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    I haven’t gotten the resisting them down part well. Perhaps chocolate covered things are more likely to induce unhealthy eating for me than the craisins. I say this because I can eat craisins with my oatmeal without incident but I haven’t found a situation in which I can eat, in moderation, chocolate covered stuff.

    You’re right my day was pretty good but I’m not a fan of having candy in my day consistently, which has been the pattern lately. Luckily, I’ve managed to avoid them since I last posted! I’ve noticed that I crave the CCP/candy when I’m almost full. The problem is these foods don’t satisfy me. Trail mix offers no respite as well. I’ll figure something out eventually.

    I had the exact same reason for not trying parkour but I’m happy I gave it a go anyways. It’s really nice to have a physical activity that I find fun because it never feels like I’m exercising, I’m just having fun :) Not eating for a long time probably isn’t the best thing to do and people probably won’t mind the granola bar. My only suggestion is don’t try to open it slowly to be less noticeable (it never works)

    Breakfast- 3 egg omelet with cheese, spinach, garbanzo and black beans with a protein shake

    In-between- 3 or more oranges

    Lunch- a burrito and a pupusa with bacon inside

    Dinner- warm jif peanut butter, an orange and some milk

    I cooked my omelet today and it was down right delicious! I wanted to add in tuna but I ran out of space. The burrito was over priced but the pupusa was heavenly. I need to make myself some! Looking back on my dinner, it was definitely too little… Oh well, it’s too late to eat and I’m not hungry anyways so I won’t complain.



    Yes! I do that too! When I get full from binging I go for honey roasted or chocolate covered peanuts/peanut bars/anything with peanut butter. I used to make my own nutter butter imitation peanut butter (peanut butter + confectionary sugar + milk). I don’t know what it is with me and peanuts and binging but it makes the next day oh so much more tragic and very painful from night binging. Chocolates another one, the two are evil.

    Your day looks really healthy though I must say (although I’m lost as to what a pupusa is).



    I finished a video :)

    Chocolate and peanuts on top of a binge sounds like it would make for an awful next day. The chocolate covered peanuts got the best of me today. In fact, it looks like the day got the best of me! Woops! Breakfast wasn’t all that filling and the red velvet wasn’t that tasty. I’ll take that as a blessing since I could easily get my hands on them if I liked them a lot. My lunch wouldn’t have been so bad if I had eaten real food with it. Then I wouldn’t have felt overloaded with sugar.

    All things considered, it was a fine food day. I could have gotten more homework done and eaten real food for “lunch.” I sorta kinda hurt my knee so I’m gonna switch my weightlifting work outs and see if I can do leg stuff on Tuesday.

    Breakfast- eggs, some sort of meat, and black beans

    In-between- red velvet cupcake

    Lunch- trail mix with some dried mangoes. Chocolate covered peanuts.

    Dinner- kung pao chicken and rice with milk. 5 or 6 dates.

    A pupusa is a thick corn tortilla that can may be filled with cheese, eggs, beans, whatever else you can think of.



    God, tight pants can make any day feel like a fat day! 5 weeks ago, when I bought these pants, they fit well but now they are way too tight :( I’m sad because I like these pants but my legs have gotten too big from weight lifting. If I want to sit in them and be comfortable I have to unbutton and unzip them but that’s not an option in class. Awkward.

    Breakfast- 4 egg omelet, tuna, 2 slices of cheese, black and garbanzo beans

    Lunch- pb&j with milk

    In-between- 4 oz of trail mix

    Dinner- burrito with black beans, rice and chicken

    This was pretty much a perfect day but those pants were killing me! Now that I’m out of them I feel 100 times better :)



    I slept for 10 hours and then didn’t want to do anything, what gives!?!?

    Breakfast- chicken and pesto wrap

    Lunch- way too much trail mix and a fish and bean stew thang

    Dinner- Indian food (rice, chicken tandoori, 2 veggie sides)

    Afterwards- 1.5 oz of chocolate covered peanuts and some peanut butter

    The trail mix was stupid to eat. It was so sugary that I started to feel slightly nauseous so I ate the fish and felt better. The chocolate covered peanuts were fine because I had so few. Perhaps I’ll figure out how to eat these in regulation! Now I have to do homework :( I don’t wanna!



