am about 5″3 and female, so that would be fine. If it lasted longer that two days… My eating isolates myself. But I feel like I have to obsess about it or I will loose control. I think about purging after I stuff myself with crap… but I know that will just encourage me to binge more, because I’ll know I can rid myself of the guilt by purging. I want to lose weight. My health isn’t exactly in danger because I have an almost “normal” BMI, but I just really want to lighten up.Is it possible to loose weight and not become an isolated calorie counting maniac who goes to bed hungry because I met my daily intake at 6pm and can’t eat until the next morning? That’s better than hiding in my room, waiting for my roommates to go to sleep so I can sneak into the kitchen without fear of them thinking I am eating too much. I have also considered seeking out prescriptions with weight loss side affects… like adderol or finding an appetite suppressant online. So that’s why I’m here sharing, because those ideas sounds fucking nuts. They are tempting if something doesn’t change. My stomach aches a little. Always in hindsight I forget how much more I enjoy hunger pangs that the pangs of an overstuffed body. I am feeling rather self defeated tonight, internet.



    Feeling pretty alone. Even on this forum. Guess it’s time to try something else.



    Hi Alice,

    I know how you feel about being able to participate in eating as an event. I also am unable to ignore food when its on the table and I know it’s fair game. What has worked for me is asking a friend to protect my food from me until we are going to depart. This helps a ton when I finish the food I want to eat but I’ll be stuck at the filled table for a while. Once to food is out of my sight I no longer feel compelled to devour it.

    I have had an interesting in the nutrition facts of my food for many years but never an intense calorie counting habit. You may want to talk to other posters here but the general feel I’ve gathered is to try to let go of it. It’s more important to build healthy eating habits (getting proper nutrition, sleeping enough, eating until sated, etc) rather than staying below a calorie count. I think our aim is to shift the focus of our lives away from food and not obsessing over calories would be beneficial towards that goal. So to answer your question, yes I think it is possible to reach/maintain a healthy weight without becoming a hermit and that is through the healthy eating habits I mentioned earlier. What are your habits like currently? What is binging like for your e.g. how often does it happen, how do you feel when binging, what causes you to binge etc.?

    I hope your journal will help you on your road to recovery. Keep your head up and continue writing :)




    Thank you so much for writing back, David. You asked some good questions, wow haha. My out of control eating is not often the same. I have certain “trigger” foods that I have a hard time limiting. These are the ones that are calorie dense. The serving sizes of these foods probably seem small to the average person too, so it is these that are troublesome you see. Foods like peanut butter, cereal, and yogurt covered pretzels. I typically overeat at night because I have a shorter amount of time to feel guilty about it before sleep. It is also easier to hide from my 3 other female roommates. If I overeat around other people, especially when they aren’t eating, I get irritable and angry because I am feeling down on myself. Yesterday night I made some bad choices, for an example of what it may look like. That little episode included: triscuit thin crisps, vegetarian re-fried beans with shredded cheddar cheese, grapes, pistachios, a few dates, and a few slices of hillshire farm pastrami. This was all after dinner of course and in a very short amount of time. I also ate dinner many hours before then. This was even after an after dinner snack of beef jerky and an apple before the binge.

    I am pleased, however, to say that today was better. I did not binge eat. I ate diverse food groups and was able to enjoy food without over doing it. I did still count calories, and I clocked in at 1265… Not sure how I feel about that. I think I just count because I am so used to eating when I am not hungry that I rely on calorie counting to tell me when I have had enough. I think I will try to cut back on counting when I have a little more control for longer than a day or two.

    Like I said, I am flying tomorrow morning and I will be away from my computer for almost a week. I don’t dare used my aunt and uncle’s computer. The things I say on this forum are too personal to risk some one else reading. Someone that I actually know anyway. I will be back to the forum though. I think journaling does help, as well as reading what others have to say about their lives.

    Thanks for sharing. I think I understand what you mean about family eating. Get everything on my plate that I plan to eat, and eat slowly so that I am not sitting there looking at food while everyone is still eating. I will dish out a normal amount and really concentrate on enjoying the food and conversation without wondering who is going to get the last piece!




