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    Hi All,

    New to this forum… And…

    Fuck binge eating!!! Seriously! Why the fuck do I do this shit to myself? I understand a lot about psychology (kinda of obsessed with it, I love the subject) and I know that I have emotional triggers that set of binge eating but I give into the all the time. I know mine are when I’m stressed, bored or feeling lazy.

    It’s time to get this sorted once and for all!

    The thing is I actually love fitness but my demon is with food :(

    Right now I weigh around 120kg/265lbs…

    But last week I got on the push bike and did 50km/30 miles twice and 65km/40 miles. Some weeks I train out with weights everyday, some weeks I’ll get on the treadmill in the gym and run for 30 minutes almost everyday. I ride my bike to work everyday and that’s 15km/9.5 miles in total there are back. I’ll go a week perfectly with food and then screw up and binge for like 2 weeks, then get back on the good train for a week and screw up two weeks again! :(

    I can’t seem to get a grip on this demon when it comes to food. In the past I was skydiving, it’s my favorite pastime and I have 125 jumps under my belt. I have not jumped in about 2 years and just recently bought all my gear again (except my rig, the thing that goes on my back holding the parachute) and I thought it would motivate me to drop the weight. Especially after I went out to the drop zone and the drop zone safety officer ‘indirectly’ told me I was to fat to jump. Lol, as it’s a safety issue, at 120kg I could snap the risers on the reserve parachute and then it’s game over :(

    But then I drive home all shitty and just went to hungry jacks on the way back (Australia version of burger king). Tonight I cooked up a half decent dinner, although it was to much food it was decently healthy and then I decided it was time for hungry jacks and off I went and got 2 burgers and instead of going home I went to another one and got 2 more plus a sunday with extra topping :(

    I have been all over the place. Right now I’m sitting at about 120kg but when I was skydiving it was when I was my fittest at about 85kg at the lightest, I started jumping at about 100kg but realised I fell to fast in my jumps so I needed to drop weight lol. A lot of my adult life I’ve sat around the 100kg mark. The worst I’ve been is about 135kg when I was like around 21.

    Another big issue I’ve got is that I have not been in a relationship for years. I have this other demon that tells me that I a fat fucker and no girl would like me. I’m 25 and should be out there having fun!! Yet I’m not and I know that this has nothing to do with it as people from all shapes, sizes, colours etc are in relationship. But I tell myself that no girl would like me as I’m fat and they only want a fit guy… Thing is i’m in sales and close sales like there is no tomorrow, I love my job a LOT! No self confidence issues chatting to people over the phone or in person… Yet the demon prevails :(

    So the journey begins… I have a goal and I want to be skydiving again in 8 weeks. I’m about 120kg now, the weight limit is 105kg but I want to be 100kg before I start jumping. With the ultimate goal being around 75kg as I know how much fat was on me at 85kg and 75kg would suit me and I would be lean and maybe have some abs showing though :D

    So this is going to be my official accountability journal to say a big fuck you to binge eating and a big hello to the life long goal of abs, lol haha :D

    I’m going to use this as my accountability journal and blog daily as I need something like this or I will never change. I know my triggers to binge eating are bordem, feeling lazy and stress. So I will keep myself busy when ever those times set in.

    That’s me done! I feel good that I wrote that :) The rest of my life starts tomorrow with healthy eating and as much fitness as I can get into my day!! :)

    See you tomorrow! :)



    Good work! Stay positive and keep up your determination. I’m in the process of figuring out what my triggers are so hopefully I can do that quickly.



    Hey Gonnagetfit!

    Firstly, love the title to your journal – it’s so motivating even just reading it, because it gets me all worked up and determined, haha!

    As you’ve probably read on other people’s blogs – don’t try and achieve the weight loss through dieting/restricting food, because you’ll be more prone to binge! But it’s great that you’re setting yourself a time (8 weeks) and that you have a goal that you genuinely want to achieve (skydiving) at the end of it – amazing, I’m very jealous of all of your jumps!

    And about the relationship thing – don’t let this interfere with your mission to stop binge eating, as body image can be a nightmare when you’re trying to stop. Just remember, any girl that wouldn’t go out with someone becaue they weigh more is most probably not worth being with in the first place, if that’s their primary concern! But there are loads of nice, decent girls out there…. there is someone out there, but sometimes it just takes time to meet the right person. So you should just take pride in who you are, and let that shine through, rather than being self-conscious about your weight. Sounds like you’ve got some great stories to tell and experiences to share with your skydiving and everything!

    Anyway, good luck, I’ll keep up to date with your journal – you can do it!



    Thanks for the responses! I’ve got this in the bag! It’s getting done! I just found a perfect picture for motivation also haha:

    That shit that is holding me down has got to go! No excuses, or I don’t skydive lol


    Day 1:

    From a food standpoint it was great!

    Breakfast: 3 eggs on 1 piece of toast with some bbq sauce

    Lunch: Chilli flavored tuna in a can on toast + toasted sandwich with a slice of cheese, some ham and 1/2 a tomato.

