How To Stop Binge Eating

Tips to stop overeating, stop emotional eating, stop eating fast food, stop eating junk food

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    I have been around for about two weeks.

    I was really excited about the prospect

    of finding people who understand my situation

    and can relate to it. I set my challenge for

    three weeks, to stop binging or improve

    heaps anyway. Well the first week went

    really well and I was feeling a lot better like

    a weight had been lifted then I went to my

    friends house and it all went out the

    window from there. I began to over eat again.

    It’s very disappointing. I find in areas of my

    life I just don’t want myself to achieve, I

    sabotage myself, I put off things, I have so

    much more potential then what I have

    allowed myself. I question and doubt myself

    constantly. I don’t want to gave that attitude

    anymore I want positive and I want to just

    enjoy food, enjoy the colours, smells, textures,

    tastes and company. I want it to be normal

    and not just a means to an end to my binge

    fix because someone has hurt be, upset me

    or I’m disappointed in myself or depressed.

    I don’t want to treat myself with food either.

    So now I have that off my chest I want to see

    what I can do about it. I’m going to really

    think about the food choices I make and

    work out the triggers. Working towards a

    lighter, carefree, energetic person.




    Today has been a better day. I have

    realized I have let myself go. My eating

    needs to get under control. I know that

    some people don’t mind being bigger, they

    are happy but for me it means that I am

    out of control and I have arthritis and the

    extra weight is not doing any good for

    my joints, my feet are sore all the time and

    I feel like a beached whale at the moment.

    I don’t want that anymore. What I need to

    focus on is not eating wheat and dairy and

    I need to avoid eating sugar. This is stopping

    me from doing stuff and enough is enough.

    Today what I found helped was taking deep

    breaths and saying I don’t need it, focused

    within. It sounds silly but it actually worked.

    Go figure!

    Today I stopped when I was full and didn’t

    eat too much sugar. My stomach doesn’t feel

    so bloated! yay more tomorrow.




    Hi again.

    It’s been a couple of days and it seems

    I’m back on track. I gave been exercising

    more and making better choices. I looked

    ip the diet for blood types and have

    decided to avoid the food that it suggests.

    I’m just sick of feeling so tired, not

    having energy sucks. I also need to sleep

    more. I went out for dinner last night and

    had a great time, enjoyed the company and

    the food and there was no embarrassment.

    I ate and stopped when I was full. It was

    so nice for a change. Tonight I made good

    choices to. I hope this keeps up. My stomach

    is not so bloated today or painful. I definately

    need to avoid wheat and dairy!

    A positive day, working on continuing it:-)



    Congratulations – I’m so happy for you! It’s hard to get back on track after slipping up.

    I also wanted to agree with the statement from your first post: “I find in areas of my

    life I just don’t want myself to achieve, I sabotage myself, I put off things, I have so

    much more potential then what I have allowed myself.” That’s exactly how I feel. I know that I can’t keep putting off the rest of my life – being a “normal happy healthy” person – until I curb this binge eating, but I constantly feel the urge to just hide from the world until I no longer feel fat and out of control.



    Hi Drunkenteafight!

    Thanks for posting. Yes I just want to hide

    a lot at the moment. But it’s just a endless

    cycle isn’t it because when we are hiding

    out we tend to eat more! Anyway still not

    doing to bad although I ate chocolate cake

    last night for someone’s birthday and now

    my stomach is not loving me today! How do

    we get out of that? When you feel obligated

    to eat something when you really don’t want it.