    No problemo, that’s what the community is here for- support :) It’s a shame that peanut butter is a trigger for you. It’s one of my safe foods and helps sate me when nothing else will do the job. I’m not sure how you feel about totally avoiding those foods to the best you can. It may work for you while it doesn’t work for others or vice-a-versa.

    I also binge at night (like this exact night)… I’m not 100% sure why. Sometimes its to pass the time, other times its because of a party/event but I also find I feel less full later on in the day even though I eat enough food.

    It’s great that you didn’t binge today! I’m sure you can get more binge-free days in the near future :) Why do you eat when you aren’t hungry? I realize that seems like a dumb question but you weren’t binging today which is why I ask.

    You may not see this before your trip but you can use private browsing on Firefox. On Macs you can go to Tools-> Start Private Browsing Session. As long as you end your private browsing session you’re posts should be secret to them. You can also press Shift Command P to private browse.

    Anytime :) I have yet to be able to do that yet! I eat so so fast but when I REALLY concentrate I can slow down. I’ll try next time!



    aliceautumn, I have the EXACT same problem…except mine has been on and off since October. I also have that lovely A to Z personality to where I am either completely full out binging (like at least 4,000 calories) or practically starving myself (like averaging 800 calories per day with some occasional fasts). My problem is that if I just mess up one teeny bit, eat that chocolate chip or couple chips, I’m done for. I’m in for one hell of a binge. Even though I am still trying to figure out how to get out of this cyclical hell, I have found some tips that work for me:


    –I honest to god will throw them away before I let them pass through my door. Besides, who wants to binge on spinach or celery? (And even if you do, they are really low in calories, so it wouldn’t matter too much anyways.)


    –When I eat with other people, I automatically don’t binge because I don’t want to look like a pig in front of my family or friends.


    –I find that once I start eating healthier, I start craving those healthier foods. Have you ever noticed that it’s almost the hardest the first day after a binge?


    –This is kind of a sick, twisted one, but it works for me. It gives me motivation and determination to not binge, to want to lose weight, to want to be healthy.


    –I find that after I exercise, I am not nearly as hungry. Also, you cannot binge before you exercise, and you cannot binge while you exercise. And one more plus, it helps to burn off all those freaking extra calories we have.


    –I myself do a lot better when my life is rigidly scheduled, so this works for me most of the time.


    –This will help keep you mind off food and hopefully on some other matter. Also, make it to where you are not spending time in a place where there is food because that can just be murderous.


    –Eating is a very emotional thing for me. Just write down whatever you are feeling. If you are mad, go punch a pillow. If you are sad, give yourself a little five minute cry time. If you are lonely, text a friend or family member. Just do something. Eating does not fix our problems…as you can tell by this forum and other such sites, it only makes life worse. And it makes us hate ourselves. If there is only one person you love in this world, it should be you. So start building yourself up. Tell yourself you are amazing. Congratulate yourself for a binge free day (or part of day). Smile at a random person. These little gestures will both make you and others happier, thus preventing the mental trigger for binges.


    –Yes, we are going to mess up sometimes, but that does not mean we fail at life. We only fail if we do not keep on trying. So just brush that binge dirt off your knees and show that fucking horse who is boss. We are in control of our lives, and remember, WE ALWAYS HAVE A CHOICE. A choice to binge, a choice not to binge. We are not helpless; we are in control. We can do this. We will do this. And we will succeed!

    Best of luck to you!



    I decided to log on despite the fact that this is a family member’s laptop. I don’t much like the idea of using someone else’s other than my own, since I am so new to journaling about my eating behavior. It’s a pretty sensitive issue, as I am sure it is for all of you. Honestly though, I couldn’t stop thinking about you guys. I have had many struggles on this trip that people like my dad just don’t understand. “Just get some will power, Alice.” I can’t be the only one who has been frustrated by comments like this. Here is an update of my time away from home on this trip…

    It hasn’t gone great. Like… at all. I feel like I put on ten pounds to my already short frame in just, what has it been, 3, or 4 days? I feel like crap… Dessert has been my downfall. Total I have had 3 bowls of bread pudding, 3 brownies, and a brownie with chocolate syrup and vanilla ice cream. Not to mention, picking at some pecan pie (I don’t have to count it if I never put it on a plate, right? Pshh, yeah right…), and all the non dessert indulgences and overeating I had participated in thus far.

