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    yes, I never give up eating with the family. It is how families bond lol. My family is going on a cruz in December and I am worried because they literly talk about how they binge and they love it because they see it as a excuse since you are on vacation. I for one, hope I get my binge under control and I plan to eat healthy on the cruz. I won’t count calories of coarse and I will indulge but i do not want to stuff myself silly with all the free food.


    Angel tris

    Wow you passed up pizza! That is the hardest for me. Great job on keeping things together despite having pizza and ice cream put in your face. I read a few of your posts and saw that you are pretty active. Do you find it hard to know how much you need to eat because you are burning so much. I often feel so hungry but think I am eating way too much and so I stop myself. Then eventually it catches up with me and then I am out of control. It doesn’t matter if I feel full or not. Anyway I hope you have another great day today!



    I guess the real problem was I felt obligated to stay at the table during those meals which opens up the chance to munch.

    Yeah, cruises are sort of dangerous places to be with this problem. My suggestion is to bring safe foods with you so you can have a snack. When I went out to get something to hold me over to dinner it was very tempting to try everything offered. I think that’s a good perspective to have Kat!

    I did, it’s pretty tough for me too even though I’m not pizza’s biggest fan. I don’t find it difficult because I don’t track my calories so I don’t have to worry about how many calories I’ve burned and such. What works for me is drinking a lot of water after exercising because a lot of times you’re just thirsty. If that doesn’t sate me then I eat food till I either 1) don’t feel hungry or 2) know that I shouldn’t feel hungry. Like I can eat, say, a whole pizza some days but I know 2 or 3 slices fill me up normally. Usually for #2 I don’t realize that I’m full/sasted till a little while later.


    was a pretty bad day food wise.

    Breakfast- omelet with peppers, mushrooms, ham, etc. 2 servings of hashbrowns, 3 pancakes and 1/3 of a egg, bacon and cheese omelet.

    In-between- munching on apricots, tortilla chips and salsa and peanuts

    Dinner- several servings of beans and 2 pieces of chicken.

    After- munching on peanuts and m&ms, 6 slives of prosciuto

    I didn’t eat lunch because I was flying back home from vacation. I was also pretty full from that massive breakfast. I began munching almost as soon as I got home around 5. I’m convinced I’ve created bad eating habits at my house and my best friends house (where I ate my after dinner meal). While on the cruise I’d have to leave the room or the pool or my seat to get food. At my grandma’s house I didn’t want to eat her out of house and home so I stuck with peanut butter and bread for non-family meals. Anyone have any suggestions for ‘reprogramming’ how you interact with environments? I want to be able to live in my house without constantly worrying about food…

    I don’t really know what spurred this but I definitely felt it coming. Perhaps its because it has been so long since I’ve had a really bad day. I slept from 1 till 9 but my sleep was probably distrubed- my grandma wakes up at 4 am to do house work (yes, weird) and then my cousin woke me up at 6:30. That might make sense…

    I’m not as upset with myself as I thought I would be. I mean, I’ve been eating well these past few days and my body has looked the way I want it to. I knew messing up today would most likely set me back and that knowledge usually makes me feel like a raging disappointment… It is probably better not to look a prize horse in the mouth.



    Breakfast started off well, I had a piece of toast with smoked salmon and prosciuto. I drank a lot of water and avoided the trail mix. I was happy because I’m working on reprogramming how I behave in my bestfriend’s house, or more specifically, his kitchen. I’m trying to develop a habit of walking in and grabbing a glass of water and leaving. By doing this I avoid going into the fridge but I occupy myself.

    For all the success of the morning the rest of the day was horrid. I got back to my home and ate and ate and ate and ate. No foods were safe today; peanuts, craisins, chicken, beans, the list goes on.

    I only got 4 hours of sleep (6am to 10) but that doesn’t excuse this.

    I’m happy to be leaving home again, I don’t want to be here where its so dangerous. For the next 8 weeks I’ll be living in Colombia (the country) and hopefully I’ll be able to establish good eating habits there. I think a big obstacle in this will be my host family wanting to feed me massive amounts of food but I’ll try to work something out with them. I’m feeling hopeful about tomorrow and the next 8 weeks.


    Angel tris

    Good luck in Columbia. Maybe being introduced to a new culture of food will help. When I visited my family in Greece we had these large meals sooo late at night, but we never snacked. We ate a lot of food but I think it helped that it wasn’t processed and didn’t have that addicting effect. I have read articles about how our food industry knows how to create the right balance of salt and sugar that is addictive chemically to us. I don’t know, but I feel the same way sometimes about getting away from home because I have created an environment that I know when I can binge. I am going home to visit family for the month of July and am so looking forward to it because it will be harder for me to binge. Well also because I miss my family, but you see where my head is. Anyway have a great day tomorrow and I look forward to hearing about Columbia. What brings you there?



