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Day 4

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    Hi everyone,

    Today is day 4 of eating healthy, I am on day 3 of my detox (goes for 7 days) only eating healthy foods – no processed foods. I am feeling good for not binging and only eating healthy. Today and tomorrow are my exercise free days (especially when tomorrow is my birthday). Today I am feeling good, I guess some days a worse than others. Yesterday I seen my counsellor and she said I need to stop dieting altogether than my binging cycle will end, I understand that as when I eat clean for 10-14 days I then start a binge cycle (last binge cycle was for 3 days and the time before that was 8 days, so I know how important it is to end this binge cycle). My plan is after the detox is to eat normally, but watch what I eat, following hunger signals and not to deprive myself. My next hurdle will be to be able to eat something like chocolate and not binge (at the moment I feel if I eat something that is not healthy I might as well eat the whole thing and keep binging and start again tomorrow, – but that clearly does not work)

    Anyhow today is a good day and I will work on one day at a time

    Til next time




    Great job! One thing you have to be careful about is your mind might want to binge so bad it will be like, “it’s only been three days so you can just let it go.” but DO NOT fall into the trap. I have fallen so far down its nearly impossible to stand up! This is going to be very difficult and I am so happy you are improving!! (I do not mean to be a debby downer) but another thing that concerns me about your plan is, from experience, trying to block out all junkfood usually ends in binge eating. It may work well for a few days but be cautious because now your body is in the habit of gorging itself and completely depriving it of that may result in a complete polar opposite of what you want. But your goals are almost the same as mine! It seems you want to be able to have some junk food without cleaning out the house and any food stores nearby! I sincerely hope you can accomplish this and stomp this disorder to the ground, and you have hundreds of people backing you up. :-)



    happy birthday! :D i like your ideas – i also agree with what help is saying, but if you work towards having junk food around that can be a longer term goal and won’t feel so overwhelming. baby steps xxx

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