    Dinner: Was at work and we had a who office meeting so there was food and I got 3 pieces of sushi and one of those paper rolls that has shrips in it.

    Later On: 4 eggs

    Only downside was I had about 6 – 8 beers, can’t remember lol! As it was a work function and I’m in a spot right now where my boss loves me and my work I do and I gotta do a little bit of sucking up so I can almost guarantee my placement in my next move up in the company and that’s a $85k job or so and it moves into a $100k job or so after that… Few beers is worth it, plus it’s good to get social and drink. I never drink, no alcohol problem so I don’t see a problem with it other that excess calories.

    Fitness: Rode my bike into work, 7.5km, didn’t get it home as I was pissed and got a taxi lol

    Day 2 (today):

    Breakfast: 2 scoops of protein powder (so I don’t ride to work on a full stomach as it really sucked doing it yesterday)

    Lunch: Same as yesterday… but Mango Chilli flavored tuna in a can (not just chilli and strangely enough it’s got less calories than the plain chilli one) on toast + toasted sandwich with a slice of cheese, some ham and 1/2 a tomato.

    Dinner: Got asian food, very healthy. Bowl of rice with diced chicken on top and they crack an egg on it and buy the time it’s served the egg has cooked. Had some sauce also, didn’t over do it, some spicy asian sauce, like spicy asian tomato sauce thingy lol + 2 piences off ell susui, lots of fat but in the end my calories for the day are quite low and seafood is good for you. Main point is it was 2! Not 20 pieces lol

    Has a red bull can during the day also.

    Fitness: Should workout at the gym, no bike as it was raining, get it tomorrow after I get the bus in.

    Later On: about to go get a wrap from the service station, it’s quite healthy, have not ate since the gym other than the protein shake I had after my workout.

    So to wrap it up… Off to an excellent start! I just need to move things slowly towards being 100% healthy so when I do have work drinks of something like fatty fish (ell) when I get asian I wont go over the calories for the day.

    Main part is I controlled myself for the last 2 days, no binges and I’m off to a sweeeeeetttt start!

    See you guys tomorrow :P



    hey man, your enthusiasm is awesome :D one thing you said jarred a bit for me, you said:

    I know my triggers to binge eating are bordem, feeling lazy and stress

    because you also talk about losing weight a lot and going “over the calories for the day”

    as kit already mentioned above: dieting causes binging, plain and simple. your need for food will masquerade as things like boredom, stress, or whatever, but really it is your body just looking for ‘excuses’ to get you to eat. so even if you find ways to distract yourself from these things, your body will come up with something else – until you find that you are eating for the most ridiculous reasons…

    would you consider putting the diet on hold while you focusing on stopping the binging?

    welcome to the forum by the way! i should have said that at the beginning :)



    Thanks mate!

    I get what you are saying. I know myself and when I have been perfect I am perfect but I’ll binge at the end of it and this is always after I restrict myself on a diet.

    So yes I would stop to diet stop get what I want, to stop binge eating. But how do I drop the fat though? As I know I need to eat less and you kind of have to restrict your diet to do that?

    On the other side of things. Today was also quite good as I have my shake for breakfast, for lunch I had my toasted sandwich but ran out of more bread so I just ate the tuna can itself. For dinner I did that same asian place but I have the beef rice bowl and 2x eel sushi and 2x salmon sushi.

    I did have a muffin and 2 chocolate bars during the day though and 2 red bulls. Not the best thing but it was not a binge, just food I shouldn’t of ate.



    you’re going to have to set aside your fat loss goals for now until you fix the binging. when you diet and binge at the same time, you’re spinning your wheels and getting nowhere anyway… once you stop binging, your weight should drop off on its own anyway (fewer calories coming in). sort out the binging first – that’s priority #1 – then you can think about your skydiving :)



    Ok thanks.

    Well I’m just about to buy the ebook from the site and you are right I guess. The way to fit at a good weight is to life a healthy lifestyle and eat reasonable.

    That way the fitness and the reduction in calories combined with no binging will get me droping weight anyhow.

    And your right also, as it’s a consistent cycle isn’t it? You deprive yourself, drop weight, so you binge again and again, and then some…

    Gonna start reading this book now and hopefully I can get this all under control. Just being active on top that should see they weight drop off over time, can’t wait! :P



    yup! whatever you choose to do with your fitness & nutrition has to be sustainable long term. some people can get away with crash diets and not end up in a mess like us bingers, and good for them, but we have to be a bit more careful with how we approach things. and yeah the binge/restrict cycle is extremely common! but it’s a self-perpetuating thing, so to break out of it you need to stop restricting and trust that the binging will sort itself out as a natural consequence (although you may have to work at it a bit, depending on how deeply the binge habit is entrenched)

    have fun with the e-book, and keep us posted on how things are going. journalling definitely helps so keep at it xxx



    And that’s what is workig now! From what you said before, it has to be long term and sustainable. I had a bit of a stuff up before but I’m back on track now and after reading the book I had a good day yesterday.