    I spent two months in Cambodia at the end of last year. It was amazing because once I was immersed in a culture where there wasn’t a bunch of junk food available, the urge to binge gradually went away. Of course I had the odd moment where I was like, man fresh baked cookies would be soooo good right now, but for the most part I ate three meals a day, never snacked and in 2 months I lost something like 10 lbs since I wasn’t bingeing all the time… if we didn’t have so much junk that was readily available, not bingeing would be a piece of cake haha.

    Have an awesome time in Colombia. I’ve heard nothing but amazing things about the country :)



    Hi Everyone,

    Angel tris, I totally agree with your above comment: “our food industry knows how to create the right balance of salt and sugar that is addictive chemically to us.” I have definitely experienced this! I am convinced that refined sugar, refined salt and refined flour are “binge stimulators”



    Angel, I don’t think I can really blame the food industry for what’s going (though they can be evil bastards). It’s more that I’ve created environments in which I have reinforced the behavior of binging. I’m here for a school program :)

    Liz that sounds awesome! Do you keep junk food in your house? I know we can’t control the whole world but we should set ourselves up for success as often as possible!

    Today was a good day

    Breakfast- 2 ham and cheese sandwiches (their bread is smaller)

    Lunch- Beef and Spinach crepe. SO DELICIOUS! A few bites of assorted desserts.

    Dinner- 3 tiny empanadas then a hand full of salad, half an avocado and sausage

    Lunch was super huge but definitely worth it. I was definitely full for several hours so it’s good I had a massive meal earlier on in the day. What’s frustrating is my host mom practically stuffs food down my throat. I told her that I really really didn’t want any food but she wasn’t taking no for an answer. Sigh. I feel horrible about wasting food which is why I was trying to keep her from serving it to me in the first place. Next time I’ll opt for a banana instead so I have more control over my portion size.

    In non-food related news, I’m really happy because I’m finally understanding people better. The catch is I can’t be sleepy which is problematic because I’m tired a ton. It probably has to do with thinking so hard so I can understand and communicate in Spanish.



    Goodness gracious, this trip isn’t doing me well!

    Breakfast: The dish from the other day, arepa con queso and pineapple slices

    Lunch: Huge Mediterranean pita dish. Quite tasty but far too large

    In-between: A juice pouch and half a ham and cheese sandwich

    Worked out for a while. I kept drilling skills even though I was tired which is why I was hungry fooooor

    Dinner: rice and ground meat, 1 pineapple slice and a banana

    Breakfast and lunch were frustrating because I really didn’t need that much food but lunch was more so. This is because I had control of how much food I ate but I messed up anyways. I gotta break the habit of clearing my plate again, something I’m sure my host mom will dislike. That’s my plan for tomorrow! I won’t eat just to clear the plate. That seems to be a slightly more do-able goal than ‘I’ll stop eating when I’m full!!’ Mainly because I’m 100% sure if my plate is or isn’t empty and being full can be easy to miss! I’m excited!

    Tonight I got vibes that one of the kids in the program also has problems with food… we were eating popcorn during the night on the town and she did needed me to take them away from her so she wouldn’t keep eating. Then as we were leaving she grabbed a handful. This behavior reminded me of myself and craisins… What’s funny is I was also eating the popcorn (an easy food for hardcore munching) but I ate them one kernel at a time. Once I had to take them from her it was super easy to stop eating them! I should probably put that in my list….



    Oh one thing, I’m sort of afraid for tomorrow. It’s 3 AM and I’ve been exhausted every day I’ve gotten here- ripe conditions for a binge. I’ll try to police myself extra well tomorrow since I know I may experience difficulties!



    No internet explains my lack of posting. Since then I’ve had a little progress- I asked my host mom to serve me one food thing at a time. She loves shoveling enough food for me and another person onto my plate. It worked out for breakfast but she has since forgotten. I’m going to ask if I can just serve myself tomorrow.

    Breakfast- Empanada, sausage with some rice inside (morsillo) and something else

    In-between- 2 Bananas

    Lunch- 2 apples and a ham and pineapple sandwich (delicious!!!!)

    Dinner- Pasta with white sauce, ground beef and slaw

    I did some flips before breakfast and that was dumb. I strained my foot and it didn’t feel bad till after I worked out. I really should have waited before doing high impact stuff again :(

    Breakfast was the perfect size but lately I’ve been craving sweets… One of these days I’ll get around to buying a little sweet snack.

