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    The more analysis the better! that’s how we are going to cure ourselves, so go for it. Good for you for truly listening to your body. We are retraining ourselves how to eat, and let me tell you it is not easy!

    Aahh trigger foods are scary! But I feel like we can’t ban them. At least that doesn’t work for me. As for your injury, I understand where you are coming from. I love running so much and get mad when I can’t do it because some part of my body isn’t working properly. But this goes hand in hand with intuitive eating. We need to listen to our bodies, treat them well whether it’s eating or physical activity.

    I also have a lot of anxiety and I’m curious about your medication..if you dont’ want to talk about it I understand that it is private. Taking meds has been in the back of my mind for a while, but my parents are so against it, so I can’t, they won’t pay for it. I feel like if I just lose weight my anxiety will go away. But I can’t seem to get my BED under control and lose weight. How long have you been on them? What exactly are they suppose to do? just curious :)

    Glad you had a wonderful day!



    Amy amy bo bamy! Hi lady!!

    Aw hun I’m sorry you were feeling down. But honestly, mad about eating too much fruit?? I’m glad you can see how ridiculous that is! Don’t fret girl, you’re doing great!

    Mouth and hunger and stomach hunger is a PERFECT explanation. My mom used to always say ‘your eyes are too big for you stomach’, aka we want more than we actually need. There’s a fine line between want and need isn’t there? I guess recovery is all about figuring that out!

    Amazing job listening to your body tonight! Don’t feel bad about eating the granola bars and pancakes though – yum! You deserve a treat!

    xx liv



    Hi Amy!

    You seem to be doing so well – moving on past the lapses and really making good progress in your recovery. I SO identify with that thing of feeling “cheated” because a supposedly special meal wasn’t all that special, and wanting to go home and eat the cupboard bare to “make up for it” (yeah, like that ever helps!).

    You are doing well also to be to identify the difference between your true hunger and your “mouth” hunger.

    Hope you are feeling better now (I tend to overeat when I’m ill too – but I reckon we need to cut ourselves some slack when we’re not well).

    Take care, have a good day!


    Carmilla xx



    Hi everyone! So day 9 and I’m still binge free.. the numbers are slowly creeping back up so I hope I can make it past my 15 that I got to first time round before any more slip ups! Hopefully soon I won’t even need to keep counting, but at the moment it keeps me focused :-)

    abroel – thanks for your comment, I do love a good analysis! I am actually a psychology teacher so I wish I was as objective with analysing myself as I am other people!! I don’t mind speaking about the meds at all – I was given something called citolapram to treat anxiety, but it works on serotonin so is also an anti-depressant. I didn’t actually talk about my eating to the doctor, I think my anxiety really is a separate problem due to an overwhelming amount of pressure and stress at work – it is a situation that will be resolved hopefully by summer so I see this as a short term solution. However I definitely think it is linked to my eating – my anxiety and possibly depression seems to affect my bingeing and my need to control my eating and obsess about my weight. It’s like I think if I can just be this perfect weight then everything is ok, and I have got such a low self esteem that I constantly critique myself to try to live up to some impossibly high standard, so that is something I am also hoping will improve. Anyway the medication is supposed to take around 2 weeks to work, and this is about 11 days in. The first week I felt awful, but this weekend was the first weekend I woke up feeling relatively happy and much less stressed – it really was like a fog had lifted. However the last few days have been a bit rough but I don’t know if that’s more to do with feeling a bit ill. I don’t think it has had any effect on my eating, but I feel like it has taken the edge of my stress which was stopping me sleeping and I just wasn’t coping at work – I would cry in the toilets regularly! So hope that helps…?! xxx

    liv – hey! nice to hear from you again :-) and yes I definitely realise worrying about eating an apple is ridiculous, it was more that I was annoyed I munched down several pieces of fruit after I was already full just because they were there, and that isn’t really intuitive eating… oh well! I didn’t even end up eating any of my granola bars or pancakes yesterday, I realised that actually I didn’t fancy it – I have had a pancake tonight though, yum! :-) Thank-you for all your kind words and support, it really helps me to read all the comments on here xxx