    Yesterday I was finding myself only wanting

    good food yay more of that today I hope! x



    Hi Lydia. What things have you tried to get more control of your eating patterns? They seem to cause you a lot of heartache! I’m trying a food diary right now. It helps me eat healthfully as well as regularly. I have been known in the past to just eat 3 big meals a day that were mostly salt, sugar, and carbs. I am trying to replace some of these things with other food groups. It’s hard to not beat yourself up, but you will be more likely to conquer your obstacles when you are feeling good about yourself! Cake isn’t the enemy. What is the enemy is that part of you that convinces yourself that you will be happier when you eat more and more of it. Easier said than done. I try to talk myself out of eating every day. I am even a little hungry now haha. I’d love more than nothing than to stuff my face with some peanut butter but the feelings I know I’ll have afterward are forcing me to sit here without. Here’s to a better tomorrow.




    Hi. Aliceautumn

    Thanks for your inspiring words. The

    reason why chocolate cake is bad is because

    I’m wheat and dairy intolerant so it makes

    me feel sick and makes me bloated.

    I have prepared snacks for the when I’m

    teaching so I don’t pig out on junk when I

    get starving. That’s been ok so far.y attitude

    is slowly evolving like today at lunch I had

    Less and felt better for it. I even find

    myself going for the healthier options it’s great.

    I have so faro go but hey it’s a Start and I

    will continue. I’m working on not letting

    other people have a influence on me so I

    don’t turn to food. We will see how that goes.

    I think really focusing on one thing at a time

    will help me get through this. x Lydia.



    Hi this is a one week update.

    I can’t believe how far I have come.

    Mainly my attitude. I have still over eaten

    but it is different. I’m not purposely seeking

    out food that makes me feel sick. I am now

    asking myself if I really want it. I am also

    trying ( if not always successful) to listen to

    my body to see if iI’m full. It is a start. I also

    Don’t feel so bloated which is awesome!

    There is hope for me yet. So far to go but I

    see a light at the end of the tunnel!!!!




    Ok I had a binge last night which is bizarre

    as I had just been out with friends and had

    a really lovely time and said it’s great to see

    you out again we have missed you ( I’ve been

    hiding from the world and not joining in)

    what didn’t help was I was extremely hung

    over and all I wanted to eat was greasy food!

    So had a full dinner but didn’t over eat then

    headed home so it was about an hour and

    a half between eating part of that walking,

    then I popped into the shop to buy a tube of

    pringles ( my downfall ) and 5 pieces of baklava.

    Then continued home watched a movie and

    ate the lot. It’s not the biggest binge I’ve ever

    had but the point is I don’t think I was depressed

    it’s like I don’t want myself to feel happy so I

    better binge so Ill feel bad about myself again.

    Anyway this morning I’m actually not beating

    Myself up about instead I’m acknowledging

    it but letting it go. I’m going to keep going

    and try not to let it happen again. Plus I’m

    feeling a little beta so I’m not going to let

    One incident ruin it. I’m paying for it today

    though my tummy is bloated again bloody

    wheat! xx



    My goodness has it been a week already?

    Well I’d like to say that I had a couple of

    pretty bad days where I had a binge but

    what I really like is that I stopped myself

    from going way overboard. I find myself

    making better choices and avoiding food

    which makes me feel bloated which leads

    me to binging. I have cut down on alcohol

    as well which has helped. I haven’t lost a lot

    if weight but I don’t feel so heavy and as

    I feel results I’m determined to keep going.

    Yay me. Let’s hope it continues and I’ve starting

    dancing again which us fabulous I’m also

    getting out there and trying to enjoy me more.




    Today has been better. I didn’t eat any

    crap. I did eat too much for dinner. I had a

    second helping when I really didn’t need

    it. So instead of feeling excited about

    progress I feel let down that I finished

    on a low point. I have started my dancing

    and exercising more I hope i can see a

    Difference soon or in just gonna cry!

    Until next time.



    I just had a thought. The food is still going

    to be there the next time I need to eat or

    I’m truly hungry. I just ate brunch a left over

    rice dish from last nights dinner and added

    tomato, peppers and cabbage. I ate one

    normal bowl and when I finished o wanted

    to stop! That’s when it came to me that I

    don’t need to eat more now I’m satisfied and

    it will be there later when I’m hungry again.


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