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Ativan for treating symtoms?

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    Hello, Im Liz!

    I have a history of high anxiety after recovering from my eating disorder. It started as anorexia, then went to full on binging. after a year i started purging. For the last couple months I have done it a couple times and I want to stop this habit.

    The past two days i took ativan that was newly perscribed to me and i have avoided binge eating with prevents the purges. does anyone have any experience with ativan and why you used it and how it works?



    I was prescribed Ativan a year to a year and a half ago to help me sleep. Didn’t work. I know it can be used for people with anxiety too.



    Hey Lizzy, did it stop you bingeing? I haven’t heard of it.



    hey hopeful, i just wrote in my jounral but unfortunatly the cycle has only continued since i have been so busy and starting tomorrow i really am kicking this forgood. i know i could always say that but this i snot how i should be living my life.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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