    Carmilla – hey, glad you understand about the overeating when ill! And about the ‘mouth hunger’!! I am ok today, I’ve been taking lots of cold and flu medication to keep me going and I haven’t overeaten so that’s good! Thanks for your encouragement, I really appreciate it! xx

    Day 9

    So I am feeling pretty pleased with myself for not bingeing tonight and eating properly, I was really overanalysing food in my head and what I would eat when I came home for far too long and I seem to be struggling with either wanting to restrict or wanting to binge – there doesn’t seem to be a mid-point with me! I am also annoyed to admit I have weighed myself every morning over the last 3 days. Even though I put my scales away I just can’t resist it! I know this is bad and it just fuels my obsession so I must stop, but I am scared of losing control! I was doing quite well just eating what I want and not worrying about it, but since I’ve had to almost completely stop exercising I have started worrying about putting on weight. I never used exercise to lose weight or to burn calories, I do it purely because I love it and I love being really fit and able to run and cycle for miles and miles! BUT now I have realised that obviously I could always eat quite a bit without putting on weight because I did SOOO much exercise. Now I have stopped it has completely thrown me – I have started thinking I must limit what I eat and keep checking what I weigh so I don’t put on any weight.

    These thoughts were going round my head all evening – I went to a gym class after work quite late, just a 45 mins weights class. I was quite hungry when I went so had a snack on my way, but after the class I didn’t really feel like I’d had a workout so I couldn’t work out how much I should eat when I got in. I really couldn’t even decide what I wanted – I felt like I wanted everything and nothing all at the same time! I am sick of over analysing everything, and wish I could just stop worrying about it! It’s crazy but the last three days I have weighed exactly the same and for some reason I feel annoyed that the numbers haven’t gone down. I have this stupid notion that I need to be 2 pounds lighter than I am now, and that somehow at that number I look so much better. Right I must STOP because I am sure nobody wants to read these obsessions any longer!!!!

    Actually I just thought about it and I think recently I have been feeling ok with my body – I have certain clothes that I will only wear when I feel more slim, and I have been wearing those more recently, so maybe I’m making more progress with self acceptance than I thought.

    Anyway I’ll finish with my positives – I was debating some crazy ideas for what to eat or limit myself to for my tea earlier, but in the end I settled on a toasted bagel with grilled sardines on top, then some greek yoghurt with mango, and then I very bravely decided to risk a ‘treat’ of a scotch pancake. I instantly had those thoughts of ‘I must get another one and keep on eating’ when I started eating the pancake but I resisted and I came and logged onto this forum. So overall I would say this evening was a success, I just need to sort my mental thoughts out!!!

    Hope everyone is having a good day! xxxxxxx



    Hi Amy! Sorry to hear that you were feeling sick a few days ago. I hope you’re feeling better. It sounds like you’re doing really well lately. I definitely overeat when I’m sick too (as if feeling sick to my stomach is going to make my cold go away!), but you didn’t, and that’s great!! It’s no fun being in a hard/binge-triggering situation, but when you get to the other side of it, it’s such a rewarding feeling. I think that a large cause of binge eating is faulty mental habits/ways of coping, and building confidence in your ability to handle tough spots without food is a really important part of recovering.

    I’ve definitely got the scale compulsion too. It’s a tough one to break.

    Keep up the awesome progress!!!




    Thanks May, how are you coping with your scale complusion? I weighed myself yet again this morning, I am fixated! It had gone down half a pound so I felt a bit happier – how ridiculous is that?! Half a pound! That is probably the difference between drinking a glass of water or not, or something stupid like that…

    I don’t think I have been eating enough for my last meal of the day recently because I’m still worrying that I might put on weight now I’m not exercising. I have occasionally caught myself estimating calories in my head, and I haven’t had any big dinners because I’ve felt like I shouldn’t need as much food now my exercise is so much more limited. However I am still making sure that I eat a proper portion of carbohydrates and protein, but my portions are hardly massive. I’m a bit worried about taking a step backwards, and the weekend is coming up so there will be no routine to my eating – I need to stay strong and I definitely should be just thinking about eating something nice and filling, rather than weighing up what is the least calorific option. I do not want to set off a binge by denying myself anything. I remember cooking lots of nice things and really enjoying food last weekend, I wish I could do that and know that I don’t need to worry about the scales.