    I went on a hike up a pretty big hill near my house. I want to run to and up it sometime but I don’t think anyone else would be game and I need a partner :( Amazingly enough I was hungry but not famished after hiking. I also knew that dinner would probably be huge so I didn’t need to eat a ton of food. I was right.

    In other news, our group finally got signed up at the gym so I can go do weightlifting while I wait for my foot to feel better! Yay!



    I think that is a really good idea to ask if you can serve yourself. I bet she would understand. No need to eat like every day is Thanksgiving :) Good to hear you are exercising too. I ran yesterday and felt good about that. Do you journal on paper when you can’t get online? How do you hold yourself accountable? What sort of goals do you have right now? Hoping you’re well.




    I forgot to ask today but the serving sizes were normal so it was okay. I definitely agree, Turkey day is nice one day a year!

    That’s awesome that you ran! Did you feel good during/after it?

    I journal my feelings and day all the time but I only do food here. I guess I feel more comfortable writing about binging here than on my phone where someone has the small chance of stumbling upon it.

    I usually try to listen to my body but I’m fairly proficient at messing that up. Not worrying too much about if I’m having a perfect day has helped a lot. Like, a good day now is not feeling obligated to eat all the food on my plate for breakfast and dinner rather than whether I ate awesome foods and the exact amount that I should. Coming to Colombia has definitely changed how I measure success. The only thing I regret today was eating the french fries. I probably should have skipped the guava pastry because I’ve already tried it before but it’s no biggie. Also, I skipped a guava-filled pastry during my After meal so that’s a success :)

    I’ve found that not beating myself up about my eating makes it much easier to live my life. I don’t feel as down as I used to after I over eat because I make mistakes just like everyone else. I’ve also made a point to try whatever unusual foods I can find because I want to experience all the foods they have to offer. There are some unhealthy foods that come with this but that’s life!

    Breakfast- Over medium egg, 2 slices of cheese and a 6 in roll

    Lunch- 1/2 of a ham&cheese sandwich, 1/2 clif bar, 1/4 arepa with chicken

    In-between- 2 pastries, one filled with guava the other with dulce de leche (?)

    Dinner- Delicious salad (onion, avocado, tomatoes), Super delicious chicken, french fries

    After- Apple and some french fries

    Right now I want to get my serving sizes under my control (be it serving myself or my host mom getting the message). Beyond that, there is the weight loss goal that everybody seems to have. I probably only have 5 pounds to lose but I’m curious to see what I’d look like without it. Even if my weight/body composition stayed the way it is now I’d still be happy, I like how I look :)

    How are you doing? Like in general, disregarding food, did you have a good day today?




    Breakfast- Egg, ham and cheese sandwich, cantaloupe and banana

    Lunch- 2 empanadas, banana, clif bar

    Dinner- Arepa with chicken, 1/3 avocado and tomatoes

    After- Mini arepa, beef and 2 tiny potatoes slathered in butter and salt (on a stick)

    It took me a good 2 minutes to convince my host mom to add an egg into the ham and cheese sandwich. Definitely worth the time! I almost ate a banana out of boredom in between Breakfast and lunch but didn’t. It was just going to be a banana but I’m proud nonetheless!

    I have to say, the After meal was DELICIOUS! Super unhealthy but most definitely worth it :) That’s one thing I like about traveling, I have a good reason to try new things!

    Speaking of trying new things, some of the host moms taught us how to salsa. I can’t believe how much I love dancing. I’m so happy I got over worrying about looking dumb.


    It has been a long time since I’ve been able to fall asleep before midnight. I’m really happy I didn’t go out on the town after the salsa lesson because I’d have been dragging all last night and this morning. Today I woke up early to go to a big event for the sport I do. It definitely wasn’t what I expected it to be- hiking through the jungle for 4 hours- but that’s okay. It was fun anyways!

    Breakfast- 1 beef empanada, arepa with 1 slice of cheese and salami and 1/3 avocado

    Lunch- mango juice and a tiny amount of rice with beef and potatoes

    In-Between- more rice with beef and potatoes

    Dinner- banana and chickenpotatocarrotonion soup

    Normally I’d be famished after several hours of trekking through the jungle (not that I do that often) but much to my surprise, I wasn’t. After eating my soup and banana I was pretty full but I really wanted something sweet and still do. Perhaps it’s all the salt from the soup. I have no idea. The night is still young so I may satisfy my sweet tooth before I sleep. We’ll see!



    Sounds like you are doing really well David! What are your goals right now?

    I think I read from your posts that you are generally doing better with your overeating and you’re even exercising more. I think I heard you say you are pretty happy with your weight also? That’s great!

    How can we support you? Keep up the good work.

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