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Binge Chronicles

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    I had an interesitng idea to hopefully help us (and get nagetive thoughts out). This post is for us to write down our binges and what caused them, what we binged on (let’s take responsability for the food we consumed)

    I’ll start.

    I binged today.I finally figured out why i binge.It’s because of 5 things.

    a.messy house (i often spend a lot of time in the house in hte evenings and that environtmnet depresses me,yes, i know how silly it sounds)

    b.not working out that day.( i feel guilty about eaitng and then just binge…)

    c.eating unhealthy stuff (i guess it’s from being a former “partial”-anorexic)

    d.feeling fat (i binge even more when i feel ugly and overweight….how ironic)

    e. eating over my dialy caloric goal.

    Today’s binge started with mac and cheese(like 3 cups)2.5 biscuits,a bowl of nuts+cereal and honey,handful of chips,4 slices of cheese,then later on i had a break then i had some fruit and yogurt.

    Today’s binge was a combination of these things.

    Tommorrow Sunday and it IS gong to be a new day for me.



    Good for you Pampita. This is a great idea. As I posted earlier, today, I didn’t make the best food choices but I didn’t have any negative feelings attached to them. Best of luck tomorrow. I’m with you.



    its strange, i binge too when i feel fat! you would think that would cause you to want to restrict but then i think it is because we are trying to punnish ourselves maybe.

    This is a good idea for a page tho. i am starting a new week tomo that os going to be binge free so hopefully you wont see me bak anytime soon lol but ill make sure i post if i slip up

    For a change i hope i dont hear you posting on this page! :)

    good luck being binge free!




    i think these caused my binge today…

    – i felt guilty for sitting on my butt all day and figured i wouldn’t lose weight anyway

    – boredom

    – stress about my life

    – “all or nothing” mentality- once i get off track i cant stop until the next day (12am to be exact)



    oh sadbinger I’m feeling like this too…I didnt binge though but it’s getting close to it



    don’t do it… it so wasn’t worth it. i feel AWFUL both physically and emotionally. i wish i could take it back :(



    Stay strong pampita!! You can do this..don’t give into the temptation..just remember how good you feel when you don’t binge. Sending lots of non-binging thoughts your way..

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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