    I had my 1 junk meal, a egg and ham quiche and the rest of the day was fine.

    Today I had the same quiche and then I didn’t want to get a sausage roll also and didn’t but went to another store and got 2 chicken and cheese crumbed sausages. I guess in the end I am to stop binging, that’s my goal. So lunch being what I had today could have been a better turn out but I’m getting there. It didn’t turn out as a lunch time binge and me feeling like crap!

    I have actually felt really good these past 2 days knowing that I can eat something junky, weird feeling I tell you! After cutting myself up all these years from eating bad food.

    I need to come up with my list of activities of what to do when I want to binge and get my goals and visulisation down for the morning and I set for the next few weeks I think :D

    Fitness wise I’ve toned things down also, I’m biking to work and I’ll have 3 days a week that I will train in the gym or do some other big routine. It’s something that is going to help me get fit and stay fit but it also fits into my life and isn’t something so crazy that I work so hard I bomb out at the weeks end :)

    Also, yesterday morning I had my boss pull me into a meeting, tell me that I’m going to be stepping up a bit and acting in the role I’m chasing as someone left. Talk about stress overload, crazy amount of work dumped on me and a quite big responsibility to take on. I didn’t expect to be doing that work for a good 6 months and that is if things moved super, super, super quick! So the best part is, and the part I’m proud about is I know stress is my trigger…. And I didn’t binge! Yippie!!!!




    So I just had dinner. I don’t think I’ve ever put in the effort to learn how to cook other than taking something like chicken and covering it in some packet sauce with packet pasta that’s flavored.

    I’ve kind of realised that there is a bit of a psychological aspect to the food you cook over the food you buy premade. I never really binge on anything other than junk/premade as if I make something myself I do appreciate it more. Even if it’s just a sandwich for lunch, I wont make 5, I’ll just have 1.

    So tonight I made chicken pesto pasta! The first time I’ve ever cooked up a proper chicken pasta :D

    I went to the shops, on an empty stomach mind you and got what I needed and didn’t buy any crap.

    Made my pasta.


    Light cream


    Sun dried tomato’s



    I cooked it all up and when I served my plate I just had a plate, not everything in the pan like I would before that was suited for 3 people! I have lunch for tomorrow and I’ll admit the serving was a bit large but that beats eating the whole thing and having a mini binge!

    Progress is awesome! Now I’m quite stuffed actually. It makes me really wonder how I could shovel down 10x that amount of food and just keep going!!! And I’m full to a point right now where I would have told myself in the pasta, yes i’m full but lets shovel some more food down there as I’m not stuff yet. But I’ve stopped, I had dinner and that’s my food done for the day :)

    I’ve decided that it’s also time to learn how to cook :D I’m 25 years old and the extent of my cooking knowledge is buying premade food, following instructions on packet food, plain chicken breasts, scrambled eggs and spaghetti bolognese (that is always quite unhealthy).

    So I’m going to put in an effort each night to jump on the internet, figure out what I’ll cook up and buy what I need as it means I control what I eat, even if it’s a fatty meal it’s still going to be 10x better than an average burger from mcdonals as I have good oil at home, use free range chicken/eggs all the time etc… and I’ll learn how to cook also! A big part of my binge problem I believe is that I can’t cook as I was to lazy to even get on the internet and choose what I wanted to cook. So the easy choice was get in the car, get drive through food, scoff it all down, no mess as it’s just wrappers to bin (lol, I’d even drive up to the bin so I could reach in, to lazy to get out sometimes!!).

    Progress rocks!

    Day off work tomorrow, I’ll hit the gym in the morning and then have a relaxed day and it’ll be a test day. As I’ll be free for the whole day so it would be easy to get bored and binge, but I won’t let that happen :)

    I’ll check in tomorrow night…



    sounds like things are looking up, GGF! well done dude, that’s amazing to have come so far in such a short time. i think you are onto something there with the food prep. and sounds like karma is giving you a big fat kiss at work too. congrats :) xxx



    Cheers mate!

    Good day so far today. The day off work has gone with 10am sleep in, breakfast/brunch was the 2 chicken and cheese sausages (yum!!!!!) and I did have a can or red bull as I overslept as was quite tired.

    Just got back from the gym (rode the push bike there also) and had my protein shake and then the lest over pasta. Got the feeling right now that I want more food but I’m full and I’m just gonna keep myself busy till dinner time in like 4 hours or so.

    Progress baby! Progress!

    Goal is to make this week the 1st week in the book without a binge and then move into the 2nd week the book speaks of.



    Hey GGF… I had fun reading your stuff so far. Yes, you are making progress! You’ll be back to jumping in no time, I am sure! Just wanted to pop in and say hi. I will be following your journal.




    ah yeah, forgot about the week 1, week 2 thing in the e-book – it’s actually packed full of good ideas. thanks andrew! glad it’s working for you :) and can i just say – chicken and cheese sausages?! holy hell, those sound good :)

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