    I had another little realisation today – I am lonely. I would like a boyfriend, I think… I never really admit that, I always say I’m happy being single – I’m 25 and I have never had a long term relationship. I’ve just sort of assumed it won’t ever happen for me, but that seems so unfair. I just can’t see how it would happen now, I used to go on lots of dates at uni but now everyone’s settling down I just don’t meet anyone or get asked out. There was one guy recently that I started to think was nice – I don’t know him at all, he works at the gym, but today I saw his girlfriend pick him up in from work and that made me feel a bit sad. Like I am just going home to my empty house, and everyone else seems to have someone to go home too. In a way the thought of having someone that I am that intimate with now scares me more because it’s so long since I even had a date, but I want to get over that fear and find someone. But then I am scared that the more I start to realise this and want someone, the lonelier I will feel because there isn’t anyone – I have been telling myself for so long that I am happy alone and it has worked. I have been so consumed with work and stress I wouldn’t have had time for someone anyway.

    Sorry this has turned out to be quite a sad post. I think because it’s the weekend and I wanted something to look forward to, but all my friends are busy with boyfriends so I’ll just be working again. Usually I’d look forward to running in the countryside and the fresh air but I can’t do that either! After I saw that man with his girlfriend I did contemplate going home and eating a LOT, but I still haven’t binged, so today = day 10 binge free :-)

    Amy xxxx



    Hi Amy!

    Congrats on 10 days binge free, that is incredible!

    I can definitely relate on the boyfriend situation. I am 22 and have never had a serious boyfriend, and the last time I had an actual boyfriend was right after high school. I’ve dated here and there, but nothing serious… I think my eating disorder is a huge part in why I am still single.

    Anyway, would having a boyfriend TRULY make you happy? I know for me, I am always searching for that missing piece in my life. I think being thin will equate to happiness, then when I have accomplished that, I am still unsatisfied. So maybe completing a half-marathon will make me happy. Well when I accomplish that, I still feel empty. So maybe having a boyfriend? Anyway, I guess what I am trying to get at is, for me at least, there is always something. Probably because I am depressed and can’t even love myself. But if you really think having a boyfriend would make you happy, I recommend online dating. Have you tried it before? I mean, there are definitely just as many (if not more) weirdos out there on the internet, but it’s a lot easier to weed them out as opposed to meeting people in “real” life. I actually met T (the guy from my journal) on a dating site. And on our first date, we sat in Starbucks and talked for three hours! So, just saying, it’s worth a shot! I know how it feels, it seems like all of the people I went to high school with are married and have kids or a serious relationship, and I just feel like I am behind. But I know that it will happen someday if that is what God has planned for me. So I am okay with recovering and waiting in the meantime.

    Good luck this weekend girl. Don’t deprive yourself and try not to restrict! Nourish your body, it’s the only one you have!

    Love, Piggy.



    Thanks Piggy!

    I suppose the online dating is an idea, but I’m not sure I’m quite ready for it yet – it isn’t that I want a boyfriend to feel happy, more that I just get a bit lonely because I live on my own and my friends all have their own lives now. I think as I start to feel a bit better and happier and my anxiety subsides, now I am starting to think that maybe I could see myself in a place where a boyfriend would be nice. So if anything, it’s more that when I am happy with myself I will feel ready to let someone else into my life. Anyway I am not worried about that really, I feel no urgency to find someone – like you say if it’s meant to be it will happen someday!

    So today will be day 11, but I don’t want to say binge free yet as I have just logged on quickly while I’m waiting for my dinner to cook in the oven. I am quite proud that I am roasting vegetables with a reasonable amount of olive oil on them (I went through a bit of a phase of deciding oil was very bad and should NEVER be used!) I also have a chicken breast that I have stuffed with mushrooms, garlic, soft cheese and wrapped in palma ham. Ok so it is actually supposed to be a relatively ‘low fat’ recipe, but normally I’d just grill it all with no cheese or oil so surely this is a bit of progress?!