    A lot of this “weight gain” is mental, I’m sure. Generally I avoid desserts like the plague. However, opportunities to completely overdue it have been really abundant lately. If you read my earlier posts for example, my birthday was earlier this month, shortly followed by mothers day, and then again followed by this unexpected family trip. I want to feel optimistic that I will get back on track by Wednesday. I say Wednesday because I fly back Tuesday night and Wednesday will a 100% excuse free day. There aren’t any upcoming holidays or tempting situations in the foreseeable future.

    Excuse my tangents, but I type only as quickly as my brain goes, and it is very unorganized. I ramble out of order, but stick with me. :)

    Buffet style food environments are ticking time bombs for me. That is what mother’s day was and part of this trip has been like. Also, when every one is participating in eating dessert, I feel the need to as well. Tonight was the brownie sundae night. Believe it or not, that was a little bit more controlled than the days before tonight. There was that day that I ate 3 brownies. Why? Because they were there and they tasted like delicious battery goodness, that’s why. That’s the easy answer, probably. I wonder if my normal aversion to sugar makes me binge when it is so available. I feel like it is to obvious to mention, an excuse even, but I was most likely eating some feelings as well. You see I had to fly unexpectedly for my grandmother’s funeral. Oh and the bread pudding night, why did I do that too? Well, I smoked marijuana, and the two bowls came quickly after the first bowl of bread pudding.

    I don’t know if pot is as accessible where any of you are, but in the states, where I am, it is quite easy to acquire. If you don’t know what being stoned is like, then you probably don’t understand what the munchies are like. For me, I am not hungry whatsoever. I just start thinking about all the food within reach. “Bread pudding.” I think about it and imagine eating it. Eating is stimulating and being high not only heightens your taste sensations but it also lowers you ability to think rationally. Therefore, one would be completely comfortable with stuffing one’s face with sugary fattening bread pudding despite the inevitable guilt suffered by one’es sober self come morning. See the cycle here?

    Ugh. I really don’t want to become one of those overweight/obese women who just eat their feelings all the time and never develop anything worth living for other than food… I’m not especially “rolly polly” now but I am not far from the clinically overweight category either. Marginally so… might be there already. I won’t get on a scale again unless I’ve been good for quite awhile after all this, but… god, it’s really not important. The details… BMI… lbs… I just want a little more control of my life.

    I feel sick. I am uncomfortable. I don’t purge. I have to live with this feeling… It isn’t fun to wake up to either… The Guilt.

    I really hope that I’m benefiting someone out there with my honesty. I am benefiting from yours. It is too soon to tell because of all of these “events” whether journaling is helping my condition or giving me a justification for my overeating. I am actually really angry right now. Is it wise to confess my feelings like this? Or should I harness my guilt to drive me to do better? This is my purging… I am using my confessions to lessen this burden I am carrying around with me. I feel self repulsion.

    Fuck. Well. I would love to personally respond to the two of you who took the time to ask me questions and give me advice. So, I will. If you got this far into reading this, that is. However, I would like to take the time to write when I am not being so down on myself, so I can give more realistic answers. I just feel like a sack of shit right now. I don’t always. I’m really looking forward to being home just so I can get control of this mess. I haven’t exercised in weeks. I was doing it 3-5 days a weeks. What the fuck… I don’t want to downward spiral into being heavier, I really don’t. In fact, I couldn’t think of anything worse.



    Hi Alice.

    Found you, mawhwwahahah.

    Sorry. I enjoyed your posts. And I so don’t mean that I enjoy you are in pain, but you paint a great, interesting, sometimes humorous picture with your words and as a writer, I love that. I am sorry you are going through such hell with the binging right now. I completely understand what you meant by this forum sometimes giving you justification for your overeating. Sometimes I think, am I suffering from an “eating disorder” condition, or am i a fat pig with no will power who can think of nothing better to do than eat her feelings until she’s numb? It goes back and forth.