    Breakfast- 3 egg omelet with black and garbanzo beans, tuna and cheese

    Lunch- 1 steak burrito, 1 steak taco with rice and guac and a ton of horchat (think chai)

    Dinner- a tiny bag of trail mix and peanut butter

    I’m so damn tired. I got to sleep before 1 last night but I felt like death when I woke up. I think my sleep was disturbed many times because I’m slightly sick. My friend and I ran 1.5 miles in 8 minutes and did parkour for a little while. Afterwards I trained flips for an hour. That was a ton of fun because I did lots of twists!

    Then I sat for 8 hours and attempted to do my computer programming homework. Epic failure there. Also, one of my friends wants to hang out with me ALL THE TIME and I need my space. It’s sort of suffocating…



    Hi David

    Just watched your video – wow – what a talent you have – and you are ripped! Your eating looks fabulous to me. I know you get frustrated with the quantities of trail mix, chocolate-covered peanuts etc but they are healthy snacks and you deffo need the energy! You look like a young, carefree guy having a ball. Good on you!

    Charlie xx



    Thank you for the compliments Charlie :)

    Yeah, I find it much easier to eat well at college so it’s easier to get frustrated with the little things like trail mix and late night peanut butter. I usually do need the energy but sometimes I’m not hungry and I eat anyways. It’s just a suboptimal situation, nothing horrible

    Breakfast- omelet and protein shake

    Lunch- baked manicotti in a spinach and tomato sauce, tomato and cucumber side salad, a piece of bread and a fun sized m&m pack

    In-between four in turkey, cheese and tomato sub, 2 mini reese cups and a banana

    Dinner- personal pizza with pesto, chicken and too many veggies to name

    I did my sprints and lifting before breakfast which was nice. I also did a quick run with my friend. I was pretty tired from lifting this morning but I tried to run fast anyways. Once I finished my right calf was irritating me so I’m gonna try taking it easy on the running over the next few days.

    I never thought I’d be eating so much pizza but these ones are great! Also I’m happy because I didn’t grab more food after my omelet and I didn’t eat peanut butter tonight like I’ve been doing recently.

    Looking forward to tomorrow!



    Breakfast- omelet and protein shake

    Lunch- small salad, a sweet potato and fish (not fried)

    Dinner- protein shake, peanut butter, trail mix

    After- potato chips and macadamia nut cookies

    I went to the gym and worked on core. It was a weird experience because I rarely do that. I’m also benching tomorrow which will be my first time doing so in yeaaaaars. Hopefully it goes well!

    I wasn’t really hungry which is why my dinner was so small. I ended up skipping tutoring to go to bible study and they had the chips and cookies. I guess that’s karma for you! I ate more cookies and chips than I should have but I didn’t get into binge thoughts. I’m minorly frustrated with myself because the cookies nor the chips were that good.



    Hey David. I saw your video and I must say- wow! You are really talented. You look to be in pretty good shape too. Good job on your food journal, it looks like it going well!



    I’m happy you enjoyed it :) Everything is going pretty well, today was a pretty good day!

    Breakfast- Omelet, protein shake and an egg, sausage and cheese muffin

    Lunch-baked cod with vegetables in a tomato sauce. Reese peanut butter cup and fun sized m&ms

    Dinner- Steak burrito (rice and vegetables) and some trail mix

    After- 3 handfuls of smart food popcorn

    I did my sprints and weight lifting this morning, it went very well! I also did some flips and climbed a building on campus with a friend. It was a really fun experience, I want to take pictures from up there sometime!

    It’s tempting to give up on fully dropping sweets. Maybe I should wean myself down to a sweet thing (or 2) one time a day. Also, I need to get back into the habit of doing my homework and then wasting time on the internet!



    May I ask when and how you knew that you had symptoms of disordered eating? I think it is hard to talk to those about it if one isn’t “overweight” or completely emaciated. Just wondering.



    I actually remember the moment it hit me. I was laying in my usual bed at my best friends’ house looking up at the ceiling feeling horribly bloated. I’d eaten dinner before going to his house so I was already full but they pushed food on me and I bent. Then I kept going and demolished a huge amount of chocolate covered almonds and chocolate covered pomegranate things.

    It made sense that this happened at his house because I’ve always done horrible eating stuff there. When I was 8 or 10 I remember I was being driven home by my best friends’ mom and he was coming along. I told him I’d already 8 fruit roll ups. He got mad at me, which makes sense (I’d only been up for 2 hours) and I felt really embarrassed and disappointed with myself which is why the memory has stuck around.

    I thought of that story and many of the other situations that made me wonder why I wasn’t able to stop eating when I wanted to while other people could.