    I am definitely struggling with this eating thing, I just don’t know what ‘normal’ is anymore or what to buy when I go shopping – everytime I binge on something it gets banned so there are so many things I just haven’t had the courage to buy for ages. I am still buying all my ‘safe’ foods, but trying to branch out a little. I went to do my food shopping after work today, and I had half planned what I would get for the week, but then I also thought I would just buy things I fancied and I was looking forward to that. But then I was wandering down all the cake/bakery aisles and just didn’t know what to do – I didn’t know if I REALLY wanted anything at all, or if I needed anything, and there was still that voice saying ‘don’t buy it, you’ll only sit and eat it all’ so in the end I didn’t even get myself a treat! I am still just about coping with a few additions of ‘treats’ so I do have a small range of sweet things so I always have something nice after my dinner – I have always been a pudding person! However I have made sure these are all either freezable or have long use by dates – I think I get panicked that lovely fresh cakes etc need eating right away!

    I also weighed myself AGAIN this morning – I can’t seem to stop! I am planning not to weigh myself for at least the next few days, I need to remove the pressure and eat properly this weekend. I might look up some yummy recipes to cook, preferably ones that I have no idea of calorific value!

    Anyway my dinner is smelling lovely – fresh rosemary mmmmmmm

    I am sure I will be back on here later to confirm today is binge free (I am feeling positive!)

    Amy xxxxxx



    Ok I feel I can now say today is binge free – I have had a really enjoyable dinner, I was really struggling on what ‘treat’ to have after – this is where it usually goes wrong for me, because I am indecisive and I want it all! In the end I went for a very generous helping of greek yoghurt with strawberries, blueberries and honey (I bought the honey today as a new treat, so I did get one thing after all!) Strange how the thing I actually wanted was the healthiest out of all my ‘treats’ but probably the biggest so maybe I was going for quantity :-) Still, I am happily full now, and pleased that I have no idea how many calories were in anything I ate because I am not reading labels or measuring portion sizes. Maybe this weekend won’t be so bad after all. Now I really need to try not to get on the scales tomorrow!!

    I don’t know if this is true for anyone else, but one of the things that has helped me is not eating my tea in front of the tv – I always have this association of comfort that when I’m home from work/the gym I can relax, eat, and catch up on my favourite tv programme. Now I have made myself sit at my table in the kitchen to eat and to really enjoy my food. I still eat it far too fast, but I am more aware of the fact I am eating and not just using it as a comfort – otherwise if I am watching an hour long programme and I finish eating then I would just keep going back for more, like I couldn’t separate the two. I have actually found that my whole evening routine has changed now because by the time I’ve got home from work/gym, then showered and eaten my tea it is time for bed, so I’ve not watched any tv all week! I am going to allow myself to catch up on a programme now, but WITHOUT any food – my weakest time normally, but I am full and I feel positive so I know I’ll be ok.

    There definitely will be lots more posting to get me through this weekend…!

    Hope everyone is having a great Friday!!

    Amy xxxxxx



    Hey Amy! So just reading your last few posts congrats on 11 days binge free!! Ok so a couple of things, i think that sometimes when you have SO many forbidden foods its hard to just go to a store and restock your pantry with all that stuff…way to anxiety inducing to do that…but maybe you could challenge yourself each week to show yourself that you can eat one of your forbidden foods in moderation…and that doesn’t mean you have to buy and stock an entire box of cookies..that can entail you going to a bakery and buying one delicious cookie and making an event of it…enjoy it and see you can do it! (thats what I did for a long time while I was trying to break through my comfort zone)…as for the scale, GIRL YOU GOTTA STAY OFF IT! Stopping my weighing compulsion was BY FAR one of the best things I did for myself in recovery! It is so addictive and you end up placing all your value and self worth on a dumb number that is SO unreliable and not a good indicator of overall fitness and health because muscle gain causes we weight gain…cycle time causes water retention etc. What I did was I told myself I’d take one whole month off and re-weigh myself in a month and I realized by doing that I really didn’t NEED to know the number and honestly now, 1.5 years later, I don’t give a hoot how much I weigh. So promise you can do that too! Hope you have a great weekend! xoxo



    Hello friend. Just wanted to drop in. I think to be honest you are doing REALLY well. Much better than you think you are. Just the fact that you can enjoy your dinner without worrying about calories and portions is a huge deal. So that’s a positive. I totally agree with you that eating in front of the TV is not a good idea-it just means you don’t enjoy either activity. Also not restricting fats is a great idea and it’s good that you can feel good about that.

