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Falling back into old habits, looking for support partner!!

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    Hey everyone!

    I’m looking for a partner/buddy, preferably someone in a similar situation as me, just to kinda talk with occasionally. I’m gonna lay out my story first. I talk about weight here so don’t read if it’s triggering. Thnx :)

    I’m a semi-recovered binge eater who falls back into bad habits often. I overeat – a LOT! – but it’s not to the caloric extent that it used to be. My problem is that I love food, so I’m not willing to give up eating fast or eating big portions….When I was thinner and happier, I simply ate less meals during the day.

    I’m currently about 15 pounds over my ideal weight (I’m 5’5″ and fluctuate between 140-145). I also fluctuate between “I love myself! I don’t need to diet!” to “I feel horrible about myself, I never want to eat again, I’m not eating tomorrow.” Yeah– total binge thoughts! Not surprisingly, lately I’ve felt that most of my meals are half-binges (I eat big meals REALLY fast and compulsively buy snacks and junk to eat). I believe this is also a result of me stopping my antidepressant, Wellbutrin. When I was on Wellbutrin, my appetite went away, and I could look at food with disinterest (really amazing….too bad antidepressants cause other side effects).

    I’m currently a 22 y/o female in grad school…on a meal plan and I HATE it. Whoever is on a meal plan here knows what I’m talking about. I’m going home in a couple days and I’ll have access to real, healthy food. However, last summer I went home from school, I was going through a tough time and really just binged on random crap that we had (peanut butter and chocolate chips) and gained about 10 lbs. That was after I’d come off of Wellbutrin as well, since I was on it last spring. I’ve been a binge eater since about early 2009. I went from 125 to 160 lbs steadily and then evened out at around 140-145, where I’m stuck now!!

    I JUST WANT TO MAKE SURE THIS WEIGHT GAIN/BINGE CYCLE DOES NOT HAPPEN AGAIN. I want to be healthy, happy, and get my sh*t together, because I HAVE to, or risk falling into a bad depression again and giving up on grad school. When I am at ease and happy with myself, I lose weight steadily because I naturally eat less.

    If anyone else can relate, feel free to email me!! hisupnmunmhere at g mail dot com. I’m willing to email, skype, text, call, whatever!! Just looking for a friend who can relate to the eating issues :)




    Hey! I can totally relate to your situation. I’m an undergrad (going to be a sophomore this fall) at Rutgers University. About a year ago, I had my dream body (not to sound conceited) and I had every ounce of self confidence in the world. Fast forward to today. I am 20 pounds heavier than what I used to be and I exercise inconsistently. I am also running on a meal-plan so being surrounded by absolute crap is something I’m very familiar with. I go days without binging and then BAM I just shove my face with food for one whole day, after which I don’t feel like showing my face in public out of shame. But yeah, having a support partner really does help and I’d love it if we could help each other out! By the way, your username made me laugh haha. Email me if you’d like, we can keep each other in check.



    Haha wow I’m from NJ and went to Stockton! crazy!! And I’m coming back there for the summer in like four days. Wait how to I email you? You mean PM? I’m so bad with the forum ahhh. Let’s talk more!! This all started exactly when I entered undergrad so I know how you feel…the freshman 20 is common (although for some reason I don’t know many people who have gained weight, wtf) but it’s when we start to feel shame over it that it becomes a bad binge cycle….




    I’m a student too, at Leeds in England. We don’t have meal plans, but by my own cheap-ness, I don’t buy the (generally more varied, and not particularly unhealthy) stuff I’d have access to at home. I’ve not gained weight since coming to uni, but I put that down to the fact that I do a lot more exercise here than at home too. I feel that it’s the lack of structure in the day at weekends that triggers me. I find it a lot easier at home because there’s always something to be doing, either helping out my mum around the house or running errands and things.

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