    It wasn’t an enjoyable night :/


    Breakfast- omelet with a lot of water

    Lunch- chicken parm, pasta and a blueberry tart

    Dinner- turkey wrap and trail mix (4 oz today! Down from my usual 6-7)

    After- the very last vestiges of my peanut butter

    Today was the first time in a long long time that I’ve had an intense desire to binge. To sail over the edge and say fuck it. Perhaps it’s because I told myself I’d start decreasing the amount of sweets I eat. Perhaps it’s because I felt stressed out from all the work I had to do or because I was angry at the TA for making me feel stupid. I’m not sure, it was probably a combination of the three.

    I’m proud of myself because I was satisfied with my omelet and I resisted the urge to get more food. I shouldn’t have finished the blueberry tart because it wasn’t delicious. I recently realized that I haven’t had a ton of fruits in my diet so I bought an apple! Sadly, I was thwarted by the mealy and disgusting apples and all the bananas on sale were over ripe so I went with the trail mix. The binge desires swooped in once I got home. It was a tough fight but I realized that the food wasn’t going to make me happier. It wasn’t going to make my homework disappear and it wouldn’t make me better at computer science. Those reasons and not having easy access to sweets (read: chocolate covered peanuts) helped me stick to my guns



    It took me my whole life to really notice that I had a problem with food. I always turned to food as a kid. I spent a lot of time alone. I was an only child and my dad worked a lot. My mom died of cancer when I was 13, so I was alone a lot more than a child probably should be. I remember just sitting around and being like “what now?” I wish there were more neighborhood kids to keep me busy. Unfortunately, television became my best friend. Paired with some tasty munchies, I just zoned out. I was pretty uninterested in eating meals, I just preferred to snack by myself.

    Now, I still have the habit of eating by myself in front of the tv. It isn’t the same, I am not as alone. If I am not careful though, it can feel quite the same. I don’t remember an ah-hah! moment but I noticed eventually that I ate when I wasn’t hungry. It was like I planned to eat every night. It was my me time that I loved. I remember when I start dating my boyfriend the though crossed my mind, but what about my me time? It didn’t matter what I ate for dinner, I always wanted food to watch tv to before I fell asleep. It’s such a hard habit to break.

    Perhaps I shared too much haha. I just got myself thinking about where my habits possibly stemmed from. I was also adopted as an infant. I have had brief interactions with my birth mother on facebook and she is obese. That worries me. Maybe I am predisposed to overeat? That isn’t really a question I am comfortable asking here. I just have to chose to believe that what I look like is in my control.

    On a different note, good job on scaling down your trail mix. There is a certain point when eating where it stops tasting as good. I think this is the hunger signal failing. If we ignore it, it will turn off and well… we overeat. I saw that you cut back almost in half down to 4 oz. Do you weigh your food? I have thought about getting a scale but I wonder if it would be a good idea or not. I am worried about developing a whole new eating problem. It’s scary how quick one can switch to another. What do you think?

    Stay strong.




    Thanks for sharing your story with me, it wasn’t tmi so no worries :) I’m amazed that I didn’t get into watching TV and eating. I’m really happy I was able to avoid that one. I’ve been told that genetic predisposition is just that. You’re more likely to become obese, an alcoholic, etc but that doesn’t seal your fate. Hang in there and stay strong, we’ve got your back!

    Thank ya, the only reason I know how much my trail mix weighs is because the stores sell it buy weight. If that weren’t the then I’d never weigh my food. I know! That’s why my mom’s advice is to have at least 1 bite of everything and only 2 bites of a dessert. According to her, after the second bite the flavor and enjoyableness drop off. I’ve found that to be true pretty often.

    I think there’s no real need to buy a scale. It would just help with obsessing over the food more.

    Breakfast- steak burrito, banana, breakfast pupusa

    Lunch- steak, black bean and rice burrito, frozen yogurt with crumbled reese on top

    Dinner- half of a pb&j and 3/4 of a bag of peanuts

    I did flips for my friends photography project! It was pretty fun and I enjoyed helping her out :) Parkour practice was nice because we explored campus some. It’s weird how easy it is to stay in your comfort zone and not try new things out. I’m sad that I let it happen to me too. I’ll work to correct that and try something new this week

    My lunch was huuuuuuuge which is why my dinner was pretty small. I actually managed to throw away the last of the peanuts because I wasn’t hungry anymore. Victory!!! Also, I bought groceries, excitement!

    Lately I’ve been sort of stressed because midterms are coming up. I’m pretty screwed for one class and I have a paper to write so it’ll probably be a rough week :(

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