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    I’ve realized that my weakness of binge eating is when no ones around. I feel like since no ones watching I can eat freely, and I stuff the food down so fast I barely taste it. Advise on how to be comfortable alone around food? /:



    dont be alone with food, period lol. at least not at first. thats a big problem for me to and ive found the only thing to really help is to get out of the house when nobodys there and i want to binge. once you get better control on yourself then try different things but at first i would definitely recommend not being alone



    Hi! I know exactly how you feel – I’m at Uni at the moment and only have lectures 2 days a week, and work sometimes too. I never binge when I’m at Uni/work – only when I’m home, and home alone! I’m feeling a little worried as I finish lectures in a week, and the have a month and a few weeks to complete final assignments/dissertations, which = pretty much a whole month at home most days, alone!

    So I really sympathise with you! For me personally, I don’t think the answer is just not being alone. I want to hit this thing head on, and not have to achieve being binge free for so long and feel happy, only to realise it’s because I’ve been avoiding food, rather than because I’ve achieved it through my own merit. When I’m alone, I come on here a lot, which helps as I read up on everybody’s advice, and post and reply to posts. Also, if I have a really bad urge, I’ll have a cup of tea, or a green/fruit tea or something, and drink it really slowly, just to have something in my mouth if that makes sense. That puts the urge at bay whilst I’m drinking it, and usually afterwards the urge is not as strong.

    Another thing I find good is just going out for a run. We had some leftover BBQ meat the other day, and shortly after breakfast I really fancied some (pretty gross, I know!). So I went for a run, and when I began the run all I could think about was the food in the fridge and how I could treat myself when I got back, for going on the run. However, when I got back, I realised I’d completely forgotten about it! I made a coffee, and when I remembered, I realised that I didn’t even want it! Exercise can have a really great effect for me :)

    But, I think being comfortable with being alone with food is something which is achieved over time. At first when you’re home alone with food it is a complete battle, and you may sit there thinking about it all the time and just have to put your foot down and say NO. But as time goes by, this will get much easier if you continute resisting :)

    I hope this helps, and good luck! Just stay strong, and it will get easier with time :)



    That really does help. Thank you both so much.

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