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Fighting Off Your Cravings

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    Sometimes, that Snickers bar in the grocery checkout line is too tempting. You know you don’t need it-you will be over your daily calorie count by 150 if you eat it-but you can’t resist. You buy it and as you drive from the store, the sweetness of the chocolate is tainted by feelings of guilt. Why is it that you can’t seem to control yourself when it comes to certain foods? This has been a question of interest for experts for quite some time. After a variety of scientific studies, here’s what they discovered. Learn more here:

    Why the sweet stuff

    Researchers at the Food and Brand Lab at UL Urbana-Champaign have discovered that “when it comes to foods eaten in the hope of gaining psychological comfort, guys like hearty meals, while women try to find snacks that require little or no preparation.” The reason driving this was found to be connected to lifestyle factors. Brian Wansink, the Food and Brand Lab marketing professor, explains, “Because adult females are not generally accustomed to having hot food prepared for them . . . they tend to gain psychological comfort from less labor-intensive foods such as chocolate, candy and ice cream.” It’s sad, but true.

    Despite our best efforts . . .

    In conjunction with this, another study done found that women just have a harder time in general than guys in turning off their desire for food. In a study done on fasting males and ladies, researchers observed that when males were presented with food and asked to try to ignore their craving for it, “this willful inhibition directly impacted brain metabolism . . . [they] felt a decreased desire for food.” However, when females were asked to do the same thing, there was “equivalent brain activity . . . the ladies were tantalized despite their efforts at self-control.” Sorry to break it to you ladies, but we are naturally more tempted by food. But this doesn’t mean you have to give in to the cravings. There are a variety of tricks you can try, like creating a diversion, removing tempting food from sight, and abstaining from crash diets that just trigger you to desire the food more than ever.


    Craving Clues

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    Scientific American

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