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Chew&spiting vs. purging. ?

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    Latley I have been a couple days without purging, or binging for that matter. I am new to purging and don’t want it to

    Become a habit. Please I need ur opinions and reasons on which you think is less harmful and seeing if my thought process is rational or crazy.

    I can identify myself when a binge is comig on, I know what is going to happen, how I would deal with purging, yet sometimes let it. Onto ur. But latley When i start getting out of control : I stopPed as I was chewing, started feeling guilty and asking myself,”really? Do I really wanna be eating this. Am i really craving it? Am I hungry? Or just an opus and need a calm being”. So instead of swallowing and finishing the binge I spit out the food. Now I know people have this habit and do not eat meals but just chew and spit. Of course I know this is bad. But I do eat meals, a sufficient amount of food, yet when I feel myself BEGINNIG a binge ( which I can identify) I stop spit and get out of the situation. Even though it has happened a couple times I personally feel like this is better than if I were to purge. I feel like it is a way of weaning myself off of purgin. But I will ask more about it with my therapist tmw.

    Let me know what u think I need opinions! Has anyone done this? Had experience? Opinions? I know I am not going to make this a habit but the summer has been tOugh but I feel like this is a less harmful replacement for purging…?



    I think what you’re doing sounds ok, because it’s not like you’re purposely going through the whole meal with the intention of spitting out your food. you’re basically proving to your self that it’s never too late to stop a binge in its tracks, whether you’ve already reached for the food, put it on your fork, or even put it in your mouth. And although I’m sure that, psychologically, it’s not a good habit to get into, you’re fine as long as you don’t put more food into your mouth after you spit it out. Does that make sense?

    and good for you for trying to get rid of the purging before it becomes too ingrained in your behavior patterns!



    I’ve heard of this before I think its smart.



    thanks guys! i really appreciate you input and it did help me for those 4 days to go without binging and purging yet today i struggled and i did not know what got into me for some reason i just cant kick the habit… i talked to my therapist about the difference of damage between the two and she said she much rather me chew and spit because it will do less harm to my body

    yet how do i choose to chew and spit while beginning a binge situation

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