    But I ultamately find journaling about the food issues very helpful. Feeling you are purging this burden by writing it out is a GOOD thing, and I think you should keep on doing it (and NOT just becuase I want to read more of your stuff, ha).

    It’s funny, though I enjoy a good drink, or four, I’ve never smoked pot. But I feel I totally relate to the case of the munchies. As a binger, I get those munchies without the pot, I’m just not high at the time. Sounds like maybe not such a great thing for a binge eater with food issues, but I’m not here to preach at you.

    Things will get better. Keep writing and don’t give up. Food has had me on such a tight leash for so many years. I’m 26 now and I found this forum when I was…oh 22 or so. I’ve been dealing with binging since my marriage (now over) started becoming a very unhappy thing.

    But we can overcome. No, i’m not sure how or when or the steps to do it, but I still like to think cookies won’t always control me. It’s diffiuclt though.

    I’ll stop rambling. Thanks for your honesty.



    David, you asked why I eat when I am not hungry. A couple reasons: I just want to taste something. I end up imagining what it would taste like to eat something. I’ll think about all the tasty combinations I can come up with in my head and eventually give in. Shortly after I start eating, sometimes I will realize I am not enjoying it anymore, so I will reach for someting different. Switch from sweet to salty to savory and back. It’s so stupid, I’m telling you. Also, emotional eating has become kind of a crutch for me. I am working on identifying those and using cognitive therapy strategies to counteract the overeating.

    Controlfreak, good list, really. I have mostly mastered not having things around the house that I will indulge in. Unless of course, someone brings it in!!! So frustrating… if something sits there I will eat it. I can say no to something once or twice, and sometimes that’s all it takes (I love those times!) Like when a friend gets something and I don’t feel the need to also get something, that feels great. I say no once, we are out of the line of fire and away from the food source! But I have to say no to cupcakes on the counter every second they pop into my mind. (OFTEN.) I am working on these things little by little.




    I just want to give myself a little credit. I don’t like throwing myself a pity party, so I thought I would throw in some small accomplishments I have had on this trip, amongst the bad. I usually throw in the towel when eating is not going in the skinny jeans direction. However, I did make some moves to avoid the “fat pants,” if you will.

    -I resisted “bad food” opportunities for breakfast on two consecutive mornings. I stuck to fruit and did not eat any of the donuts, donutholes, or muffins that were on the table.

    -Although I ate A LOT of one dessert after a buffet style lunch one day (and I mean triple the “serving”) I did not eat the other desserts on the dessert table. I did nibble a bit on one of the pies to be honest, but I didn’t have a slice. Why in the world is this an accomplishment you may ask? Because buffets are evil. I feel inclined to put a little of everything on the plate. I eat everything of the full plate and then go back for more of the things I liked. By eating so much of one dessert (brownies) I was hoping I could negotiate with myself and then overall have a smaller caloric intake. Not great. But… I’ll give myself a VERY small pat on the back for not trying the other desserts. If I had… I may have had three servings of EVERYTHING.

    -Declined an offer for some fries (chips) that I didn’t need. I just let others eat them around me. They were gone fast, and I felt all the better for it.

    -On my second plane ride, I did not eat the nabisco cracker snack bag provided on the plane. I wasn’t hungry and they don’t have any nutritional value, unlike the 70 cal pack of peanuts they also give. I was able to let the cheese crackers go this time. Letting go of food I don’t really want, no matter how small feels great.

    -I avoided some food items at yet another buffet style dinner. This one was a cookout. The options were not quite as numerous as they had been, this time. Fewer options make me feel safer. I avoided the cole slaw and stuck with some potato salad for example. Neither are mayo free, but I know I like one more than the other, so why have equal servings of both when I can safely have one? I also didn’t put my hamburger in a bun. They were made from white bread, which I have a hard time eating because I know it leads to weight gain. I wasn’t in danger of going hungry, so I allowed myself to not put it on the plate. I get satisfaction out of not eating some things, even if I feel obligated to eat it.

