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    Okay so today wasn’t the best day I’ve had but it wasn’t bad either and I didn’t binge. It was just because I had a weird eating schedule and my family went out to eat around 9 pm, after I’d already had dinner. I knew we were going out so I tried to prepare myself by eating enough of, um, dinner #1, so I wouldn’t be really hungry and eat too much at the restaurant. At the restaurant though the food was fantastic but the portion sizes were bigger than I wanted but too small to doggy bag the remainder. Soooo I overate a little. I guess I could have eaten more and I’m not “post-binge” full, but it was a little frustrating that I tried to prepare and I missed the mark a bit. I might do some light cardio after this.

    Also I’ve been having trouble getting to sleep at night because I’m so hungry (I had to go and make myself half a pb&j at midnight last night), so I’m thinking of eating 6 times a day instead of 5… I get hungry really easily. I’ll have my 3 normal meals and then 3 snacks, but I think my post-dinner snack should be the smallest and I’ll have it around 8:30 or 9, just to hold me over until morning (I try to go to bed at 10:30). Two questions: 1)Does this sound like a good idea? 2)What would you guys suggest for light “bedtime snacks?”

    Anyway, back to my food log for today:

    B: egg, toast w jam

    S: grapes

    L: tofu stir fry w veggies, rice

    S: toast w/ low fat cheese, strawberries

    D#1: salad, almonds

    D#2: 3 small tacos w portabello mushrooms, salsa, and guac; mashed potatoes

    Also biked for a little over an hour.

    I’m really trying to tell myself it’s okay that I overate a little at dinner, that I don’t have to be perfect. I actually probably only overate by a few hundred calories today, but having one slightly worse day is usually enough to send me back into a bingeing spiral. Restaurants are tough!!! Especially when the food is so good and you don’t wan to waste it…I like it better when what I eat and when I eat it are in my control.

    Overall I’d say I’m still on a roll. Fingers crossed for tomorrow though – it could be my 5th straight day without bingeing and I’ve never reached the 5 day mark before.

    (P.S. Sorry for the super long post! I guess I just had a lot to say… if you read all of this, wow, thanks :-) )



    Hey..your idea sounds really good. Its better to plan to have the night snack than not to plan it. Once you get used to having a smaller portion at night, you might eventually not need it at all (I still do..but someday I am hoping not to!). In the mean time, make sure you plan for something, because otherwise, you may get frusturated that your not “following your eating plan” and end up binging. I don’t know what the perfect night snack is. We have a mini blender called a magic bullet, and I like to make some kind of soymilk smoothie in that as my last snack before bed cause its usually only about 100-200 cals but its really filling and my belly feels nice and satisfied when I go to bed and it helps me sleep better. Anything that is actually filling should work though. I would not suggest something like crackers because your def not gonna be full by the time you go to bed. At that hour, you want volume but not calories–anything like that should work well.



    Yaayyyyy 5th day straight without bingeing! (Never gone that long)

    Skipped breakfast bc I woke up late and still felt bloated from dinner last night.

    S: watermelon

    L: chili, rice

    S: mini bagel w pb&j

    Had an apple 15 min before dinner bc I was STARVING and didn’t want to overeat

    D: salad w eggplant and hard-boiled egg, olives

    It’s still hard to figure out how much I should eat so as not to feel too full or too hungry before the next meal. Sometimes I over/undershoot but maybe it just gets better with practice. One more note: I was trying to eat lightly today because I overate last night. Even last night though, I noticed that the overeating was a little different than overeating when I was still bingeing a lot, in 2 ways:

    1) I ate a lot slower than I usually do. When I overeat I usually gobble down everything really quickly but this time I was actually tasting the food.

    2) When I got home it was about 10:30 at night and I felt sort of bad for overeating so I wanted to do some cardio and try to burn a few hundred cals before bed. Then I thought, ‘Wait. What am I doing? It’s late at night, I’m tired, I’ll have cramps from working out on a full stomach, and I’ve been doing well so I don’t have to feel guilty about this. Overexercising to compensate for eating too much is binge eating behavior… and I DON’T want that again.” So I just went to sleep.

    Granted, I still felt guilty while/after I was eating and I woke up feeling sort of gross (I actually felt worse than I remember feeling after much bigger quantities of food, maybe because I’ve been eating normally the past 4 days). Still, I didn’t freak out about overeating and binge when I got home, so it still counts as a good day.

    I’ve been trying to stop “binge eating behaviors” like that, even when they’re not really related to bingeing. For ex, I planned to have yogurt and granola for my afternoon snack today bc I wanted to make up for overeating last night by being extra healthy today. Around 2:30 though I was hungry and I REAlly wanted pb&j, more than anything – major, major craving. I was getting the granola and thinking I wasn’t going to have it when I realized that “making up” for bad days by depriving myself might just make me want to binge more, or overeat later to compensate. So I had pb&j. And it was goooooood. :-)



    Good job on not restricting! It is sometimes hard for me to eat the thing i really want vs something healthy that i dont really want. However i find that if i just eat what i want i am satisfied where if i eat the apple instead of the sandwich i end up eating crackers, cheese, other foods and then usually the sandwich in the end anyways haha. So well done. Also props on trying to not to feel too guilty about the little overeating. Sometimes guilt will lead to a binge but you were very logical about it all.



