How To Stop Binge Eating

Tips to stop overeating, stop emotional eating, stop eating fast food, stop eating junk food

Day 1 (again!!!!)

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    Well once again this is day one of the absolutely last time I binge ever !! (lol)

    Actually binging has not been to big a problem just overeating generally so thats an improvement,sort of.

    I think the differance is that I have been praying more ernestly to eat sensibly and not be greedy.I truly believe in the power of prayer and have fo a very long time.

    I guess I never really wanted to give up binging,I said I did,I felt like I did but deep down I liked binging,the food,the freedom,the defience,the numbing effect and the blissful sleep afterwards.

    So although I prayed around the issue I was never specific.I started praying for the desire to want to eat normally,it was hard and at times I just didnt have the words but I guess my prayers have been answered because I am down a few pounds and not binging.

    I truly believe the bibles promise that whatever we pray for God (Jehovah) answers if it is according to his will.

    So many pray and never feel their prayers are answered the bible clearly shows that we need to have a relationship with our creator or at least be reaching out to him before he will answer us,I would love to buddy up with anyone who would like to explore this using the bible.Private message me or add to the thread Lucy



    Hello Lucy, you sound very improved! I believe in god strongly also an I believe he is there. My belief goes like this. Pretend you are at a track meet and praying to god you will come in first. He will not make you come in first because you prayed, but he gave humans the ability to build muscle and mental strength so that you can come in first. I think god answers those who he feels really wants/needs it. so I totally back you up with the delights approach. Good luck Lucy! Now, I think i binge because partly of emotion but also everything you said. The numbness DEFIANCE freedom. Food. Etc. But it is literally killing you slowly. So make food lower on your to-do list. (extremely hard to do). Good luck!

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