    -I did not have pie after dessert at a lunch. Everyone was eating blackberry (or some berry) pie. Fruit pies aren’t my weakness. Yes they are delicious, but not as tempting as lets say something with icing or peanut butter. I let the pie go too. Because I ate a bigger breakfast a little too close to lunch time, I had the will power to say ‘no thank you.” Thankfully “build your own salad” was the theme for this lunch. I was able to rely on lean protein and lettuce to fill my plate. This was great because I was still not hungry. I didn’t add chesse or bacon. I just didn’t need it.

    That is all I can think of so far. Hopefully the better choices outweigh the awful ones for the remainder of this trip. I really just needed to say somthing positive. If I am only shedding light on the bad choices, I will never feel confident enough to make the good choices.



    Controlfreak, #’s 1, 7 and 8 really resound with me! If you live with your parents you can enlist their help when it comes to trigger foods. I always decimate craisins, which my mom hates because she wants them for her salads so I asked her to hide them from me and we are both happy!

    Alice, “Just get some will power, Alice.” pisses me off so much. I’m often tempted to mouth off on my brothers when they say that but I restrain myself. I’m happy to hear your trip has had its successes too! It’s a great feeling when you can avoid eating the tempting foods!



    Ah, I’m hungry! Being hungry when there aren’t any more meals left in the day bothers me… I usually think it’s best to sleep a bit hungry than to risk feasting. I am fantasizing about the cranberry bread in the kitchen that is so good with the buttery spread that’s in the fridge.

    Now that I’ve written it down, I can’t eat that tonight… Or anything for that matter. I fly back home tomorrow night. Today went ok. I am not back into diet mode because it isn’t really possible when traveling. At least not for me because I hardly travel, it stresses me enough just being in a different place. Ahh… the shame of explaining to my family what happened to the last bit of bread would not be worth it. I bet my dad wouldn’t think as much of is as I do. He’d probably ask if I was hungry, and I’d say “not really…” so. That’s not a fun talk if you’ve ever tried to explain what happened to the leftovers to someone before.

    Ate forbidden foods all friggin day today. I allowed it to happen because I know it’s not going to be anything like this when I return. I don’t really regret it. I felt in control of most of the choices… sort of. I didn’t buy anything at the movie theatre. Movie popcorn is so easy to eat to the brink of exploding. That’s something. Didn’t have anything sweet after dinner either. Here is an example of a non binge day that still would have violated the diet law, had I been following it:

    Breakfast: Half cup oatmeal with a chopped apple and blueberries

    Not long after…: Wedge of cranberry bread with fake butter, “buttery spread.”

    Lunch: 2 Doritos Locos Tacos (no sour cream)

    Snack: 1 hard boiled egg

    Not long after…: Apple

    Dinner: Thin crust pizza, 10″ (!) with chicken and veggie toppings.

    Drink: 1 sip of beer.

    How the fuck can I be proud of a day like that?? I’m gonna have to hit the ground running when I get a whole day to start anew at home.

    -Shouldn’t be hungry, Alice.



    Final Away From Home Update:

    I managed to not go back downstairs and binge last night. Being a little hungry is okay, and it is normal. I am minutes away from leaving for the airport. Just wanted to post one more time to get my shit in order for my up and coming weight loss plans…

    Today was more of the same. I had oatmeal with an apple to start and then followed that with cranberry bread slathered in buttery spread. I resisited to eat the last hunk that stared at me from the counter. For lunch, not many hours after, I snacked on chips straight from the bag for awhile. I finally managed to take one last handful and plate it. I then tossed the bag out of my reach on a high shelf in the pantry. I did not come back looking for it. I made a big peanut butter and jelly on 2 slices of wheat bread. It was not a modest sandwich, especially paired with all of those kettle cooked chips. Well… I ate it all, like I planned. It was like… my last diet free meal for awhile so I figured I should make it count. Could have been worse. Could have been better.

