How To Stop Binge Eating

Tips to stop overeating, stop emotional eating, stop eating fast food, stop eating junk food

first ever post- please read :)

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    Hey There, :)

    firstly thank you for clicking on this! I really appreciate anytime you spend looking at this post. I’m really nervous about posting it, just in case no one replies, but I feel like this seems like a really lovely and supportive forum, and perhaps you might be able to help…?

    quick intro- my name is Felicity, and I’ve had bulimia for about 7 years. Being a fiercely private person, and coming from a fiercely private family, I’ve never talked about it. It’s just not something I want anyone- doctors, friends, family…anyone, to know about. I am so ashamed about it, and if anyone asked me, there’s no way I’d admit to it. However, tonight, after two binges, one after another, I thought it might be a good idea to maybe look for some help? I started a diet yesterday morning, having put on a couple of pounds, did okay yesterday, and most of today- until tonight, when suddenly I needed my fix again. I think my trigger is fear of rejection.

    I’ve been dealing with this for so long now, my teeth are sensitive, my throat is swollen and I’m not getting any thinner. I wondered if you lovelies had any tips, or anywhere to start looking for help? Or even just any bits of advice? I love going to the gym- frequent exercise makes me feel human, and I’m about a stone over weight. I don’t know if that info will be beneficial, but if it is, then great. :)

    Thank you so much..

    Felicity xx



    Hi Felicity,

    Welcome to this wonderful site! Starting a journal will be really helpful, there are amazing people here willing to help and share their stories so we can all overcome this disorder together. I’m new here too and have already received great advice from nice people and I’m doing really good.

    I understand you’re worried about weight gaining because I am too, but I wouldn’t start a restrictive diet while trying to recover… I’ve been doing that for so long and I can assure you it doesn’t work! all it does is start the cycle all over again. If you want you can check out my journal where Charlie and eemslo have given me wonderful tips that I can’t re write as well as they wrote them, so you’re welcome to take a look!

    Wish you all the best,




    hey felicity, i don’t know if you have figured this out yet from reading the other posts on the forum, but dieting causes binging, plain and simple. when you restrict your food, your body panics and makes you binge. you binge, you put on weight, so you restrict some more, and it becomes this vicious cycle that is so hard to break out of. so my first advice to you would be to stop your diet. aim for maintenance first, while you sort out the binging xxx

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