    One thing I definitely agree with is from the binge guru herself Lauren. THROW OUT THE SCALE!!!! I mean throw it out. Not like put it under your bed, but get really angry at the stupid thing and THROW IT OUT! Preferably out of a high window so that it will shatter. I can’t remember anyone on this forum ever saying that the scale made them ANY happier or that it even helped them to lose weight. Usually what happens is that when you stop caring about your weight, that’s when it drops to the number you want. You are worth far too much than to let that stupid number define you. NOT worth it.

    Regardless. You are doing great and you will be even better. Kudos on the not needing a boyfriend to make you happy. I need to take a leaf out of your book.

    Love and hugs. Mirm.



    Hi Lauren and Mirm! Thanks so much for reading and posting your thoughts on my journal – I really appreciate your opinions and support :-)

    You are both so right about the scales, and I do know this. But at the moment it’s almost like I’m trying to prove to myself that I am eating a proper amount of fatty foods, sweet treats and carbohydrates, and yet I am not getting fatter so that reassures me. But I realise this is very dangerous because it it goes up then that would make me feel very bad, and you are right I cannot be ruled by the scales. I am actually looking at my body in a more positive way recently, I know I am fairly slim and athletic so logically I know that if I lost those 2 pounds I seem to have in my head it probably wouldn’t be that noticeable (I think I just like the round number!) – I am trying to be happy with my current shape, because I think this is probably about what I naturally should be. I was actually a couple of pounds heavier whilst I was bingeing – I would say that I did restrict to a certain degree, but I always made sure my calorie intake wasn’t too low because I was doing a lot of running. It was more the type of food that was the problem, but then I’d eat thousands and thousands of calories at the weekend.

    I just worry that by eating all those banned foods I’ll end up putting on weight, and then I definitely won’t be happy with my body. Anyway you are both right and I do need to make much more of an effort to not think about stupid numbers! (Lauren that point you make about it being unreliable is very true, which is why I have actually got scales that tell you your body fat percentage and how hydrated you are, so that if it went up due to muscle I would feel happy – I have taken scales obsession to a whole new level!)

    Lauren I like your idea of just buying one cookie, I could do that! I am not good with large packets of things so I think that is a great idea. Mirm I think you are right and I am maybe being too hard on myself. I am a bit of a perfectionist so if I am not doing 100% amazingly I tend to decide I have failed! Now I think about it I have actually been allowing myself to slowly bring foods back into my cupboards and eat them in moderation – I feel like trying to list them now so it will hopefully reassure me to see that I have actually made SOME progress…

    A variety of cereal/granola bars (really pleased about this because I have gone for the unhealthy and highly calorific kind because they are tasty and I love them! Currently there are 3 different types sitting in my cupboard and NO binges!!)



    Greek yoghurt and honey

    Dried fruit and nuts (yes I know this is healthy, but I always used to eat the whole packet!)

    Malt loaf (again never actually binged on this, just over ate it a lot)

    Scotch pancakes (these might be called something different if you’re in America?!)

    Potato cakes

    Bagels, English Muffins and nice bread – I have always had various bread products in the freezer, but I am doing well because I haven’t binged on any of these.

    So my only fail really was when I tried to re-integrate peanut butter!!

    Also, although I can’t really add it to the list, I have been cooking more and following recipes that use things like oil, butter and cheese and I have not been trying to calculate how many calories there are, so I am doing really well with my main meals. I am going to cook a butternut squash and chorizo risotto tonight which probably has TONNES of oil and cheese in it but I will enjoy it :-) I think I am just beating myself up because I feel like I should be able to have a cupboard full of cakes and not eat them. But that is stupid! I don’t actually want to eat cakes all the time, I have lots of nice food and treats and I haven’t binged, in fact my freezer is so full I can’t get anything else in it!

