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    Hello everyone! I’ve just recently stumbled upon this forum as I was researching eating disorders and thankfully I am not the only one who is dealing with this binge eating disorder. I am currently a college student who is about to graduate and have been binge eating on a daily basis for quite awhile now, possibly started since last year. It’s gotten very bad to the point where I can’t stop researching diets and meal plans just to erase all the prior binging I do everyday. But I can’t stop. All I think about is food 24/7 and what my next meal/snack is going to be. Then the cycle continues. I’ve already told my parents about this just a few days ago because I needed to tell someone close to me about my problem. But it’s not enough which is why I’m here. I need as much help as possible to get me back on track and actually lead a normal, healthy life instead of living to eat all the time. It would be nice to even have support or a partner to get through this because trying to do this alone is too difficult. I will do anything to stop binging.



    Hello there! Don’t worry, you are definitely not alone. Everyone on here knows exactly what you’re going through, and trust me, it is so helpful to just be able to finally let it all out. You’ll hear this from a lot of people, but I’ll just say it first: you need to make sure you’re not dieting, because that restrictive mindset will trigger you to binge. I know it seems really scary, but give yourself permission to eat whatever you want, whenever you want. Even if you eat more than you think you should, at least you won’t be bingeing, and you’ll slowly start to listen to what your body actually needs.

    I hope that makes sense or helps! Welcome to the forum!


    There’s hope

    I agree with rainbows… I always think it’s better to eat slightly more of something if that’s what you want that eating that same thing all day. Choose foods which you really enjoy (I’ve been eating chicken portions in a roll for dinner, because it’s something I particularly enjoy) and although it’s not particularly healthy to eat the same thing over and over again, for the time being it’s better than eating vast amounts of toast in a day or many bars of chocolate.

    Reading all the different posts really helps me and reading other food journals helps understand the full extent of triggers and mindset whilst binging. When you begin to understand your body and when such triggers happen (mine tend to be when I’m lonely or bored) it is a lot easier to make an effort to avoid them happening.

    Stick with this forum, it really does help.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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