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F*** You BED – A Journal

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    Hey guys,

    My name is Lucie and I’m a 20 year old female from Ireland. I have been on this site for a while and I think it’s about time I set up a journal for myself. I have struggled so much with binge eating disorder for about 6 years.. I go through periods where I manage to restrict and lose some weight, and then it fails and I end up gaining all the weight I had lost plus more. I used to be able to control myself for a few days and then allow a binge, but for the last 6 months I have been bingeing more than I ever have in my whole life. I can hardly even last one day anymore without stuffing my face, hence the fact that I have gained 35 pounds since Nov 2011 and become so overweight… and my jeans no longer fit me.

    Most days start with me being really motivated of turning my life around, but they almost always end with me being depressed and disgusted once again with what I have done to myself. I long for the days when I never used to even think about food.. it was just there to eat when I was hungry and not something to eat insane amounts of in an impossible attempt to make myself feel better.

    What really gets to me is that nobody (except you guys) can possibly understand what we go through everyday. My family are always on my back to exercise more and lose weight. They tell me that ‘if I want it enough I will do it’. Trust me, I want to be thin and healthy more than ANYTHING in the world. I cry because I feel so disgusted about my body and my addiction to food… yet I have never been able to conquer this once and for all.

    So I am going to try and post everyday about what I’ve eaten and my journey to recovery. I know that it will be tough but I’ll try and remind myself how awful overeating makes me feel. Right now, I am feeling sick, ashamed, fat, bloated and disgusting from bingeing today, but writing this journal has given me more motivation that I have had in a while.. I usually would have talked myself in to starting again on Monday since the weekend is nearly here but not this time. It is now or never.

    I hope everyone is doing well. We just have to take this one day at a time! :-)


    Lucie x



    Hi Lucie!

    I truly feel sorry for you :( Binging feels so horrible and I´m so sorry for your weight gain. I really hope that you will manage to lose weight and regain a normal relationship with food. It is really positive that you want to make changes to your life already today instead of waiting until monday :-) That´s the right spirit!Starting writing a journal is also a smart thing to do. I´m shure that you eventually can stop your binging and go back to have a normal realtionship with food.

    When you write that nobody else understands I totally know what you mean! I binged for the first time when I was almost 15 years old (two years ago) and before that I couldn´t understand at all why some people want to eat a lot when they are sad. Painfully I have realised that know, but also that it only cases more pain.

    Since you have struggled with this for years you probably know a lot of tips on how to stop this,so here are some tips that work for me. I have not binged for four weeks now so I know might have a clue.

    1. Have fun! Everyday you should do something nice that doesn´t involve food. For example: go shopping, invite a friend over, go for a walk. It doesn´t matter as long as you enjoy it. This will take your mind off eating and make you feel better.

    2.Don´t isolate yourself. Unless you truly love being by yourself you should be with your friends or/ and family now and then. When you are around them you probably won´t binge because you find it embarrasing and you would not binge again because of loneliness.

    3. Get enough sleep! Lack of sleep can make you feel in a bad mood and make you crave for sweets and mess up with your natural feeling for hunger.

    4. Do something about your life! If you are unhappy with something in life , don´t wait to do someting about it until you get thin. change your life right now! If you for example are unhappy with your work, get a new one. That will actually makes it easier to stop binging because it will make you happier.

    5. Exercise! Moving burns fat and after a working out your hunger gets more controlled and you avoid getting a serious sweeth tooth. Besides exercising makes you feel better and it gives you more energy. Don´t overdo it though because then you will only give up and then the whole point about training is gone.

    6. Talk to a therapist! He/ she can help you a lot with tour food addiction.

    Good luck on not binging tomorrow!



    Hey Lucie,

    All of us who come to this forum know exactly how you feel. Believe me I have been through so many downs and ups regarding my binge eating that I lost count. From the time when binge eating became almost daily activity to my lowest point physically and emotionally, I had gained 40 pounds!!!!

    In order for the cycle to stop you have to stop focusing on weight so much and perfection because we bingers tend to be perfectionists and set ourselves up for failure. As soon as I stopped being so hard on myself for not eating perfectly and exercising (you know the all or nothing mentality) I stopped binging so much and dropped weight as result without even trying hard.I went from binging every day to a month of free of any binging. I still overeat from time to time and I accept it. Don’t think that “Oh I will never binge eat again” because it puts too much pressure on you and you are bound to repeat the binging process again.

    sending you love!



    Spise and Monika… thank you guys so much for replying it means sooo much to me! you guys are so sweet, congrats Spise for being 4 weeks binge free that is absolutely amazing I am so happy for you! and Monika you have proven to me that there is hope for me out there, hopefully in a few months I will be giving the same advice to people as you guys :)

    Ok so my first few days didn’t go great… I was able to stop myself from having full blown binges which I was happy with, though I still did overeat. But today has gone great and it has been the first day in I don’t know how long that I have not binged nor starved myself :) I had weetabix for breakfast, salad for lunch and spagetti for dinner and when I felt any cravings I just had a big glass of water!

    I joined a gym last night and I think that gave me a good bit of motivation. They weighed me and took my measurements and will do so every month, so at least that is an incentive for me. Me weight was the same as it was last month which I was pretty happy with as I did expect it to be higher as I had been bingeing a lot… I need to lose about 40 pounds but I am not going to pressure myself into doing it in an unrealistic time as I usually do.. if I stick to the gym and eat healthily I know I will get there eventually.

    So one day down :D

    Hope all you guys did well today, if not keep the head up and start again :)


    Lucie x



    Hi again Lucie!

    So good to hear that you are doing so great! I am glad that you joined the gym as it will help you lose weight, make you feel better and motivate you! It´s really smart that you have decided to use some time on losing weight instead of quick fix that will only work for a few days.

    It´s great to hear that you managed a day without binging or starving yourself! That is the right way to go! Because starving leads to binging, binging leads to starving which leads to binging and you gaining weight.

    By eating healthy and by going to the gym you will lose weight eventually :-)

    Keep going, you can do this!

    P.s There have been five weeks since my last binge :D At the same time I have not eaten more than I should, I have eaten quite healthy and I have exercised about five times a week.So it´s not impossible to stop this!

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