    Oh my I love you! This is exactly how I feel sometimes. I always feel guilt: guilt for overeating, for eating something not as healthy as something else, not exercising or not exercising enough. I am working on this right now. I am trying to think like you are: when I want something I am craving, I usually don’t give in right away. I will opt for something healthier. The problem is that the craving does not go away. I want the food still. So I end up eating more than what I originally craved in the first place because I have binged. Yikes. For example, the other day, I felt guilty for sleeping in a little bit instead of going for a run. I had to say it over and over again, but I told myself it is ok. I will be fine. I don’t have to over-exercise because I eat something even if it is not healthy. Keep it up girl and thanks for knowing how I feel. :)



    Haha aw thank you so much for the comments, honestly they keep me going. :mrgreen:

    B: oatmeal w blueberries and almonds

    S: Kashi GoLean energy bar, grande iced coffee

    Late lunch: sesame crackers, low fat cheese, cantaloupe

    D: 4 faux “chicken” nuggets, rice, eggplant

    Strength exercises (also biked an hour yesterday, forgot to mention)

    One of the biggest tips I can give is turning off ALL distractions while you eat. I always binged with the TV on, or even reading or on the computer, and even when I was trying to stop I didn’t want to give that up. This is the first time I’ve really stuck with the “eat at the table, focus only on food” rule, and it helps as it takes away one of the main components of bingeing. I’ve noticed that I’m eating slower even when I’m starving, and food tastes really good. Well, who am I kidding – I always thought food tasted good, I have (had? :roll: ) BED. It’s just that I used to think “Oh, that’s really good, I can’t stop and I just need to eat more until I’m stuffed” and now it’s more like “Wow, that tastes really good, and I’m full now so I can leave.” I’m not saying I’ve lost the urge to binge, I still have to watch myself, but I’m more in control now. I so, so desperately hope that I’m getting better for the last time! If I break and start bingeing again I don’t know what I’m going to do.

    I hope everyone else is having as much success as I am, and if not, don’t give up! Keep posting and good luck to all of you.



    It seems like you are doing really great! You are keeping everything under control really well. I am def. nervous about leaving the country, but I am actually thinking it might make things easier because there won’t be food around the way there is here. I wish I had a week of no binges like you will before you leave, but 2 days will have to be enough to start a streak that I hope I keep. I definitely agree about the TV and even computer, once I start it is so hard to stop. You would think the computer or reading would help cause your using your hands, but I always manage to overeat while I am doing that kind of stuff anyway. But anywayyy…it seems like you are doing SOOOOooo well. I don’t think you said where your headed but good luck abroad and ill definitely message you when I get back to let you know how everything goes for me overseas, and I expect to see you say that your up to 2-3 weeks without a binge when I return haha. Good luck! :D



    YaY Emma!! You are doing so well :))! I couldnt agree more about only eating at the dinner and keeping the rest of you house food free. It helps my brain know i am done eating. Keep up the wonderful job!



    Disclaimer: I think I’m about to get my period because I feel completely out of it… I’m hungry at weird times and get cravings for weird things and my stomach hurts. Good times. I also had more urges to binge today, but I didn’t. Ha.

    B#1 (5:00 am…I told you…): mini bagel w pb&j

    B#2 (9:00 am): egg, toast, nectarine

    S#1: cheese and crackers, cantaloupe

    S#2: Odwalla bar

    L: mini bagel w cream cheese

    D: veggie burger, eggplant, small portion leftover chili

    Yeah.. weird day. I just realized I’m probably pre-period and I was actually a little relieved because I’ve been eating well and exercising the past week and I hadn’t lost any weight, which was a bit discouraging. Hopefully that’ll come off soon. At least I haven’t been bingeing when it doesn’t seem like I’m losing weight! I’ve been known to do that…



    hey emma, you’re doing fantastic and even though that was a weird day you still ate below what you should normally eat which shows you that listening you your body and eating when you’re hungry not because of the clock is a GOOD thing! I was laughing at that post though because I see a nutritionist and a while ago I was sharing with her how I was feeling bloated and heavy even though I was eating really well…. anyway, she said hmm thats strange maybe its your period because that tends to happen right before you get it. I was skeptical, but sure enough.. THE NEXT DAY I GOT IT!!!!!! I was totally relieved and felt sooo much better. Funny how our bodies do that, but for that reason, I’m sure you have nothing to worry about. Keep up the good work!



    B: oatmeal w fruit sauce & almonds

    S: cheese and crackers, nectarine

    L: veggie burger, green beans, 1/2 mini bagel w pb&j, 90-cal ice cream thing

    S: ice cream sundae

    D: Thai food

    I wasn’t as healthy as usual today and overate a little, but I’m actually okay with it, which is a first. I’m leaving on a 5 week trip tomorrow morning so this was my last day in the states! I figured I should celebrate, so, um, yeah, I can confirm that brownie sundaes with hot fudge are GOOD. :D

    I think I’ve made a lot of progress and haven’t binged since I started posting on this forum. 5 weeks is a long time with lots of tempting food though, and I’m a little nervous but I think I’ll be okay. Overall, I’m going to be healthy (days like this shouldn’t be the norm), but if I really want something I’ll have it. I want to spend my trip thinking about more important things than food, and I think/really, really hope I can.

    I’ll post/start a new topic to record my progress when I get back. Thank you so much to all of you for your comments, advice, and support – it’s helped more than I thought possible. Good luck with your own eating goals, and I can’t wait to check back in and see all your progress.



    Hey Emma, great job on indulging and not bingeing on that sundae! Have a wonderful time on your vacation :D :D :D



    Hey Emma, great job on indulging and not bingeing on that sundae! Have a wonderful time on your vacation :D :D :D



    Well..I guess probably hello when you get back at this point but i am on the train from Paris to Amsterdam and 1st class has wifi so I thought I would try and say hello one last time before you go. so have a great time!!!

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