    I am not saying peanut butter and jelly wouldn’t make the cut in my diet… I would just compel myself to measure the peanut butter and the jelly with a tablespoon. Has anyone every measured to see how pathetic a peanut butter and jelly sandwich is with these measurements?! If I measure out the serving sizes, my diet sandwich would still equate to: 490 calories. I don’t even want to think about how many calories I eat when I make a really satisfying peanut butter and jelly. It could be healthy if I measure… but I might get hungry on having so little, so it is a dangerous idea to eat it too often. Hello peanut butter binge. Chips are a ban food. I would very rarely allow them, or bakery style breads. So they are done with!

    I am sort of planing on fasting for the rest of the day. I have probably had more than enough calories for one day anyway. They just weren’t properly spread out. I know spreading meals out is good for metaobolism. But hey, I’m on a trip. I have a bunch of apples with me so if I get starving maybe I’ll let myself eat those. Being hungry might be a bit of a cleanse to start off well tomorrow. I know it won’t be perfect. Everyone knows the cycle… first day is often perfect. Then you start allowing a little more and a little more… When I don’t see weight loss, I look at the food diaries I sometimes make and decide that I haven’t been restricting enough! What does that lead to? Giving up… Eating out. Binging on cereal or peanutbutter… makes excuses for myself.

    I am going to start journaling when I get back. I won’t be able to check back to the forum til then, obviously. When I get back, for the next few days especially, I want to write about my cravings to binge and overeat. I will also write about hunger, because I will certainly feel that again. I should see hunger as success. I want to get my body used to functioning on far less. I have tried 1200 before… That is a hard one to keep up for me… Maybe I could try 1300 and try to not get mad at myself for the extra 100. It would really be a success over overeating if I ate 1300… I feel like if I am not overeating, I have to undereat. I just really want to lose some weight. Even a little would make me feel so powerful.

    I need some support to stay strong!

    -Full, but anticipating being okay with an empty belly tonight, Alice.



    Well… it got a little tricky and things didn’t go perfectly. Surprise surprise.

    My plane was delayed 3 hours and then another hour on the runway due to stormy weather. I think I really could have continued the fast had there not been so much unexpected fasting time! I didn’t eat before the plane but then really regretted it while waiting on the runway. I didn’t have any money with me so it’s not like I would have been able to eat anyway. So, I ate the 150 cal pack of Ritz cheese crackers they gave out. Sort of helped the hunger. I was just pissed that I felt forced to eat such a gross snack.

    I fasted for about 12 hours. Not including those stupid crackers. I would have succeeded I bet, if I didn’t have to wait around for those stupid 4 hours. It just got to the point where I felt really sick… I know I had eaten so much already before the fast but I gave in to the hunger.

    My boyfriend picked me up from the airport. He said he bought some cereal and peanut butter so I could stay at his house and have some dinner that night because it was so late. Oh yay. Binge food. Instead I asked him to take me through the McDonald’s drive thru. I got a non sweet iced tea and the classic grilled premium chicken sandwich. No fried food and it had whole grains apparently. I sort of felt okay compromise. I might have sidestepped a major binge. But still, fast food always feels like a fail.

    What do you guys think? Fail or success?

    Anyway. So it’s Wednesday, and it’s the day to get back on track. Like I’ve said 1 million times… So far, so good. No binging yet, not even last night. I’m starting a new journal. Uh… I think I’ll do it later tonight so I can log all of my food with out having to update. Look for Alice Down the Rabbit Hole.



    Reading your write about your final day away from home makes me feel you should give yourself more credit. It is tough to eat super healthy while away from home but you managed to not binge. Even if it took a little while each time you still managed to “take one last handful and plate it.” Even better you stayed away each time. That’s a huge part of the battle right there.

    You said earlier that Peanut butter is a binge food which is a shame :( (Sad face because PB is my favorite healthy food). Yes, a PBJ is filled with calories but if it’s on whole wheat bread then 2 of the 3 ingredients are healthy. You can swap the jelly out for banana, si vous plais. Furthermore, we need food to survive and I think calories well spent are ones that keep you full. I usually make huge peanut butter jelly sandwiches for this reason because they fill me up. After eating one with some milk I don’t have to worry about eating for a while.

    I think the side stepping the high potential for binging was a success. Sometimes you have to compromise and eat some fast food to avoid a full out binge. I look forward to reading your new journal!

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