    Thanks again for stopping by on my journal :-) hope you’re having a great weekend

    Love Amy xxxxxx



    So here is my second post of the day – I just thought I’d log on before I go and cook my yummy tea! :-)

    I am, for once, feeling positve :o – I’ve had a bit of a realisation. I think/hope that actually I have made a lot of progress in terms of my eating, and just because I haven’t bought every possible food in the supermarket to try to then not binge on doesn’t mean I’m not doing well. I have been really enjoying cooking and making lots of foods I haven’t had for ages, and I realise the reason for this is because I would limit my main meals because I knew I would want to binge on something really bad for me later. And even on the days I didn’t binge, I always had really small main meals so that I could have more snacky things after. So now I am eating proper meals and making sure I never ‘save myself’ for some later treat, as that will lead to me needing more to fill me up. This way, if I want something sweet (as I always do) then it shouldn’t need to be a whole box of flapjacks!

    I tried something today that I have been scared to do for ages – I ALWAYS eat porridge for breakfast, no matter what, but sometimes I fancy toast with butter so I have it as well because I have it in my head I need to eat porridge to fill me up, and that buttery toast is bad. This always leads to breakfast binges – before joining this forum I always used to binge for my breakfast on the weekends. I’d start with porridge, then keep going back for more and more toast, then maybe granola or something (that might sound a strange thing to binge on, but I think breakfast is my favourite!) Anyway this morning I didn’t fancy porridge, so I had an English muffin toasted with butter and marmite and I really enjoyed it, and I didn’t need to eat anything after it – I am so pleased with myself! I am definitely getting more adventurous with my food, I had a toasted bagel with cream cheese, ham and tomatoes at lunch – previously I would probably have left out the cheese, or had a small pitta instead of a bagel so I could ‘save’ my calories for later. Sorry to anyone reading this because I realise I am going into the tiniest details now – I deliberately didn’t really want to keep a proper food journal, but sometimes when I write down everything I can see that I have actually made more progress than I thought.

    This afternoon I needed some extra ingredients to make my risotto tonight so I popped to the shop – I had the idea I might buy myself one treat from the bakery section, but at this particular shop all the bakery stuff wwas in little bags or boxes so there was at least 4 of everything! I really didn’t know what to do, I thought about getting the box of flapjacks, but then I really wasn’t sure I trusted myself, and when I thought about it, I didn’t want to buy it and eat one, it has always been something I have bought and eaten lots of, so I put it back. I decided that actually I would probably enjoy any of the things I have at home just as much, so I will wait until I feel more ready to tackle the serious binge foods! I also realised I am not scared that eating one flapjack will make me gain weight, I am scared of losing control and eating lots to gain weight.

    Sorry for all my rambling thoughts – I always feel a bit self-indulgent going on and on, but it really is helping me just to take this time to sit with my worries and let them pour out, so to speak!

    Hope you’re having a great Saturday, I’m getting hungry so it’s time to get cooking! Anyone know if you can freeze left over risotto? Think it’s supposed to feed 2-4!! xxxxxx



    Hi Amy! It sounds like you’re doing really well. It’s great that you can let yourself eat full meals now and not have to “save up” for snacks or binges later. I used to do the same thing, and it’s like setting yourself up for guilt/failure. Also, I looove granola too, and I just started having it again, and it’s so tasty!! It had been years since I really let myself have it, and now it’s my breakfast every day. I’m glad that you can keep it in your cupboard now! (Or at least granola bars?)

    I hope that your risotto turned out well!! Sounds delicious. :-)




    Hi Amy! YAY for positive thinking! It sounds like you’re making great progress. I agree–you don’t need to buy tons of food to “test” yourself or prove that you don’t have to binge on it. You know yourself better than anyone else, and if you don’t want it in the house, that’s a-ok! And I totally understand–breakfast is the best!! I have binged SO many times on breakfast food, whether it’s in the morning or night. I have also been having bagels lately, which I usually would go through the entire bag of 6 in a day or two. Now, I froze half the bag so I wouldn’t be pressured to eat them all before they got moldy, and I’m enjoying a couple a week. By the way, your thoughts aren’t rambling at all! It feels so good to get everything out, especially when you can get feedback from others who understand.

    Have a good rest of the weekend!


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