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a fresh start – 20days

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    Hi everybody,

    my other challenge failed aaah..’

    So, I’ll make a new start, this time for 20 days and I’ll write down how my feelings are after every day. I hope it helps for me, but also for you.

    Starting today.



    Good luck! You can do it :)



    you only fail if you don’t pick yourself up and try again, keep going ns use the strength I know you have! and remember you are beautiful x



    Karina..I have a bandaid for your off you go, girl!!!!

    Wishing you a better day..



    Ah thanks to you all, those sweet words are really helping me!

    19 days to go.

    day 1 – yesterday was a good day! I didnt had an urge to binge. It was hard to start all over again, but it went well. :)



    18 days to go.

    day 2 – Okay, I beat an other day! Yesterday was harder though. I was very sad because of a test that I totally screwed up, but I managed not to binge. In the evening I allowed myself something good, so I took a normal portion of ice cream. Then the urge to binge came, but I went skating outside and went to sleep back home.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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